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  1. Gjohnst4

    [WTB] Corsair 1gb PC-6400 DDR2-800

    Hey TPU, My secondary rig has been freaking out recently and I finally narrowed it down to one of my RAM modules. Looking to replace a single stick of XMS Performance PC-6400 4-4-4-12, or similar timing Corsair ram. Ebay has a ton of 2 x 1 gb auctions, but they are going for $17+.. If...
  2. Gjohnst4

    [WTB][US] HD4890 Lets make a deal!

    Hey Gang, I have an old secondary gaming rig that is currently using crossfire 3870's. I stay where it is located a few nights a week and only Play Diablo 3 on it (less these days, but that's another matter) I am looking to pick up a cheap 4890 to get the system running a little more...
  3. Gjohnst4

    [WTB] 5870, Skyrim is 2 much!

    So I have recently downloaded all the texture mods to make Skyrim mawr pretty and my single 5870 is hurtin. Would like to buy another for around 150$ I have heatware under Gjohnst4 100% ebay feedback under Gjohnst4 Can send Paypal :rockout:
  4. Gjohnst4

    [FS][US] Witstech A81G Capacitive 7" Android 2.2 Tablet, GPS, Bluetooth.

    Hello! Three weeks ago I ordered this Witstech A81G (Also known as the Nationite Midnite Capacitive) from China for my birthday. In the three weeks it took to arrive, my girlfriend bought me a Galaxy tab. So, I obviously have to keep her gift :banghead: I did alot of research before my...
  5. Gjohnst4

    [WTB] Cheap working Socket A (462) motherboard

    Hello~ A non tech inclined friend asked me to fix his computer and I have concluded his motherboard shorted. So, I tested the remainder of his hardware and it is all fine. I am in need of a cheap working socket A board that can handle a sempron 2800+ and 512mb pc2100. If you have anything...
  6. Gjohnst4

    [WTB][US] 64gb SSD 80$

    Hello, Just throwing out some feelers to see if I can snag a 64gb SSD for around 80 shipped. This is roughly the going price on ebay currently. If it has a mounting bracket, that would also be great, trying to make a boot drive for my tower. :toast: Thanks TPU! Heatware under gjohnst4...
  7. Gjohnst4

    [WTB] X-fi Platinum front I/O panel.

    Hello! Looking for a front I/O panel for the creative x-fi platinum card. Just like this, http://cgi.ebay.com/Creative-X-Fi-Platinum-Fatal1ty-I-O-Drive-Upgrade-Kit-/330508674956?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item4cf3da278c Only not for 65$ That's more than I paid for the card :shadedshu...
  8. Gjohnst4

    [WTB][US] Cheap Sata HD

    Hello, So my dads home pc is running an ancient IDE 80GB hd that only has 18gb left and takes damn near 8 minutes to boot up windows XP. The rest of the system isn't bad either so the hd is definitely bottle-necking the system. Looking for a cheap lowish capacity (120-160) Hd that hopefully...
  9. Gjohnst4

    [FS][US] His 5850

    Hello! Just bought the Droid X and I have to pay for it, so I am selling one of my HIS 5850's. This card was recently bought brand new for a crossfire set up. All parts included except Dirt 2. Heatware: Gjohnst4 Ebay 100% positive feedback: Gjohnst4 Looking for 260$ and/or offers. Will get...
  10. Gjohnst4

    Build for a Buddy, 300$ !?!? Help

    So, my friend who knows nothing about computers wants to play starcraft II. He has asked me to build him something, and gave me the very low budget of 300$ with a little wiggle room. Side notes: I am giving him a nice AM2+ Heatsink (A Triton) I am also giving him, for now at least, two...
  11. Gjohnst4

    PhysX won't initiate with 8800gt, HELP!

    Hello! I have been trying for days to get my 8800gt to work with my 5850, so after hours of failure I removed the 5850, uninstalled all drivers, ran a registry cleaner. I did the same for the 8800gt to get a fresh start. Today I have JUST the 8800gt installed with the latest legit drivers...
  12. Gjohnst4

    Help Enabling Hybrid PhysX

    Hello! To begin, I have been strictly an ATI user for the last 4 years. So I am very unfamiliar with Nvidia's control panel and driver packages. I am trying to enable Hybrid Physx using a 5850 and an 8800gt. I was under the impression that the Beta 257.15 Nvidia drivers currently on their...
  13. Gjohnst4

    [WTB][US] 9600gt or 8800gs 40$ to spend.

    Title says it all. Dragon Age and Batman need some Physx! Interested in a 9600GT or 8800GS or comparable with 40$ to spend. Can send payment with paypal any time. Thanks for looking.
  14. Gjohnst4

    [WTB][US] PhysX Card, 30$ to spend

    Hello! I know 30$ isn't much, But I am a third year Medical Student and broke hardly begins to describe it >< BUT! you still have to enjoy your hobby right? About to play Batman and want to enable Physx. Thanks for looking.
  15. Gjohnst4

    [WTB][US] Crossfire PSU 2x 3870'S

    Hey TPU community! So my back up gaming rig runs 2x 3870's and is currently killing its logisys 575 watt single 12v. The starcraft 2 beta crashed yesterday and I smelled burning!! SO! looking to replace it with something a little more well made. Heatware under gjohnst4 100% pos. Ebay under...
  16. Gjohnst4

    Recomend good earbuds for gaming on the go

    Recomend a good pair of earbuds to complement my laptop's external Creative Sound card for gaming and music? Had some sony earbuds and stepped on them >< So! Looking for some quality sound!
  17. Gjohnst4

    [WTB][US] 2.5 IDE Notebook Hard drive

    Hello! My brother's old as the hills 4200 rpm 2.5 40gb just died in his Compaq V200. Looking to replace it for him with a clean install. I would Prefer a 5400 RPM to improve performance, anything 40gb or greater in size! I can pay with paypal and have heatware under Gjohnst4 and 100% Ebay...
  18. Gjohnst4

    Is this site legit? All-techcomputer.com

    This site has crazy prices and every fiber of me says its fake. Crazy thing is, if you google map the adress, they have a store, and they have visible trucks with their logo, AND they have a working answering machine. But the prices can't be real! What do you think? ALL-TECHCOMPUTERS.COM...
  19. Gjohnst4

    ANTonline.com screws me with 5850!

    I got lucky and found an MSI 5850 for 289.99 Shipped at ANTonline.com 12 days ago, Thought to myself, not the best deal but prices are going up, and I was right. I come home today expecting delivery, but instead I get this in my inbox. Hi, my name is Amanda and I'm a manager with the...
  20. Gjohnst4

    Where are they good non reference 5770's??

    I want to buy a 5770 crossfire pair, But also want some PCS or vapor-x action. Any speculation to why only the 5750's are getting the non reference love? Wheres my Ice q+? :confused:
  21. Gjohnst4

    [Case Gallery] Girlfriend Likes My Spedo

    To view this case mod, go here. Specs: AMD Phenom II 965 BE 3.5 GHZ MSI 790FX-GD70 OCZ 2X2GB 1600 MHZ Tuniq Tower 120 Extreme edition Creative Sound Blaster Platinum Edition Antec Quattro 850 PSU Turtle Beach True 5.1 Headset 3x ATI 3870 (Very temp. until I Get 2 5850's) 120 MM FAN X5...
  22. Gjohnst4

    Suggestions: USB low profile mouse for tablet pc

    Hello! The medical practice I work for has just recently switched to digital record keeping, and our lenovo tablets have just arrived. If you could suggest a low profile USB mouse with a nano receiver that could easily fit in the pocket of our lab coats, I would appreciate it. The slimmer the...
  23. Gjohnst4

    DIII New Class: Monk

    Check out DIII.net for all the new screen shots! This is really cool to me, because I just finished the Back to Hellfire Mod for Diablo II which is a combination of Diablo: Back to Hellfire and Diablo II. And it has the Monk as a playable character from the original expansion. Anyone looking...
  24. Gjohnst4

    A History of Gaming. Three Generations

    I had all three of these in the same room while I painted my office and thought it was funny to look how much things have changed! The year 2000 My first Gaming rig. Diablo II here I come. Specs: Socket A Athlon 2500+ Barton Core w/ unlocked multi running at 3200+ speed. Made me drool at...
  25. Gjohnst4

    [Case Gallery] Fire and Ice

    To view this case mod, go here. Specs: Phenom II 720 BE 3.7 Ghz MSI 790FX-GD70 AM3 OCZ 4 GB DDR3 1600 mhz Zerotherm BTF 90 Lite-on Blu-ray Drive Monster Mods Fan Controller 2x Hitachi 640 GB 32 mb cache raid 0 3 way Crossfire X 3870�s w/ pencil Mod 3D MARK 06 SCORE 18762 Mods...