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  1. Dice

    Coolant for EK MSI 290x Lightning nickel plated block

    so i have recently got my hands on a 290x lightning and an ek gpu block. however I have never used a nickel plated block before and i remembered reading that ek had problems with their plating a few years ago. If i could i would get a copper block but the ek nickel actel is the only one that is...
  2. Dice

    raid to ssd for gaming?

    so at the moment i have a 60Gb ocz vertex 2E as a system drive and 2 1TB samsung F3 in raid 0 for games. as HDD's are fetching such a high price at the moment (i estimate £50 each on ebay) i was considering flogging both my f3s and buying one of these...
  3. Dice

    I think my mcp35x is dying, HELP!

    Im pertty new to watercooling and so far havnt had any massive problems. However recentl my mcp35x has started to give me "cpu fan 0rpm" warnings, sometimes during boot i get the beeping error and occasionaly i get asus fan expert popping up with a warning. If i restart the pc at the boot error...
  4. Dice

    HELP! burnt ram and broken ram slot :( am i screwed??

    today i received a new 8gb set of corsair vengence ram. when i powered on the pc i was greeted by continuous loud beeps from the pc. so i switched of and pulled the ram.... there was a faint smell of burning and i was greeted by this.... and it gets worse looking at the ram slot the...
  5. Dice

    5870 green pixel artifact advice please!!!

    Ok bought myself a saphire 5870, amassive impulse buy that i can sort of afford but probably didn't need. I am suffering from the power play issue that seems to be common with this series of card, that is a sprinkeling of green pixel artifacts when in 2d mode ie desktop etc. I have used...
  6. Dice

    everest ultimate for free (Full)

    This is a German site but the software can install in english. Download here http://everest.pro.de/ then go here to register and enter your: Sex First name surname Email. http://www.pro.de/aktion/com/everest Wait for a bit and you get an email with the activation code (took me 45mins)