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  1. HisDivineOrder

    CORSAIR Launches iCUE LT100 Smart Lighting Towers

    So... now they're just releasing RGB sticks. They're not even bothering to attach it to a device you want.
  2. HisDivineOrder

    Google Stadia Adds 11 New Games & Free PUBG For Pro Subscribers

    It's like VR. Interesting idea. Too soon. Everything costs too much and/or the required underpinnings just aren't widely available to make it widely successful.
  3. HisDivineOrder

    NVIDIA Completes Acquisition of Mellanox

    Then the Big Companies will buy or lease-to-own the browser makers and the tech adblockers use will be made to not work. And magically Google will come up with some tech that supplants what piholes use, making it impossible to kill the ads. One day you wake up and you find the only escape from...
  4. HisDivineOrder

    NVIDIA RTX Voice Modded to Work on Non-RTX GeForce GPUs

    Tried to download it and it took a while before telling me, "Page isn't available." Looks like nvidia took it down. Fortunately, I downloaded a premodded version. I'm sure they already regret not making this something you have to login to use so they could auto-update it to "fix" "problems"...
  5. HisDivineOrder

    NVIDIA GeForce Now Loses More Publishers, Xbox Game Studios and WB Games Wave Goodbye

    Thing is, I feel like this whole Geforce Now experiment is really about proof of concept to a certain big name console company currently using nvidia hardware that is incapable of 4k gaming. Imagine Nintendo watching Geforce Now and thinking, "We could offer 4k in the home by streaming said...
  6. HisDivineOrder

    Kojima Productions' Death Stranding Arrives on PC June 2nd

    Imagine a Death Stranding and No Man's Sky Power Bundle!
  7. HisDivineOrder

    LG 2020 'Ultra' Monitors Ideal for Professionals and Gamers Alike

    I wish they'd list as part of "Freesync" or "G-SYNC" what the minimum and maximum framerates were. In fact, I wish there were standards like there are for HDR levels that required a certain minimum to get a certain certification.
  8. HisDivineOrder

    AMD X570-successor to be Third-Party Sourced

    If true, too bad they don't have the fan stay off until it hits a certain load/heat level.
  9. HisDivineOrder

    Intel "Rocket Lake" an Adaptation of "Willow Cove" CPU Cores on 14nm?

    Sooner or later, Intel is going to have to transition to a new fab size. They've really dropped the ball here and while it's amusing to watch the powerhouse get beaten down by the underdog, it's going to eventually lead to AMD stagnating, too. We don't need a single best player. We need...
  10. HisDivineOrder

    NVIDIA to Open G-Sync Monitors to VRR Support, Enabling AMD Graphics Cards Support

    I was hoping this was nvidia finally announcing that they'll allow pseudo-Freesync via G-Sync over HDMI instead of just over Displayport. Well, besides on LG OLED TV's. I guess they'll wait till NEXT YEAR for that announcement.
  11. HisDivineOrder

    NVIDIA Readying GeForce RTX 2080 Ti SUPER After All?

    I don't think Ampere is coming when we thought if they're releasing this card this late. This looks like a, "Oh no, Ampere's coming later than expected, let's announce a new high end card and outshine Big Navi before it's announcement." I imagine Big Navi's coming in June after being announced...
  12. HisDivineOrder

    Rune 2 Developer Human Head Studios Shuts Down, Immediately Sets Up Shop Under Bethesda as Roundhouse Studios

    You should watch the "launch" trailer before being too broken up. ;)
  13. HisDivineOrder

    AMD Also Working to Bring Integer Scaling to Its Driver Suite

    It's a gimmick if they expect me to upgrade from a 10 series card to a 20 series card for something that should have been in every nvidia card for the last ten years.
  14. HisDivineOrder

    AMD Also Working to Bring Integer Scaling to Its Driver Suite

    I love how nvidia ties this to the new cards instead of admitting that there are utilities on Steam that can do this without being a 20-series card. It shouldn't be THAT hard, but they really want people to buy them cards for the pile of gimmicks.
  15. HisDivineOrder

    CORSAIR Launches T3 RUSH Gaming Chair

    Gaming chairs are like gaming headsets. They separate people who have too much money from their money and give them shoddy products in return. I'm actually quite shocked we haven't seen MORE chairs that have LED's. They probably can't figure out how to wire them without the wires tearing and...
  16. HisDivineOrder

    Free Game Alert: "Observer" and "Alan Wake's American Nightmare" Free in the Epic Games Store, Halloween Sale Launched

    If only THIS was their outreach instead of exclusives, I think everyone would be singing their praises. Also, I wish they'd choose games I don't already own. 99% of the ones they are giving me, I own them. I begin to wonder if they aren't looking at my Steam library.
  17. HisDivineOrder

    AMD-made PlayStation 5 Semi-custom Chip Has Ray-tracing Hardware (not a software solution)

    I believe Ray Tracing is the future, but I also believe nVidia should have used their limited 12nm dieshrink to improve conventional rasterizing for the 20 Series and waited until the upcoming dieshrink (post-20 series) to tack on RTX. I think the real reason they didn't was because they had an...
  18. HisDivineOrder

    Philips Announces the Hue Play HDMI Sync Box

    Since it's not altering the signal, I'd imagine it'd be the same amount of latency as a capture card's passthrough, which is very little.
  19. HisDivineOrder

    Control Benchmark Test & RTX Performance Analysis

    Thing is, doing it this generation before they had a dieshrink meant they had to choose: sacrifice 4k/high framerate gains or sacrifice limited-use-case RTX. They chose poorly. I'd have preferred they waited one more generation for the upcoming dieshrink, solidified their 4k/high framerate...
  20. HisDivineOrder

    BIOSTAR Formally Enables PCIe Gen 4 on its AMD 400-series Motherboards

    I like options for PCIe4 that don't require active cooling.
  21. HisDivineOrder

    AMD Ryzen 3900X & 3700X Tested on X470

    Do you still have to use Ryzen-friendly memory with the 3000 series on an older chipset? Or is the improved memory compatibility irrespective of which chipset's used?
  22. HisDivineOrder

    AMD to Slash Radeon RX 5700 "Navi" Series Prices Ahead of Launch: $399 & $349

    You act like bundles are the same as saved money. They're not. Often, they're a waste. I don't think anything approaching 100% of people who buy an AMD card enjoy or use the bundle. And with AMD and nVidia both trying their damnedest to keep people from recouping the bundle's resale value by...
  23. HisDivineOrder

    NVIDIA RTX 2070 SUPER Pictured for the First Time

    Good to know nVidia continues to save performance in the tank for the very day when competition arrives. Imagine if AMD tried to show up the day nVidia first launched instead of waiting nearly a year after the fact. Let's hope Intel is serious and not filly-farting around because GPU's need...
  24. HisDivineOrder

    Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk

    Got this for half that MSRP off Massdrop. It's a good desk, mostly, but it rocks. They argued it's user error, but there aren't may ways to put it together. So I think there were some early QC issues and they refused to accept responsibility. I'm still using it, it's just propped up with...
  25. HisDivineOrder

    ASMedia-sourced AMD B550, A520 Chipset Motherboards Arrive in 2020

    Hopefully, AMD will sort out the active-cooling for motherboards nonsense in some way. I thought we'd moved past that. Fans fail.