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  1. ShrimpBrime

    Tesla K20 No longer selling.

    For sale as titled is a Tesla K20 workstation card for sale. In great condition and operating order. Great card for starter mining or Deep Learning at a lower cost. This is not the "S" model so is a passively cooled heat sink. Takes one 8 pin and one 6 pin PCI-E power connector. Must be used...
  2. ShrimpBrime

    Which wUSB nic card?

    As the title states, which wUSB nic do you guys use. Want to get my wifes rig off the wire. What do you suggest for 100-200ft connection distance?
  3. ShrimpBrime

    CPU Max Clocks Validated Thread

    Please Post your max clocks cpu-z validation here. How: DL Cpu-z (latest version for validation) here: https://www.cpuid.com/softwares/cpu-z.html Reach max clock and validate. Save link post here. Rules: Must have cpu-z validation link. Screen shots a plus, rig pics a plus. (if you want to)...
  4. ShrimpBrime

    Why should Physx matter?!

    If we where to make games as real as possible, would Physx matter? Could we get particle counts up that high on multiple explosions? Body Parts..... dang Zombies.
  5. ShrimpBrime

    Calling the Exiled Airman for GTX 980 bios mod.

    Please sir. Need some help. Would like a new modded bios for Asus Strix GTX 980 O.C. Let us continue where left off. I highjacked a thread, sry bout that. So, you need pictures of white stickers and a picture of memory from the card in which I need to remove the heat sink correct??
  6. ShrimpBrime

    [Official] List your Systems (All)

    It's the list all your systems you've ever had thread!!! Share all of your technology here. Modded calculators, to overclocked toasters!! Pictures are not required but a plus!! So do load the pictures here if you have any!! One of my first video games was mobile yo! Check it, 1985 Electronic...
  7. ShrimpBrime

    Ryzen 2700x de-lid. (I did it a while ago...)

    Just wanted to show the under hood of a Ryzen 2700X that's actually used daily with it's hat removed. Method: Soldering torch Time: Including cutting the glue around the edges, oh 15 minutes or so. Actual fire to plate, under 60 seconds. Use Time: While de-lidded... a few months now. (still in...