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    Help with Surround Windowed Resolution

    Hi, I play all games on windowed using a 7870 on my eyefinity 3x 1080p portrait system normally at 3072x1280 i just got a GTX 960 and am trying to find the option to set that resolution but i am not seeing this option anywhere. In the catalyst control center there is a customize eyefintiy...
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    Dropped Packets when gaming or using Furmark

    Basically as the title says when my GPU is handling a heavy my PCI wireless card starts making my pings go high or drops packets all together. I have tried putting the wireless card to my other PCI slot but still does the same thing, tried the latest drivers for the card, tried using the PC...
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    New Build advice

    What do you guys think? i wanted something under 550 but its hard when you also want something with some power. Should i go with Athlon x4 or phenom II x3 720 ? The benchmarks show the phenoms good power bump over the Athlons. I would go with 5770 but the 4870 is so much cheaper for the same...