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  1. driver66

    File recovery, on formatted drive (idiot warning).

    Frick speaks the truth..
  2. driver66

    My phone hates me.

    I'm going to guess its a cable issue 1st... secondly the USB drivers for your phone may be fucked.. That's always a big issue.. make sure you have this.... https://dl-ssl.google.com//android/repository/latest_usb_driver_windows.zip
  3. driver66

    I miss you Buddy...

    I miss you Buddy...
  4. driver66

    been out too long whats in?

    Geez... It has been too long....:roll:
  5. driver66

    TechPowerUp! Official IC Diamond Test

    ON MY HONOR IN EXCHANGE FOR FREE COMPOUND I DO SOLEMNLY SWEAR TO TEST AND POST MY RESULTS . I currently am using arctic ceramique and would love to give your compound a try! Sounds like fun !!
  6. driver66

    Giveaway: Alan Wake

    It is members like you that make TPU such a great place ... Thank you :) I see Kreij is watching.. I hope all is well bro :)
  7. driver66

    What's great about TPU.

    I concur... TPU is and always will be awesome.. :D
  8. driver66

    Ravaged - "Mad Max meets Battlefield"

    I like it ALOT :toast:
  9. driver66

    PSU coil whine.

    safe... just coil whine from you're video card :toast:
  10. driver66

    Newegg caught!

    so let me get this straight......... the fans were as an example ; $9.00 Sunday night on sale... Newegg went out of stock and raised the price 15% to $10.35... then gave a 15% coupon making the price $9.00......... I fail to see a problem?
  11. driver66

    Identical File Finder

    It's a TRAP !!!! :laugh:
  12. driver66

    Court Dismisses Fraud Charges Against Activision by ex-Infinity Ward Employees

    No appeal on a dismissal... Just refile :)
  13. driver66

    I am baaaaaack dear friends

    Glad you are free for the moment :toast: Now GTFO of there :laugh:
  14. driver66

    4870x2 and DX11

    You are also keeping up with the entire East Coast on power usage :toast:
  15. driver66

    Hopefully this doesn't become the norm

    This sounds like COD.... just cheaper...... :toast:
  16. driver66

    EL wire no longer works

    It looks as if that part has gotten Very hot. It looks distorted. Are there any part numbers on it so you can google it and see what it is supposed to look like? :toast:
  17. driver66

    Pirate Bay Founders Stare At Jailtime as Supreme Court Rejects Appeal

    Yes . Very well said, and true . :toast:
  18. driver66

    My first online TV order

    Congrats :toast: Just trying to figure out why people are being Delta Bravos'? :slap:
  19. driver66

    A Xmas message from Tatty

    Thank you Tatty!! merry X-mas to you and yours :)
  20. driver66

    Golf Mod!

    Now that you have them all cut.... :laugh: A band saw is the best way to cut a golf ball :toast:
  21. driver66

    Rise from your grave! The 3dfx re-build

    The most fun I have ever had overclocking was with an Asus P2-b deluxe and a Asus S370-133 Slocket :rockout: MAJOR fun in the slot 1 days :) http://www.baber.com/baber/411/asusp2b.htm http://www.frostytech.com/articleview.cfm?articleID=175
  22. driver66

    Blizzcon Thread

    Subscribers of WOW for 12 months get Diablo 3 free = WIN :toast: /sarcasm.....
  23. driver66

    i5 2500 advice

    err....... 1066 is DDR2. you need DDR3... just saying.. ;)
  24. driver66

    +60Hz monitors. Myth or Reality ?

    Send this to Myth Busters :toast:
  25. driver66

    Duke Nukem Forever

    You forgot, /End Rant :toast: