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  1. Chitz

    Samsung 840 EVO 500Gb Good choice Now ?

    So after Failure of my last SSD i decided to choose 840 EVO 500GB , Any Recommendations or thoughts about its current state :)
  2. Chitz

    Is my Vertex 4 SSD Dead ?

    So recently i woke up and checked my pc if the renders and updates were finished , they were but about 2-3 mins later i had a black screen that i had no clue about and then my pc hanged for the first time in months and it started giving a intel boot loader error of some sort it said something...
  3. Chitz

    Motherboard & SSD Advice , Need help !!

    first of all if i am sorry if i did any mistakes regarding this thread . i am a newbie :D So today my SSD died and i realized how incredibly unbalanced my pc is for the first time here is my current config i7 2600 on k intel DH61WW7 2x 4gb ram gtx 680 ref VERTEX 4 128GB (seems dead) 2x 1tb...
  4. Chitz

    Next gen processors

    so i am not the smartest kid on the block so i am asking you guys about this , so later on i've head that next gen core i7 extreme processors will allow to have a extra full pci slot ( unlike the ones in between ) so basically allowing a 4 way sli with a pci ssd or some other card or some dual...
  5. Chitz

    My Wearied Rig Needs Upgrade

    Hello !! i am new to these Forums so Please Ignore My Mistakes :D Here is my Current Specifications Core i7 2600 (non k) Intel DH61WW Motherboard GTX 680 ( Reference one ) Corsair 2x 4gb 1333mhz Sticks Corsair GS750 PSU ocz Vertex 4 128gb 1 x WD Green 2tb 2 x 1Tb Drives 1 x 320gb 2.5in...