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  1. Mega-Japan

    Ultra Widescreen Confusion, 2560x1080 =/= 21:9 =/= Anamorphic

    This whole mumble jumble of constant incorrect pixel/aspect ratio had me turning my head a few times. Starting with, why is 21:9 called 21:9 instead of just 7:3 which is the exact same. To relate to 16:9 because dumb people wouldn't have made the connection otherwise... Ok, got that. Then I...
  2. Mega-Japan

    Are there any Bluteooth 4.0 (BT Smart) headphones/headsets in the market?

    Google gave me no results, but I'm still curious since my laptop and phone uses BT 4.0. If not, any hint of one?
  3. Mega-Japan

    Male player playing as a female character: Thoughts?

    First of all, let me throw something out of the gate, I am not gay, and I have absolutely nothing against them. But for whatever reason, I have always enjoyed playing as a female character in any game that lets me choose the gender of who I play with (except maybe in Pokémon, though that hardly...
  4. Mega-Japan

    When are Bluetooth 4.0 devices expected to roll out?

    Any idea or speculations, if any? I'm specially looking forward to wireless headsets and things like that.
  5. Mega-Japan

    Is 7690M the high-end for laptops or should I have waited for better?

    About a week ago, I bought the new HP ENVY 17 3D, which will be arriving within the next few days. The configuration was the following: Envy 17 3D • Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit • 2nd generation Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2860QM Processor (2.5 GHz with Turbo Boost up to 3.6 GHz) • 1GB...
  6. Mega-Japan

    Best Bluetooth Stereo Headphones in the market?

    I'm looking for a replacement to my Plantronics Pulsar 590A stereo bluetooth headset that I bought back in 2008. Plantronics discontinued the model so I'm looking elsewhere. What makes the Pulsar 590A stand out, is that not only is it amazingly to control music and volume with headset, but...
  7. Mega-Japan

    Best HDMI Video Capture?

    I want to hook up my PS3, record game matches on PC, and play like nothing is on the way and at highest quality. This might be the wrong section to add but since it has to do with video, I thought it'd be fine. Any advice would be appreciated.
  8. Mega-Japan

    Do I need to have played Crysis to understand Crysis 2?

    I never played Crysis/Crysis Warhead. All I know of it is that it is an extremely demanding game, graphics wise. But I'm very interested in playing Crysis 2, since it takes place in my home city. Do I need to play Crysis 1 to understand the story? How much more/less demanding is Crysis 2...
  9. Mega-Japan

    Best Wireless Gaming Mouse

    Before all else, I don't play shooter, so all that thing about wired mice are better for precision don't apply to me. I can't see myself playing with a wired mouse nowadays. I currently have the Logitech M505 Laser Mouse for my laptop, which has been great so far. Have played several games with...
  10. Mega-Japan

    My desktop shuts down every time I touch it O_o

    I'm using the same desktop that completely died on me last year: http://www.techpowerup.com/forums/showthread.php?t=131291 So both motherboard and HDD got fried, and are now completely replaced. Everything else seems to work just fine. I boot it, try to install Windows 7, everything looks...
  11. Mega-Japan

    Looking for best DDR mat out there.

    So I sort of have limited space where I live right now, so I can't buy one of those crazy metal dance mats. So instead, I need one of those rollable foam ones. Now, here's the trick. Main reason to buy the mat is to play the PC DDR game StepMania, but at the same time, I'd like for it to be...
  12. Mega-Japan

    A good replacement for my Pulsar 590A headset?

    Anybody who knows about headphones know what would be a good replacement for this old awesome headset? Product Link The key features I'm looking for are basically the same features there, which is bluetooth stereo headset and additional universal adapter, but in better quality if possible...
  13. Mega-Japan

    Connector/Plug I've never seen before.

    I'm trying to figure out what this connector is. It is found on a dog tag maker.
  14. Mega-Japan

    Making bootable back up of whooping 3Tb

    I have nearly 3Tb spread over 4 HDD's. Now I'm looking for a way to back all this up in one 3Tb HDD (or 2 1.5Tb?). What is the best way to proceed with this? Buy a bare internal 3Tb HDD? External WD/Seagate one? I really hate doing fresh OS installs unless I get brand new built, so if I main...
  15. Mega-Japan

    CPU Fan won't spin, GPU fan spins at max, and PC simply won't turn on

    Something extremely weird just happened. I heard a pop inside my desktop, causing the whole thing to shut down. When I try to turn it on, next thing I know the CPU fan is no longer spinning (all is properly connected), while the GPU fan (ASUS 5870) is spinning at max making all the noise it...
  16. Mega-Japan

    Random freezing on newly built desktop.

    Internal USB header splitter? So turns out my chassis brings 4 front USB connectors, which within the motherboard, it takes 2 of the 10-pin USB headers. Now, the motherboard only bring those 2 connectors, and I also have my card reader, which takes 1 of the 10-pin/2 5-pin USB headers. Is there...
  17. Mega-Japan

    Help me find a good laptop!

    So I got the money to finally get a decent laptop. But I'm pretty picky, therefore, giving me a hard time to choose. The HP Envy 15 is on the top of my list, but the lack of disc drive SERIOUSLY makes me hesitate :I. The laptop must have: -Core i7 Mobile Processor -1080p Resolution -Screen...
  18. Mega-Japan

    What is LOUDEST portable speaker with 3.5 headphone jack?

    I'm not quite sure if this is the appropriate board, but I didn't find the rest fitting enough. I'm looking for the LOUDEST little speaker type of thing that you can connect to ANY mp3 player via 3.5 headphone jack (NOT iPod speaker). A speaker so loud it can be heard even on the disco...
  19. Mega-Japan

    No 1GHz 4890 on stock?

    It shouldn't be too hard for a maufacturer to overclock the 4890 up to 1GHz, any rumors of the sort of one coming anytime?
  20. Mega-Japan

    Port Forwarding becoming one hell of a nightmare...

    I recently purchased the Trendnet Wireless-N router, model TEW-631BRP, combined with my Verizon Westell 6100 modem. My torrent clients are no longer being port forwarded since I installed the new router. I've been messing with this stuff all day, checking out sites all over the place on how...
  21. Mega-Japan

    1 reason why Norton Anti-Virus is the best Anti-Virus out there.

    It can detect threats from the future, simple as that.
  22. Mega-Japan

    OCZ DDR3 - Platinum or Gold series?

    I haven't used either but I plan to buy a set. There is no noticeable difference between the two in terms of specs other than a timing of difference of "1", which is where it confuses me, as the Platinum series carry timings of 7-7-7-24 on stock at while Gold series go at 8-8-8-24 yet the Gold...
  23. Mega-Japan

    Best cellphone on market?

    We can talk about cellphones here, right? RIGHT? O.o It's a hardware last time I check so... Anyways, jokes aside, I really a cellphone like NAOH and I want it to be the best of the very best. I've been doing research for days. I compared and read reviews of the following popular cellphones...
  24. Mega-Japan

    How can tell the difference between an MLC and SLC SSD?

    This might sound like a silly question, but when I'm on retailers like Newegg and check out the bunch of SSD's they have in there, most don't have whether they're based on MLC or SLC technology. I used to think "More $$ + Low Storage = SLC" but I don't know anymore. At least some OCZ ones which...
  25. Mega-Japan

    I want a new HTPC. Should I build it or buy it as is?

    I've never built an HTPC before, in fact, I've never even had one but I feel the need of getting one now. So should I build it from scratch or buy it already as a set? If build it, what are the main/important components of an HTPC? Sames as those in a desktop? Could I get a little overview...