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  1. SerenadeRB

    [WTB][US] WTB VGA cooler for 4870x2

    Anyone have the ARCTIC COOLING Accelero XTREME 4870X2 VGA Cooler? Also looking for any comparable air cooling solution for the 4870x2 that covers both gpus (not two separate coolers please)
  2. SerenadeRB

    Need to find a VGA cooler for 4870x2

    Story: Shipped my water cooled computer from home to my dorm and due to the weight of all the water cooling parts, the motherboard broke. Because I have to ship it often, I need to switch to aircooling. Problem: My graphics card, the radeon HD 4870x2 had a waterblock installed and I no...
  3. SerenadeRB

    [FS][US] 4870x2 / HDD / WC parts

    Hey! It's been awhile since I've been on these forums, but I knew that the first place I should come back to is TPU =] I have a few things for sale: Sapphire Radeon 4870x2 with EK 4870x2 Acrylic waterblock It runs amazing, and I can easily get 850/1100 off the GPU/MEM $350 150GB 10,000 RPM...
  4. SerenadeRB

    Need help diagnosing the cause of this problem:

    Preface: My system was running stable for awhile, and while playing the Sims 3 just shut off. After turning it back on I used default BIOS settings to try and figure out what happened. After loading the OS it took about 3 minutes and it shut off again. After a few more tries it got to the point...
  5. SerenadeRB

    Heakiller 3.0 775 Screw problems

    I have the heatkiller 3.0 775 version and 2 of the screws rolled into a place in my house which might as well be a black hole (well its a physical hole at least.) The website says the screws are M4x25 with a spring. Is there a place to get the screw and spring replicated? If not do they sell...
  6. SerenadeRB

    How to transport computer?

    Hey everyone :D I just got a new apartment (brooklyn baby!), and I just happened to finish my new rig. It's watercooled and has a lot of copper weighing down the motherboard as well as two separate loops. Between the copper and the water the motherboard is supporting a lot of weight. How should...
  7. SerenadeRB

    Waterblock problem on Asus Rampage Extreme

    I've been using the Apogee GTZ with the Xigmatek crossbow backplate (to avoid that dumb placed chip). Now I'm using the Heatkiller 3.0 (Amazing block btw), which has a really nice mounting system, but doesn't work with the crossbow backplate. I really want to avoid the dremel, so any ideas of a...
  8. SerenadeRB

    4870x2 Pricing

    Currently the egg has just one in stock, sapphire, for $430. I don't know what it was before the 4890 release, but regardless, I'm rebuilding my computer and I'm going to start in about 2 weeks. I've ordered everything except the video card. Just checking to see if anyone thinks there will be a...
  9. SerenadeRB

    [FS][US] Disassembled Watercooled PC parts for sale :D

    Upgrading some components, so I'm hoping to make up some difference by selling some stuff ... which includes: (2) Radeon HD4850 $100 each w/ xfire bridge. I can attest to these cards .. I never decided to watercool them, but they hit 700/1000 on stock cooling just fine (never tried pushing...
  10. SerenadeRB

    New Dual DDC pump top?

    I currently run two Laing DDC3.2 pumps with the XSPC top in series connected via tubing. I came across this when looking for new parts: http://www.performance-pcs.com/catalog/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=439&products_id=25299 It would certainly be more convenient for me, because the...
  11. SerenadeRB

    Ultra-performing $600 Elpida ICs for $245?!

    It's already known that Corsair's upcoming i7 Dominator RAM has boasted frequencies of 2000 MHZ while keeping 7-8-7-20 timings. This has been made possible from use of the new IC from elpida, the "Elpida MNH-E Hyper". Unfortunately, (as they always do), Corsair is charging a premium for these...
  12. SerenadeRB

    Dual vs Tri Channel Query

    I have an Asus Rampage Extreme, its an X48 chipset and supports DDR3 memory in dual-channel configuration. I've noticed a difference between the speeds of older 2x2 Ram with 1.9/2.0 Volts and the newer 3x2 Rams for i7 at 1.65 volts. My question is: Could I use 2 sticks of a tri-channel memory...
  13. SerenadeRB

    HDD Recovery

    I had a HD die on me, and it's a very sad day :( The only problem is I have a lot of important information on it (500GB) relating to work, as well as many of my portfolio pictures saved. I've tried all different connections, and the drive doesn't even start up. I've come to the conclusion it's...
  14. SerenadeRB

    Evangeline's OC'ing Trial

    So I'm going to make my adventure public. The goal? Well right now its 5Ghz and a read/write time on my RAM >10k with a latency of <50ns. So, without further ado, here is the hardware: Asus Rampage Extreme Intel E8600 Swiftech GTZ + Thermochill PE120.3 OCZ 2000Mhz 4GB DDR3 RAM My first...
  15. SerenadeRB

    Loss of Life :(

    I need some serious help. I had a 500 GB Western digital Hard Drive that I stored everything ( and I mean everything ) on. Of course I can't explain the importance, but lets just say very important information. My MOBO wont recognize it at all. I currently have 2 HD plugged in and it only shows...
  16. SerenadeRB

    How are my Mem. numbers look?

    I think the latency is a bit high. Kind of at a loss between aiming for Cas 6 1600Mhz or Cas 8 2000 Mhz. Your thoughts? My TIM is currently in DIRE need of change so I can't OC too far, (20*C jumps between idle and load) *Edit: Oh my God please excuse my butchering of the english language in...
  17. SerenadeRB

    2 Pumps in Series Question:

    Hey all! Wow times flies, I can't believe summer is over :/ Anyway, I finally got all the parts to my new rig and a question hit me. For my W/C loop, I usually set it up as Pump1->Pump2->Rest of Loop Would i benefit/detriment from instead running it as Pump1->half of the...
  18. SerenadeRB

    Differences in this ram?

    Heyy all! Its Evangeline, and I gotta question for you! Because of limited availability on CSX memory, I've decided to buy 4GB of OCZ DDR3 Memory. Now I have it in my shopping cart at newegg and was about to buy it when i actually clicked memoryc in my favorites. I noticed that they're...
  19. SerenadeRB

    Is this an adequate pump for my system?

    My W/C system currently consists of: Apogee GTZ Impingement 7/16" Tygon tubing Stock NB block on the Rampage Extreme Thermochill PA 120.3 and eventually a GPU block. I need a strong pump that can do ~2GPM w. the above conditions, My first choice was the Iwaki MD20-RZ, but the only site I...
  20. SerenadeRB

    Need help from someone in Europe (maybe UK)

    So I have been DYING to buy me some 4Gb of 2000 Mhz DDR3 Diablo ram. http://www.csx-memory.com/?site=show_info&group_id=51&article_id=630 But they don't ship to the US :/ and UK haven't gotten it yet but they will. I'm looking for someone reliable to have the RAM shipped to, who can then...
  21. SerenadeRB

    I really want TPU Merchandise

    A TPU hat. With the power button on the flat edge and the TPU logo on front. What other TPU Attire would look cool? Current Requests: -Hats -Shirts -Coffee Mugs -Case Badges -Boxers -Posters -Calendar -Shot glasses
  22. SerenadeRB

    Extreme Memory Help! (DDR3)

    Okay so basically: I want to run 4Gb of DDR3 RAM at 2000MHZ at timings lower than 9-9-9-28 At the same time I need RAM compatable with my next mobo *Asus Rampage Extreme* Here are the rams Im looking at: OCZ :http://www.memoryc.com/computermemory/ddr3ram/4gboczpc316000platinumdual.html 4...
  23. SerenadeRB

    [FS][US] Eva's Rig has got to go!

    In preparation for my new rig, I will definitely need some extra cash, so I'm selling the one I recently built. Note: ALL parts are less than 6 months old, some even newer CPU: Intel Core2 Duo E8400 $150 (Early batch, clocks very easily. 4.2Ghz on very poor air cooling. {Way to much TIM})...
  24. SerenadeRB

    Mobo Comparison

    After a lot of debating I've decided to go with X48 chipset instead of P45. Overclockability (is that word?) Is still important to me however and i'm looking to push FSB's of 500Mhz min. The two boards I'm looking at are the: Foxconn BlackOps...
  25. SerenadeRB

    Intel E 8600 for sale?

    http://www.pcconnection.com/IPA/Shop/Product/Detail.htm?sku=8750818&oext=1038A&ci_src=14110944&ci_sku=8750818 Do you guys think this is a reliable source? I've been dying to pair it up with a foxconn Quantum Force Avenger (P45) .... and get a stable 5 Ghz. But it looks kinda sketchy ...