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  1. Necrofire

    Antec Unveils ISK-110 VESA Mini-ITX Case

    Had this case, same model number. At the time I bought it, it wasn't listed on Antec's site. It is now. Power supply didn't work. Tried RMA through Antec first. After 2 days of waiting for them to reply, I went to Newegg to get an exchange. They said they could only do a return at that point...
  2. Necrofire

    Black Mesa: Source Gameplay

    I bounce between 400KB/s to just under 2MB/s, I've limited upload to 100KB/s for now, I don't have the connection to go higher without killing download speeds
  3. Necrofire

    Black Mesa: Source Gameplay

    Superfast peers are coming and going, I can't seem to hold onto any, however at least the openmirror is holding steady.
  4. Necrofire

    Black Mesa: Source Gameplay

    Coming from /r/gaming, full list of trackers here: udp://tracker.istole.it:80/announce udp://tracker.1337x.org:80/announce http://www.gameupdates.org/announce.php udp://tracker.publicbt.com:80/announce udp://tracker.openbittorrent.com:80/announce...
  5. Necrofire

    TechPowerUp & PowerColor "Pimp my Rig" 2012 - Details and Goodies for our Readers

    I totally could have had a shot in this maybe 2 years ago when I still had my Pentium machine. 60MHz, 64MB ram, and what I think was a pci FX5200 iirc. That bad boy had a smoking ~520MB hard drive, I had to use nlite on a windows xp disc to bypass xp's hard drive space requirements.
  6. Necrofire

    What monitor connection do you use?

    At one point in time I couldn't find a dvi cable, but had an hdmi cable and 2 dvi-hdmi adapters. It works. But I do have a question, if your monitor requires a dual-link cable, what happens when you use a single link cable?
  7. Necrofire

    Asus P8Z68-v lx + i5 2500k voltage can't be manually set

    Friend has same setup, really stupid mobo. In UEFI, go to Ai Tweaker > CPU Power Management Change Additional Turbo Voltage up a notch from Auto to 0.004V That prevented my friend's mobo from auto-choosing 1.45V at 4.2 (I mean, jesus, 1.45, it was gonna die as temps hit 80C in like 10 seconds...
  8. Necrofire

    2560x1440 IPS 27" LED Monitor on the Cheap!

    Having come from a 21" 1080p TN monitor, I'd say it was definitely worth it. However, you do run the risk of getting a non-perfect monitor, and it almost isn't worth it to ship it back. "Too big for my desk" Looks fine in the picture, wonder if that's why he's selling it.
  9. Necrofire

    2500k - are these temps ok?

    :confused: :)
  10. Necrofire

    2500k - are these temps ok?

    Well, he says that highest he saw was 500W from the wall. Counting efficiency, he's way below the 550W rating. If his system was pulling 650W from the wall, then there'd be room for concern, as he'd almost be at 100% load :D
  11. Necrofire

    2560x1440 IPS 27" LED Monitor on the Cheap!

    Yea, I like fine granularity in stepping. Anyway, sorry, CRU is Custom Resolution Utility, used to get non-standard resolution/refresh rate combinations to choose from in windows. It somehow made my 75Hz setting default, which didn't work.
  12. Necrofire

    2560x1440 IPS 27" LED Monitor on the Cheap!

    Figured it out I hope. Turns out, after a failed "overclock" attempt, I had somehow been running at 75Hz, and it would only work intermittently. Here's what happened in the end: After deleting all the 75Hz options using CRU, plugged it in, and now it displays correctly, however, it looked...
  13. Necrofire

    2560x1440 IPS 27" LED Monitor on the Cheap!

    I received mine today. Absolutely gorgeous. One problem: When gaming, monitor starts to blank for a sec, then come back, then blank again, then come back, then blank for about a minute. Only when gaming, but happens after I game for a bit too. Watched a 1080p video and was using it for...
  14. Necrofire

    2560x1440 IPS 27" LED Monitor on the Cheap!

    Damn you erocker, you made me buy one :\
  15. Necrofire

    Tenqa Releases DJ Style REMXD Bluetooth Headphones for $39

    http://goo.gl/WHiZH Neat, I want a pair.
  16. Necrofire

    CAFA50 vs hyper 212 evo

    212 evo: There's no gaps between the heatpipes on the bottom It's fan is a 4-pin It comes with an extra set of fan clips so you can put a second fan on It can be installed both vertically and horizontally on both intel and amd setups (the CAFA50 can't be installed vertically on AMD setups)
  17. Necrofire

    Bulldozer Aims For 50% Improvement By 2014: Is This Really Enough To Counter Intel?

    diminishing returns is why they haven't added more cache. The extra power, heat, and die-size isn't worth the speed increase to them. To be fair, their modules are closer to 2 full cores than a core w/ hyperthreading. Still, I'm dissapointed, as I was waiting to upgrade until their quad core...
  18. Necrofire

    [WTB][US] 2.5" Laptop Hard Drive

    How's $16? I'm currently writing zeros to it right now.
  19. Necrofire

    [WTB][US] 2.5" Laptop Hard Drive

    I have a spare 160GB sata drive I'm not using, came from my old eee netbook. Info: Power on count: 2191 Hours on: 2282
  20. Necrofire

    Firefox in Warp Zone, Updated to Version 7.0

    I updated, and somehow magically lost adblock, was a weird experience.
  21. Necrofire

    [WTB][US] AMD Phenom II X2 555

    Possibly. My 550 did, all 4 cores running at 3.4Ghz
  22. Necrofire

    HighPoint Launches the Industry's First 4-Port 20Gb/s USB 3.0 SuperSpeed HBA

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think they mean that all 4 ports can do superspeed at the same time, without a performance drop.
  23. Necrofire

    ASUS Continues to Lead the Pad Trend with the Eee Pad Slider

    Probably has the T20 like the 50 other tablets, even ASUS's own Eee Pad Transformer.
  24. Necrofire

    Patriot Torqx 2 128 GB SSD

    That is just awful.
  25. Necrofire

    Scythe Announces Compatibility to AMD sockets FM1 and AM3+

    Yea, that is absolutely amazing! I also got an email from Corsair a couple days ago, my current DDR3 RAM will work in socket AM3+ motherboards :eek: TECHNOLOGY!