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  1. T3kl0rd

    Global Agenda Elite 30% Off Coupons

    If you want to play this exciting MMOTPS (Massively Multiplayer Online Third Person Shooter) seriously, you will need to upgrade from Free Agent to Elite Agent. Great MMO that is like a 3rd person Team Fortress 2 with 50 levels of experience. No mail, highly restricted chat, no mission...
  2. T3kl0rd

    Borderlands GOTY $7.50 on Steam for a few more hours

    Get it while you can. My copy is dling now. Darn good FPSRPG game, can call it an MO but not an MMO as there is no big server to play on. Best value on Steam in a long time. Up there with BFBC2 for about $5.50 last Christmas.
  3. T3kl0rd

    Extremely low cost cooling method

    Take the side door off and put a big fan on high pointing into the case. Brought my temps down several degrees, 10C-20C. My GTX 470s generate massive heat so this was a lifesaver and way cheaper than investing in water cooling. Now my GPU temps rarely get into the 80s and I was over 100C...
  4. T3kl0rd

    nVidia Control Panel incompatible with .exe cracks?

    AA seems to work in NCP with Halo 2 for me. I'm not using a crack for that one. It doesn't work for games I am using cracks for like GTA IV & Oblivion. Anyone else have this problem too or is my nVidia driver install wonky? thanks all
  5. T3kl0rd

    Need help unlocking i7 950 to a quad |(

    My new i7 950 is showing as 1 core two threads in BIOS, CPU-Z, OCCT. I just changed motherboards for another ASRock X58 Extreme and it is doing the same thing! Is there a logical explanation for this or do I have a lemon? thanks all
  6. T3kl0rd

    Why does my GTX 470 freeze in-game?

    When I am playing games, my system will lock up and the framerate will drop to about 1 for about 15 seconds or so. I am using a PSU that doesn't have dedicated PCI-e connections, so I am using molex adapters. One adapter connects from 2 molex to one 6 pin PCI-e plug. The other adapter only...
  7. T3kl0rd

    Is my GTX 470 getting adequate power with these connectors?

    All, I got a new GTX 470 and came to found out belatedly it came with one PCI-e 2.0 6 pin connector. The one that came with it uses two molex to one 6 pin plug. The other molex to 6 pin connector is an older one I have that has one molex to the 6 pin plug. I am getting enough juice to my...
  8. T3kl0rd

    Halo 3 PC is "in development"!

    I was playing Halo 2 PC online when a team "bungie .net staff" member told me that Halo 3 PC is under development. He wasn't on the development team, so he didn't give me an ETA but did confirm it is being made! This is so awesome, I can't wait!
  9. T3kl0rd

    AMD Dual Core Optimizer won't execute

    The AMD Dual Core Optimizer has stopped executing when it is supposed to be running. It is set to run on startup but exits out every time. I can't execute it when I run the executable either. I need it to run because games like Batman: Arkham Asylum and Street Fighter IV don't run well without...
  10. T3kl0rd

    Is my mobo preventing me from unlocking cores in my CPU?

    All, Thx for reading this. I have a Phenom II X2 550 that will unlock the two disabled cores if they are functional. The TDP of my CPU and my mobo is 95W. If I can unlock the cores on this CPU, the TDP should be more than 95W. Is my mobo preventing me from potentially unlocking the cores on...
  11. T3kl0rd

    PSU Voltages are way low, please help get right!

    All, My voltages are way low in Speedfan and my system doesn't work right as well. I haven't run any business apps, but game emulators like Dolphin and PCSX don't work right at all. Games that should be @ constant 60 FPS, aren't. I know the PSU is fine because I used it in my last system and...
  12. T3kl0rd

    RBE hangs everytime I analyze the BIOS

    I try over and over and it won't stop hanging. Can anyone help me overcome this? I really need to flash the BIOS back to factory settings as I am having serious problems with my HD 3850 AGP. thx all