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  1. theorw

    Making a USR 9108 to work as Bridge to a NETGEAR DGN1000 N150

    Hello there! Title explains the situation here.I ll be getting a Netgear DGN1000 N150 tomorrow to replace my long time half dead USR 9108.The USR gets random disconnections all the time but the wireless works flawlessly.So what i want is to keep the NETGEAR to my room and have the USR, 2...
  2. theorw

    HP 2140 wrong bios boot setting help!

    Hi! I have my gf's netbook the HP 2140. We decided to do a format and everything was good but after the reboot after copying files etc...It wouldnt boot and i dont remember but i think i put the wrong boot priority.(have formatted desktops 1342 times but never laptops). It will boot now only to...
  3. theorw

    Old Hardware Grief Club

    Well as the title says, this club is dedicated to all of our glorious PAST H/W that brought us many intense moments of HIGH CLOCKS, great records and optical pleasure...:o:ohwell::(:cry: So everyone is invited to join and share with us all his memories and post any photos of the H/W in grief...
  4. theorw

    DDR2 4GB choice help needed

    Hi all! One of my BALLISTIX stick is dead so i need a new set of 4GB DDR2 cos i cant afford to change platform to DDR3/ Core ix... So selling a full sports suit of GREEK national track and field team ( i got 4 of them :P )I got 150EUR!!! So here is the shop o ll be buying...
  5. theorw

    Quick P45 choice.

    Hello. My DFI X48 just died under unspecified conditions.I am currently almost broke but i cant live w/o my PC... So here is the deal,i can find a DFI DK P45 T2RS BRAND NEW for 49 EUR. Or i can find a DFI DK P45 T2RS+ on stock FOR 42EUR,maybe returned or something w/o bundle and...
  6. theorw

    MOBO flashing from flash drive

    I am sorry to post a noobish question like this but since some days ago i used floppy to flash my mobo and now i got rid of my floppy and i wonder how could i flash my DFI mobo with a FLASH DRIVE like i did with the floppy??? Thanks!!!
  7. theorw

    5770 inaccurate volts???

    Well i ve noticed that while i set the voltage to 1,299volts @1015/1400 DMM shows 1,35ish.Isnt it a bit too much offset??? Is it because its ST controller cheaper than Volteras so less accurate voltage tweaker?? Does anyone have the same problem??? I also put it in 1,35 in MSI and i got...
  8. theorw

    5770/5750 voltmods

    Has anyone found the vMEM measuring points for the 5770???? Also hard mod for the 5770???Seems 1,35 is too little for 1100 core:P
  9. theorw

    Custom Ram Cooler

    I am trying to make a custom ram cooler from a 5 25 mesh cover and 2 (later 3) 40mm fans cos i find it stupid to pay 20 euros for it when u have the materials lying around! This is what i made so far,still working on how to attach it to the ram modules... ANY IDEAS would be welcome!
  10. theorw

    [FS][EU] 2 4850 1GB with MUSASHI 160EURO

    2 4850 1GB with MUSASHI COOLER installed I am selling my cards. They are in excellent condition,clean and they come at their boxes with all the accessories(crossfire bridges,cables etc) They have a MUSASHI cooler each attached.(musashi costs 30 euros) Have been used in my main pc working at...
  11. theorw

    P45->X48.Am i going to have boot problems?

    NOOB QUESTION iknow but I am going to upgrade from a dfi p45 t2rs plus to dfi x48 t2rs and i was wondering if by changing chipset,am i going to have drivers problem when i first boot again? Or because of p45 and x48 being on the same family,i wont have problems at least booting and then...
  12. theorw

    What do u think of this 22" FULL HD monitor for 220EUROS?

    I found this monitor:http://www.lge.com/uk/it-products/monitors/LG-lcd-monitor-M227WD.jsp and a quick review here http://forums.overclockers.co.uk/showthread.php?t=17988776 on a store here for 220euros and since i have my 17" for 5 years now i think that it should be a good upgrade considering...
  13. theorw

    [WTB] Looking for a VEEERY CHEAP 775 CPU

    I am building a very cheap download pc from my pals previous ancient parts. MOBO albatron 915 sli, RAM 512 VGA 6200 tc!! The only thing missing is the CPU.Soi want the cheapest possible 775 CPU to put there. And for 30 eyros max cost. Does anyone think i can find such a thing???Used of...
  14. theorw

    Is GIGABYTE 4850 ZALMAN FAN edition worthy?

    I was planning to go xfire and i though i d look ahead and instead of buying aftermarket cooler for my next 4850 i d buy one with a quality cooler preinstalled.So what does everyone think about this card or any other with some nice cooling for around 120 euros.??? Any reviews would be great cos...
  15. theorw

    Bargain APOGEE GTX!!!

    I found this w block for 25 euros in a local store!Isnt it a bargain???I am not building a w/c setup atm but i will in the near future so do u think i should GRAB it????
  16. theorw

    Inresting temp dropping discovery on Musashi!!

    Hi all! THIS IS FOR THE MUSASHI OWNERS MOSTLY With the Musashi cooler my temps via GPUZ,the last 3 in the displayed order,were 32-36~7-32.This on stock fan configuration.But being curious,reinstalled the fans,the one touching the other and leaving(from the 6pin connector side of the cooler)a 10...
  17. theorw

    Musashi and 4850 mem cooling.

    I just bought the Musashi cooler for my 4850.I m completely satisfied from the GPU COOLING(32 idle/45 load) but when it comes to MEMORY COOLING i have some problems. I run 3DMARK06 and i had artifacts on the last 2 tests,with small squares,meaning memory overheat right..? I had no artifacts...
  18. theorw

    Quick noob volt question.

    I was measuring the volts of my 4850 before and i noticed that when i used the cards bracket as ground,i got 1.169vlots and when i used a screw just near the vcore measure point i got 1,158.I suppose the screw was right and the bracket wrong right???
  19. theorw

    Which cooler 4 my poor 4850???

    I decided to cool my poor 4850 that boils on 781/1150 @ 85+degrees and i am between these coolers: Zalman Z-Machine GV1000 @ 32 EUROS ARCTIC COOLING ACCELERO S1 REV.2 +ARCTIC COOLING TURBO MODULE @ 26 EUROS ARCTIC COOLING ACCELERO TWIN TURBO (which is actually the same as above@the same...
  20. theorw

    Sapphire 2400 Pro Volt Mod Help???

    I just happen to have a 2400pro(http://www.amazon.co_uk/dp/B001G9H6NS/?tag=tec053-21) and i also have an EXTREME SPIRIT 2 mobo cooler that i dont use,that keeps her around 38 degrees. So what i am asking is:Can anyone here through HIGH RES photos find a pencil or even soldering volt mod? I had...
  21. theorw

    Too much volts perhaps on 4850...?

    I recently pencil modded my cardand both mem and core and i can achieve 781/1150 stable in games and at furmark after hours 86 degrees...All this on stock.But always wanting more i put more pencil on the resistors.The result was mem volts from 2,34--->2.65 and core from 1.34--->1,36 i...
  22. theorw

    Black Ice Radiator GTS 240 or 360???

    I am planning to go on W/C soon,as soon as i get my CM SNIPER and i was wondering which rad to choose between these 2.The SNIPER on top has mounting for a 240mm rad and i was hoping to install it up there.I can find it for 45euros and the 360 for 55euros,pretty good price here...but that would...
  23. theorw

    Original 4850 Bios Wanted!!!

    Hi!I have the sapphire 4850 1gb.(700/1080)I have flashed her over 100 times!The only thing i havent done is to save the original bios:laugh:As a result now i want to increase the clock even more i cant because i have changed the bios TOO much and RBE doesnt allow me...i cant remeber what the...
  24. theorw

    MOBOs chronicles!

    Since there is a similar thread on the VGA section in TPU,it would be good to post here our previous motheboards and think of the past for a few seconds...:o