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  1. Dice

    Mushkin or Cors gaming memory

    Seriously, what james said. Get 8 gigs of the cheapest ram you can find. You won't notice any benefit aside from memory benchmarking so spend the money elsewhere. A ssd for example.
  2. Dice

    Coolant for EK MSI 290x Lightning nickel plated block

    so i have recently got my hands on a 290x lightning and an ek gpu block. however I have never used a nickel plated block before and i remembered reading that ek had problems with their plating a few years ago. If i could i would get a copper block but the ek nickel actel is the only one that is...
  3. Dice

    How much memory for a graphics card is needed?

    I thought OCUK had upped their game since caseking took over? Plus they do have a 14 day no questions asked return policy, I got this 680 as an exchange for a 7970 ROG card that had a noisy fan. i have no shop loyalty either though. I have had scan refuse a return on some Vengeance ram that...
  4. Dice

    How much memory for a graphics card is needed?

    thanks for your answers, i had indeed been looking at the overclocers card. big premium over the standard cards though! I know its slightly older but overclockers also have http://www.overclockers.co.uk/showproduct.php?prodid=GX-238-MS&groupid=701&catid=56&subcat=1752 available at nearly £50...
  5. Dice

    How much memory for a graphics card is needed?

    I know this is an old thread but i still feel like this is a relevant question, so what do people think now? I think 3gb SHOULD be enough but after reading reports of games such as SOM not being properly optimised for PC is it still the case? I am considering upgrading my 680 power edition...
  6. Dice

    Dual vs Single channel

    not much
  7. Dice

    X-rebirth. Nov 15th (x2 x3 space sim sequel).

    such a shame if all these negative reports are accurate..:cry:
  8. Dice

    16:10 or 16:9 - which one to buy?

    for gaming 16:9 and the rest into the graphics card budget.
  9. Dice

    [Scratch Build] CM SupreDesk

    wow that looks sick!
  10. Dice

    UNIGINE-Valley BENCHMARK scores

    here's mine 2797 GTX680 1300/7000
  11. Dice

    HIS Radeon HD 7950 IceQ X² Boost 3 GB

    Great review as always! So does this board have unlocked voltage control and would it fit a water block? Getting itchy upgrade finger but am concerned about getting a voltage locked card, seems to go against the point of a wc setup..
  12. Dice

    Time for a DX11 BM!

    here's mine
  13. Dice

    How can I get rid of micro-stutter in Skyrim?

    Na taskbar disapears after a bit, by the time the save has loaded.
  14. Dice

    How can I get rid of micro-stutter in Skyrim?

    I found (single card) i need to run windowed with the borderless window mod. Makes it much smoother for me. Dont know nuffink about crossfire tho..
  15. Dice

    Thermalright SA > Water Cooling

    So your cpu is at room temp and your core temp is lower?
  16. Dice

    crossfire 5870s or single 7970.

    Im gonna wait for the 7950, maybe see what NV bring out.
  17. Dice

    raid to ssd for gaming?

    Yeah but i think it'll only cost me £45 ($70) to get a 180gb sata 3 ssd. :rolleyes: think i may go to the pub and have a think about it....:toast: (always helps me spend money i dont need to!!!)
  18. Dice

    raid to ssd for gaming?

    I dont think my budget will stretch to a 7970 and im not sure that going to a 6970 will be worth it. My 5870 is @1gh on water and is still pretty powerfull, i may have i think when the 7950 is released... But my point is that ive seen 2 f3 go for £60 on ebay in the last couple of days making the...
  19. Dice

    raid to ssd for gaming?

    so at the moment i have a 60Gb ocz vertex 2E as a system drive and 2 1TB samsung F3 in raid 0 for games. as HDD's are fetching such a high price at the moment (i estimate £50 each on ebay) i was considering flogging both my f3s and buying one of these...
  20. Dice

    My first attempt at CPU overclocking.

    what are you using to monitor temps?
  21. Dice

    I think my mcp35x is dying, HELP!

    Well i wasnt sure if it was a sensor reading failiure or the pump was actualy stopping (i can't tell if its on by listening and no it hasn't been making any noises) so i fired up Prime when i got a warning and my temps shot to 99C, so yeah it was stopping. i have now set a realtemp shutdown...
  22. Dice

    I think my mcp35x is dying, HELP!

    Im pertty new to watercooling and so far havnt had any massive problems. However recentl my mcp35x has started to give me "cpu fan 0rpm" warnings, sometimes during boot i get the beeping error and occasionaly i get asus fan expert popping up with a warning. If i restart the pc at the boot error...
  23. Dice

    Current System Appraisal??

    I doubt you'll get that for the ram..
  24. Dice

    Project: Aluminum Water Cooling Case

  25. Dice

    ASUS P8P67 PRO

    I have a slow boot issue with this board as well, i have a 60gb vertex 2e as my boot drive, raid 0 f3's for steam and a couple of other storage drives. If i try to warm boot then it takes a seriously long time, 30-45 seconds to post then after the bios splash and raid screen i get a blinking...