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    [WTB] 60$ SKT 775 Dual Core

    Building up a low end desktop for some mild gaming with some 4850's. So im looking for an E8400 preferable, but will also take a E7400 and above. Also wouldnt mind an E6850. Overclockability doesnt matter. Let me know what you have, thanks guys:toast:
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    [FS/FT] ATI HIS 4850 + 2x2GB DDR3

    Couple things im looking to get rid of. Prices are pretty firm, only looking to trade for a Notebook (no netbooks). Let me know what you have. First off, HiS 4850 512MB runs nice and cool. Comes with Original box. Works awesome. Off to ebay Secondly, got some 2x2GB DDR3 (D9's) rated @...
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    [WTB][US] Ati 4890

    Looking for a ati 4890 I have 130$ waiting for it.. Let me know what you have. Thanks:toast:
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    [FS] Celeron 430 (conroe),Swiftech NB Block and more

    Swiftech NB Block and more EVERYTHING is OBO 2.Swiftech MCW-NBMAX Northbridge waterblock (used for maximus X38 or X48, maximus II P45, might even fit my Rampage II Gene X58 i'll check if someone requests it) SOLD to Brandon 4.Cat 5 cables ( 1 x 14", 2 x 7" ,1 x6" ) Asking 15$ shipped...
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    [FT] Patriot Warp V2 SSD for GTX 260

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    [FS] Antec NeoPower Modular PSU (550watt) and more...

    everything is OBO--- FREE Sound Card with Wi-Fi card -----linksys wmp54gs (speedbooster) wi-fi adapter. No antennae 25$ shipped http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16833124139 Creative Pci sound card Traded thanks for looking, I accept PP now and Mo's...
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    Dell XPS 730X, Memory Question?

    Heres my situation. I found an amazing deal on some (3X2GB) Tri-Channel kit. They are pulled from a Dell XPS 730X (i7 965 Dell Rig). But , I searched everywhere and cant seem to find the specs on these things. Im Wondering if any of you guys know whats the potential on these sticks, if...
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    [FS] Asus P5k3 Deluxe+E1200+2x2GB DDR3 CF8

    Im letting this whole Rig go for a sweet price, all it needs is a HD. Setup runs Sweet @ 3.2GHZ (cpu) 1600FSB and Ram at 1600mhz. Specs- -Asus P5K3 Deluxe http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813131181 -E1200 Dual Core (does 3.2GHZ stable) -Thermaltake TMG i1 Cpu Cooler...
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    [FS] The Core I7 Fundage Sale

    Everything is sold, Thanks alot Marc:toast: Heatware 3DSAGE 16-0 Sold Items: 1. AMD Phenom 9950 Black Edition - CRTECHA 2. 3 WD400JD SATA drive (40GB each). XAXAX 3. 2x1GB Kingston HyperX. XAXAX 4. Boss HU Model#534UA 2GB USB drive and the AUX mp3 wire . SystemViper 5...
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    [FS] Asus Striker Xtreme, 2X2GB OCZ ReaperX and CORSAIR CMXAF1

    //Sold on CL. Thanks for looking.
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    [FS] E7200+TMG i1, Linksys Wi-fi card , etc..

    I have a few items up for grabs. All prices include shipping to the Mainland (48 states). Pm me if you have questions, Thanks. Added some more items. ***C2D E7200 with Thermaltake TMG I1 cooler "M0"will do 3.8GHZ stable with only 1.3V also will easily hit 4GHZ+. Great clocking chip been...
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    [FS] Danger Den BlacK Ice Micro II, Ballistix Tracers D9GKX

    Everything is gone. Thanks for looking guys. 1. Danger Den Black Ice Micro II Radiator with 2 1/2" Danger Den High Flow Fittings. Sold http://www.frozencpu.com/products/2148/ex-rad-23/Danger_Den_Black_Ice_Micro_Dual_80mm_Radiator_Black_w_Customizable_Fittings.html 2. Crucial...
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    Boot Up Time Thread

    Starting a new thread to see what kind of Boot up time everyone is getting. Here how to get the program http://www.vistax64.com/tutorials/151819-boot-up-time.html Just submit a screenie of your time, HD model , OS and specs if youd like. 3dsage | 55 seconds | Seagate 7200.12 |Vista 64...
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    [FS][US] 8800GT- PI 9950 B.E- 5400B.E - Ballistix (D9's)

    I have some Ballistix Tracer (D9GKX) 2x512MB DDR2 sticks up for grabs. 4. Crucial Ballistix Tracers 2x512MB (D9GKX Flavor), ideal for benching sticks or an extra Gig. Overclock like mad, and also run tight timings NP. Asking 20$ shipped Thanks for looking fellas:toast...
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    4ghz Club

    Just though I'd start a club dedicated to those who have broken the 4GHZ barrier. Requirements: 1. 4GHZ+ Cpuz screenie of your run, and stability is not required. 2. If you want to get "stable" added next to your name you gotta have at least 4 hours of OCCT/P95/orthos/Aod etc. screenie with...
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    [FS] Ac Freezer Xtreme, Jensen XM, USB Wi-fi

    Couple items up for grabs, all prices are shipped. 2.Jensen XM unit 25$ shipped, comes with Unit, Remote, Roof mount mouse antenna, and all wiring. You just tune in a Radio station on your car Radio ex 89.1 and it will transmit through your car radio. Works great 3. USB Wi-Fi stick-...
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    V-Modded 8800gt or 8800gtx

    I have a EVGA 8800gt, V-modded and is currently running at 800core-2000shader-900mem. I have the option to get a great deal for a 8800GTX which is 695core-1350shader-900mem. My interests pretty much lie in Benchmarking this card. Well gaming wise, when I do its at 1280x1024reso. I know...
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    Gigabyte 790FXT or MSI 790FX-GD70

    I'm upgrading to an AM3 rig in the next week or so. I had my mind set on the Gigabyte 790FXT UD5H. Since it has everything I need and then some. But then I found this board MSI 790FX-GD70 seems like a stout board, with tons of Ram setting tweaks. Questions I have is what board seems to be...
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    [FS][US] FS/FT 9950 B.E, Gigabyte DS4H, HyperX, etc..

    Please Close. Sold Items: 1. AMD Phenom 9950 Black Edition 125Watt (Batch# JAAB AA 0843APAW) CRTECHA 2. 3 WD400JD SATA drive (40GB each). XAXAX 3. 2x1GB Kingston HyperX. XAXAX 4. Boss HU Model#534UA 2GB USB drive and the AUX mp3 wire . SystemViper 5. Nvidia 6800Ultra...
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    Which Protocols can be disabled?

    I'm wondering which Protocols can I disable on my Network Adapter. I just want to know which one's are needed to go online? Here's a pic of which one's are installed, TIA;) Quick Update: I disabled all of them except tcp/ip v4 and v6, and my Network utilization on Task manager stays...
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    DFI LP owners

    I grew sick of looking at the ITE smart guardian interface and reading the 5-way X58 review on VR-Zone I seen the X58 ITE SG interface. So I decided to try and install the X58 Smart Guardian. Well it was succesful, all you have to do is DL it and select repair. Bingo sleek interface...
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    Latest Intel Matrix Storage console Findings

    I'd thought I share this with you guys, After updating to vers 8.7 (previous ver 7.5). My Cpu utilization while running HDTACH Bench went down to 0% from 2%. This was on 3 runs before and after. Also my Average Read went up a tad. With Drive Perf enabled, the numbers jump, but Cpu...
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    Question Bout kinston Hyper X

    Well I bought some 2x1GB 1066 HyperX's of ebay and the seller had them listed as the #8500D2k2/2G these have D9GKX IC's. But I got them today and well they are Model# 8500D2K2/2GR:mad: Does anybody have these? How high to they clock? What voltage? Also does anybody have any idea what...
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    [FS][US] SATA2, ATA133,2.5" HD's/Creative Zen/MOBO/RAM

    I have a few items up for grabs. All prices are shipped within ConUS only. 3. One ATA133 Samsung Spinpoint 80GB HD. Tested Working. Asking for 20$Shipped 4. A Creative Zen 1GB Color LCD MP3 Player with Velcro Strap Arm Band usefull if you hit the gym and Sony Headphones, the headphones...
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    Buffalo Firestix ddr2 1066 1GB 14.99

    I found these bad boys for 14.99 each stick buy yourself two for 30$, not bad considering these are some D9GKX Stix. http://www.dark-circuit.com/newsearch.php?find=buffalo+firestix Give up some thanks if I found you a deal :toast: