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    ASUS Z390 Motherboards Automatically Push Software into Your Windows Installation

    I'm aghast that Windows provides this driver 'auto-load' feature for any motherboard that exposes a 'WPBT' in its UEFI. Asus is just leveraging a UEFI and Windows feature: I don't think this feature should be automatically enabled in retail versions of Windows. If the UEFI has drivers to...
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    Post your Final Fantasy XV Benchmark Results

    i6850K @ 4.4 GHz + EVGA iCX 1080 @ 2060 MHz => 11409 :)
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    Fractal Design Introduces the Meshify C Mini - Dark TG Micro-ATX Case

    I recommend the Corsair Carbide Quiet 400Q over this case. It is basically the same physical size (464x215x425 mm) as the Meshify C Mini but it accepts a standard ATX motherboard in addition to mATX and mITX. I used this to replace a 'full size' Fractal Design case due to space constraints in my...
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    CRYORIG R1 Ultimate

    I'm using the Noctua NH-D15S with an i7-6850k. As noted in the cooling tests here, the D15S' temps are within a degree of the Ultimate. It also costs $10 less and it does not have the component clearance issues of the Cryorig cooler. The NH-D15S is innovative because it's asymmetric. The fan...
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    New GPU-Z 2.0 Crashes on Startup (EVGA 1080 SC2 ICX)

    ICX power and memory thermal sensor readings displayed by GPU-Z look correct. I ran Superposition while running TPU GPU-Z 2.1 and EVGA's Precision OC utility. Precision OC displays the maximum, respectively, of the ICX power and memory thermal sensor readings. The maximum of the various memory...
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    New GPU-Z 2.0 Crashes on Startup (EVGA 1080 SC2 ICX)

    Version 2.1.0 works for me now. Thanks!
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    New GPU-Z 2.0 Crashes on Startup (EVGA 1080 SC2 ICX)

    What changed? Still crashes for me. Did you download a new version?
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    New GPU-Z 2.0 Crashes on Startup (EVGA 1080 SC2 ICX)

    GPU-Z 2.0 crashes on every start with 'unrecoverable error has occurred @ 0x615511'. Crash information has been submitted to TPU. Relevant facts about my system: EVGA GTX 1080 SC2 with ICX Windows 10 *Creators* Edition Version 1703 (OS Build 15063.296) Nvidia Driver Version 382.05 (WHQL)...
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    Share your CPUZ Benchmarks!

    I was impatient and skeptical about Ryzen so I built this i7-6850K at 4.4 GHz about 4 months ago. This is running on air with a Noctua NH-D15S cooler. Haven't tried to overclock the uncore/cache. BTW, this chip wasn't stable at 4.4 with Prime or other benchmarks that heavily used AVX...