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  1. Naki

    Bug/feedback - Suggestion to be able to dismiss new version window

    There is currently no way to dismiss the New version available mini-window. If you minimize GPU-Z it goes away, but then shows again at once when restored, in an annoying manner. :) Suggestion: Add a Dismiss or Cancel button to this small window, so users can ignore the update...
  2. Naki

    Bug report - 1st run after update of GPU-Z shows an error

    I am using Windows 10 on several PCs (mix of Pro and Enterprise versions, and different versions - as in 1803/1809 - too). All of them have Intel GPU (built-in) plus an AMD Radeon discrete cards - R9 290, R9 390, RX 480. On just 1 of those 3 PCs, I got this error, once on update to latest GPU-Z...
  3. Naki

    GPU-Z 2.9.0 freeze/BSOD with AMD Radeon card

    Windows 10 64-bit Enterprise OS. Almost nothing running. Try to run GPU-Z - see attached. Card is AMD Radeon R9 290 with 4 GBs of videoRAM, latest AMD Radeon Beta drivers. (for other specs of this PC, see Main PC in my profile)
  4. Naki

    Use from Microsoft Remote Desktop - redundant Retry button

    I am using 2 PCs side by side. Both run Windows 10 64-bit OS - 1 Enterprise, 1 Pro version. When I do the Render Test on a 2nd PC to which I am connected from main/1st PC via MS RDC, I get a warning dialog with Abort, Retry, Ignore buttons. It is unlikely for the connection to suddenly change to...
  5. Naki

    Bug: AMD Radeon Adrenalin drivers listed as Crimson

    This is not Crimson any more, name is Adrenalin now. Screenshots attached. Please fix.
  6. Naki

    Suggestion + bug report: Delayed start

    1) Suggestion: add a Delayed start option in Settings when setting GPU-Z to auto-start with Windows. Some other auto-starting apps/programs have such a setting, and for some it is even the default, so they load last after all else had loaded. 2) BUG report: My 3rd PC is not weak - it has an...
  7. Naki

    Major BUG: GPU-Z causes Windows 10 PC to hard lock

    Using Windows 10 OS, 64-bit Pro - version 1703. GPU-Z, as well as lots of other apps/programs are set to start automatically with the OS. Other Specs of problem PC: ASUS mobo, Intel Core i3 CPU (socket 1150), 16 GB of RAM, AMD Radeon R9 390 card with 8 GB of videoRAM. Intel SSD+2 Seagate HDDs (5...
  8. Naki

    Unknown info after 17.7.2 Radeon drivers - FIXED in 17.8.1

    The original thread with title 'Unknown info after 17.7.2 Radeon drivers' had over 1000 of views, so I believe it is a common issue many have and are troubled by. Thus, I am sharing info on the new WHQL drivers AMD released recently, which fix the issue - at least for me! NOTE: The separately...
  9. Naki

    Suggestion - show Beta/WHQL driver status separately

    Suggestion: It would be nice to have a new separate checkbox somewhere for Beta/non-Beta (WHQL) drivers status. And thus remove any mention of Beta/WHQL from Driver Version box, as it will be redundant there. This way it will be easy to check if a certain system has WHQL or Beta drivers. I have...
  10. Naki

    Feature suggestions - Confirm on exit, Allow/not allow multiple instances

    Now that we have a separate Setting screen, I think GPU-Z can go creative & useful with adding various new options there. For example, I suggest: 1) An option to confirm on exit. Now it is easy to accidentally close/exit GPU-Z, which you may not want to happen in many cases. This should be in...
  11. Naki

    Get included in Kaspersky Software Updater?

    Kaspersky have a nice & free program with above name, which allows for easy update of lots of various Windows programs. It would be nice to have GPU-Z included there too. Do you think this can be done? I hope if you contact them, they will be happy to do so. :)
  12. Naki

    Download page -- Support Forum link MIA?!

    The download page of GPU-Z used to recently have a Support Forums link. Suddenly now when I check the page, it seems gone. Why was the link removed, please? Please bring it back, I mean here: https://www.techpowerup.com/download/techpowerup-gpu-z/ Thank you in advance! :)
  13. Naki

    Feature suggestion - Show drivers date

    It would help a lot, if the installed drivers' date is shown in GPU-Z. Exact date would be best, or maybe at least Month/year. Every AMD/Nvidia driver, be that a WHQL/Stable one or Beta/Non-WHQL, has an exact release date. It can be seen in its Digital signature also. What do you guys think...
  14. Naki

    Dual error message not fixed

    In a Beta, you fixed this. For some reason unknown to me, latest Release versions do not fix this? Please can you make sure it is fixed? I mean the error box shown twice (should be once) when the logging file cannot be opened for any reason, such as folder not existing any more, or permission to...
  15. Naki

    GPU-Z crashed - did you get any crash log from me in 1-2 recent days?

    GPU-Z says it crashed and asked if it should send a log. This is on my 3rd PC, so not the one in my profile. I said YES, so seems like it sent something to you. I am located in Bulgaria, using Windows 10 64-bit Pro on this PC. AMD Radeon R7 390 card with 8 GB of videoRAM. Crash happened on...
  16. Naki

    Suggestion - GPU-Z window Reload (refresh)

    Now that AMD Radeon drivers have this - not necessarily needing to restart after driver update, and after Nvidia has had it for over 1 year now, a Reload (refresh) button is needed & in order for GPU-Z. I suggest for it to be added next to the other top right buttons. Please see my mock up...
  17. Naki

    Minor feature suggestion - add Build date to About screen

    I suggest adding build date - in Windows short date format, such as 03/12/17, 12.03.17/etc - to the About screen of GPU-Z, the way many other programs have this. For example, see how Core Temp does it (I suggested same to that program's author, so he added it):
  18. Naki

    GPU-Z (driver?) causes Windows 10 PC to hard lock (freeze)

    Here is how this happened - this should NEVER happen!! 1) Using Windows 10 OS, hi-end ASUS Intel socket 1155 motherboard, 32 GB RAM, Intel Core i7 CPU, AMD Radeon R9 290 video card with 4 GB videoRAM. AMD Radeon drivers are latest AMD ReLive 17.x. Audio is motherboard built-in. (HDMI audio not...
  19. Naki

    Windows 10 Host -- Windows 10 Guest Hyper-V -- GPU not detected

    I am using the Microsoft Hyper-V virtual machine software on 1 of my Windows 10 PCs and have all kinds of VMs (Guest OSes) under it. By default, Hyper-V gives very basic GPU capability to the VMs, without even 2D acceleration, but for Windows Vista or higher Guest OSes, an option to have some...
  20. Naki

    Minor suggestion for Check for updates

    If no new version is found, It would be nice for GPU-Z to say: Your version - XXX (version here) - is the latest version. (of course, with or without the dashes - whatever format you think is best) Thanks in advance for considering this!
  21. Naki

    GPU-Z update loop (Windows 10 64-bit)

    I am getting an update loop of GPU-Z. This has happened before, but not soon. ISSUE: 1) Run GPU-Z app - 1.12.0. Says 1.14.0 versions exists and is newer. 2) Choose to update, installs (seemingly) fine. 3) Version is now 1.14.0. 4) Quit, run again - shows as 1.12.0 version. --> see 1). :) Any...
  22. Naki

    Suggestion - Lookup tooltip

    Lookup button has no tooltip now. I suggest one to be added. Saying something like "Lookup your video card in GPU database and open info link"/etc. Please add. Thanks!
  23. Naki

    GPU-Z new September 2016 version not in auto-update?

    Did someone (W1zzard?) deliberately make sure to not offer it in auto-update? If so, why, please? And/OR will it come soon? Or is this a bug you will correct, please? EDIT: It seems I was never offered 1.10 either. Long standing bug, then..?? Shots: 1) 2)
  24. Naki

    Why the big version jump?

    Why did GPU-Z go directly to 1.9 version, skipping all from 0.9 to 1.8? What inspired you to do such a great jump? :)
  25. Naki

    Sapphire AMD Radeon R9 390X 8 GB - Lookup fails

    A friend has this card, and says Lookup fails - GPU not found in database. Is this a known issue? When will the card have Lookup working? Card is Sapphire/PCPartner brand. EDIT: Sorry, card is 390X, not just 390.