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  1. ZoneDymo

    Extra Nvidia card just for Nvenc (livestreaming) ?

    Bit of an odd question, but I was wondering. A decade or so back...when PhysX was going to be a thing... some people but a lower end Nvidia card as an extra card just to do the PhysX for the system (though I think that ability was blocked later on by our consumer friendly green giant Nvidia)...
  2. ZoneDymo

    Soo RAID or AHCI?

    I feel like im messing here with ancient lingering tech vs the establishment but I have a question non the less. I want to have an SSD with my windows on it. I also want 2 extra standard HDD's along side it in Raid 0 for my steam games etc. Sooo what is best or...perhaps the only thing to do...
  3. ZoneDymo

    Suddenly cant boot into windows 10 anymore.

    Ok so my PC crashed twice in quick succession so I wanted to test something and tried to restart into "Safe Mode". After that I got this very same message: https://i0.wp.com/neosmart.net/wiki/wp-content/uploads/sites/5/2015/02/reboot-and-select-proper-boot-device.jpg?fit=980,250&ssl=1 "Reboot...
  4. ZoneDymo

    New gpu not detected in upper PCI-E slot

    So I have an Asus p8p67 Deluxe B3 motherboard I have been running an AMD HD6950 for a long time now and it has been fine, however due to an oppertunity I now got an RX480. When I install it in the same PCI-E express slot the HD6950 has been working fine in for years, I get the long deep then 3...
  5. ZoneDymo

    Double boot and sound issues after windows update

    So a little while ago there was a Windows 10 update. This messed things up for me... I have 2 issues now that maybe someone here has some ideas about. 1. I have to start up my pc twice for it to actually start up. I start up the pc and it hangs on a blackscreen with a Dos like blipping dash in...
  6. ZoneDymo

    Second monitor not turning on at system boot since update

    I have a 2 monitor setup. This has worked fine for years. However now windows pulled yet another update and now I have a problem. The second monitor does not turn on when I start up the PC. It is however still ermm "there", I can move/lose my mouse cursor on the second screen. To fix it I...
  7. ZoneDymo

    Core2Duo rig not starting up at all, motherboard to blame?

    Right so this is just to make sure Im not missing anything here in regards to a motherboard possibly being dead. The motherboard is an Asus P5N-T Deluxe, I have never used this motherboard before and it has been sitting in a cardboard box for a few years now. Ok so what have I done so far, I...
  8. ZoneDymo

    AMD software Crimson, custom resolution?

    Sooo I went and checked out this feature, went to this screen: http://images.anandtech.com/doci/9811/CustomTiming.png AMD gave me several "nope that does not work" results but some worked, like for example 1920x1080@75hz instead of the more common 60hz. Sooo yeah thats now in there and under...
  9. ZoneDymo

    Alright guys, I need help, Cant Boot with USB PCI card installed

    Ok please read it all, specs are on my profile, here is the problem: I bought an USB 3.0 expansion card, this one : http://www.conrad.com/medias/global/ce/9000_9999/9800/9860/9868/986823_LB_00_FB.EPS_1000.jpg Its PCI and uses NEC usb 3.0 ports and is accourding to documentation compatible with...