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  1. Khonjel

    Anybody have experience with USB modems?

    I'll be out of home for a few weeks. At least a month. I'll be using 4G dongle in the meantime because the place no WiFi nor broadband. Last time I went there I used a generic 3G dongle. This time I'll buy D-link DWM-222 / Huawei E3372h-153 / ZTE MF833T. I'm more inclined towards Huawei and ZTE...
  2. Khonjel

    (Some) games crashing to desktop during first loading

    I can't wrap my head around this problem. I downloaded Styx Master of Shadows but it keeps crashing when first loading. Windows report has this to say about it: I also recently had this crash in Insurgency (2014). I hadn't played it for a few months so when I would keep crashing when joining...
  3. Khonjel

    Disabling Control Flow Guard (CFG), an exploit protection feature in Windows 10 fixes various games stuttering

    Came up across this in Nvidia subreddit. While I'm always suspicious of any claim by DSOG, seems like many people are posting positive results. And while he claims it helps for DX12, some people are also claiming it helps in Witcher 3, Final Fantasy XV and Far Cry 5 which are DX11 titles. One...
  4. Khonjel

    Can the Aorus RGB ram lighting be controlled from MSI motherboard

    I really like the look of the RAM and it's a traditional rectangle!!! But does it work with MSI board? Not Mystic Light per se but can I install Gigabyte software to control the lighting? Kinda like how this guy is saying you can control Gigabyte GPU RGB:
  5. Khonjel

    H5 Universal vs H7 Quad Lumi vs MA620P

    All around the same price range but MA620P cheapest and H7 Quad Lumi most expensive of the three. While not included in the title, H5 Ultimate is also same price as the Universal. While I like the MA620P because of the RGB and "badass" looking because dual-tower, its design is not as refined...
  6. Khonjel

    Help choose between these B450 boards

    ASUS B450 Strix-F vs AsRock B450 Steel Legend vs MSI B450 Tomahawk vs Pro Carbon AC. All priced roughly same. I know in terms of VRM performance the MSIs are better. But I'm not here for that. 1) Which has the best BIOS and does it matter? I heard ASUS has the best BIOS in terms of OCability...
  7. Khonjel

    Sapphire Nitro+ cooler compatible with reference RX 5700?

    I can't wait till mid to late August for aftermarket RX 5700 cards to come out. I have a dead RX 470 Nitro+ OC. I know AMD uses 5.32cm by 5.32cm mount for almost all its coolers. Can @W1zzard or anyone with spare cards lying around test it and let me know?
  8. Khonjel

    Switch Between Intel iGPU and AMD dGPU for different tasks

    Can I do it like this guy here? I wanna do everyday tasks like web browsing and sh¡t with my iGPU which is connected via VGA and then game on the dGPU like always which is connected via HDMI. Is it even feasible? Or worth it? I thought maybe it'll save me some electricity if dGPU isn't in use...