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  1. MrAMD

    Samsung 980 PRO Clears Korean Regulators, Comes in Three Sizes

    Sounds about right. Windows should be taking about ~ 23GB. Throw in Office and Photoshop which is relatively small / medium sized programs for a few gigs each. 28GB doesn't leave any space for modern games at all. CoD MW alone is 191GB (extreme example, I admit). If you don't play any games I...
  2. MrAMD

    Samsung 980 PRO Clears Korean Regulators, Comes in Three Sizes

    The average home user wouldn't make use of this drive. This drive is made for content creators, enthusiasts, etc anyway. 500GB should be the standard these days imho. 256GB goes quick after formatted, OS, a few big programmes and or a game. Full.
  3. MrAMD

    Samsung 980 PRO Clears Korean Regulators, Comes in Three Sizes

    Why did they even bother making the 256GB variant. 500GB, 1TB and 2TB would be perfect. Guess that's reserved for the 980 EVO though
  4. MrAMD

    Kingston Ships 7.68TB Capacity for DC1000 U.2 NVMe PCIe Data Center SSD

    Well I mean it's not made for us mere mortals, yet
  5. MrAMD

    GIGABYTE Intros B550 VISION D Motherboard for Creators

    Wish this was the "gamer" look. Love the minimalism and cleanness.
  6. MrAMD

    Command & Conquer Remastered Collection Available Now on Steam and Origin

    Where's generals. I'll buy it for that alone
  7. MrAMD

    Intel Core i9-10900K

    Looks like highest-end 2060 is equal to entry-level 2060s price ($369)
  8. MrAMD

    Intel Core i9-10900K

    Looking at current market trends via pcpartpicker. You would need to spend at least $110+ to upgrade an 2060 to 2070. With Intel not including an cooler that would make up the difference. I concede my previous point
  9. MrAMD

    Intel Core i9-10900K

    Yes true it's slightly more expensive compared to the 3700x but it's also considerably faster. Downside is no included cooler which Intel is losing out on. You probably can't find a huge GPU upgrade for only $80+ odd dollars though. Better GPU model cooler? That's about it all things being equal
  10. MrAMD

    Intel Core i9-10900K

    You're moving the goalposts now. Obviously if said user wanted to seriously stream games every session you would pick an appropriate chip. In this scenario we would still have to compare the i7-10700k (value 9900ks) as 8 cores are perfectly able to stream and have stupid amounts of background tasks.
  11. MrAMD

    Intel Core i9-10900K

    I already said that's true but the point isn't totally correct anymore once you factor in the new i5-10600k with cache ratio and ram overclocking. It even beats the 10900k in most cases. You'll get best value and top-performance for gaming with that chip and RTX GPU for any said budget.
  12. MrAMD

    Intel Core i9-10900K

    No. Just no. I know you're saying budget wise but balls to the wall top-end setup is intel CPU and NV RTX 2080 Ti. Nothing will beat it in gaming.
  13. MrAMD

    Intel 10th Generation Comet Lake Desktop Processors and 400-Series Chipsets Announced, Here's what's New

    Eh, not a bad refresh really. Rocket Lake is the big boi coming though. Likely this year even. Kaby lake all over again?
  14. MrAMD

    Intel 10th Generation Core Desktop Series Presentation Leaked

    Per-core HT settings is interesting. Wonder how a mix of 5/5 on/off cores would fare for gaming and productivity workloads. Best of both worlds? Maybe 2/8 since most games use the first two cores as the main threads. Kinda wanna play around with it
  15. MrAMD

    New Date for Postponed NVIDIA GTC 2020 Keynote Under "Get AMPED" Teaser: May 14th

    Could just have some NVIDIA employees in the audience. 6ft apart of course.
  16. MrAMD

    Any release date for Samsung 980 evo/pro?

    Yeah in my usual setup I have multiple NVMe drives when dumping content and putting everything together. Compiling an completed project (400GB+) and moving it to the sata drives sucks. Going for an all NVMe setup asap
  17. MrAMD

    Any release date for Samsung 980 evo/pro?

    For me at least, I move a lot of 4K video projects around. Can definitely tell the difference vs my sata drives. 980 day one please!
  18. MrAMD

    Intel Comet Lake Pricing Leaked

    Not too shabby. Intel could definitely do worse.
  19. MrAMD

    Editorial Intel Planning 14nm "Ozark Lake" 16-core Processor for Spring 2021

    AMD won't stand a chance against this. Zen4 DOA.
  20. MrAMD

    Computex 2020 Postponed due to COVID-19 Outbreak

    At this point it'll be news what isn't canceled.
  21. MrAMD

    Intel Core i9-10900 10-core CPU Pictured

    Interesting, thanks for sharing that. Looks like the cross-CCX still needs to be vastly improved though.
  22. MrAMD

    Intel Core i9-10900 10-core CPU Pictured

    See attached. Yes I've explained that to many AMD fanbois. Games are very latency dependent as well as raw clock speed (and IPC obviously). In my real world experience; I've seen 9900k always beat 8700k/8086k due to same IPC, clocking higher on average, more cores to help balance background...
  23. MrAMD

    Intel Core i9-10900 10-core CPU Pictured

    Reading comprehension problems? :laugh: Literally said wish my Z390 mobo would work with it. Obviously meaning it won't.. 9900KS > everything else gaming. Yes even the 8086k. The 9900k/ks have higher clock ceilings. I'm running a 9900k myself at 5.2GHz all-core, 24/7.
  24. MrAMD

    Intel Core i9-10900 10-core CPU Pictured

    10c/20t ringbus @ 5GHz all-core (K version). Hm.. it's definitely going to be a beast. Remain gaming king and add MT performance. If only I could use my current Z390 mobo.