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  1. J

    Why do midrange/premium boards dont have a decent amplifier

    As title states, I have to use tools like DFX audio enhancer to sqeeze more volume / bass out of my headphones, and ive used quite a few ones. My hearing is perfectly well but every motherboard i owned so far (Crosshair Z, X470-F and now a X570 Elite) lack serious volume. They all come with big...
  2. J

    Onboard NIC tanked?

    Hi, So after ive left for a few days off, coming back, to have my PC without internet while cables are connected, lights are blinking and even my phone able to use it's wireless in the house. After some investigation and hours of hours of testing, i've discovered that my onboard NIC might be...
  3. J

    My UPS is charging my 75AH Car battery

    Yes, The battery of my car died today. I dont have a clue why but everything was dead as shit. I am lucky that the battery of the car is in the trunk and not the hood, since the key only unlocks the trunk. I removed it, attached it onto my UPS and it's slowly charging right now. I think the...
  4. J

    650VA UPS runs hot

    I have a generic 650VA UPS hooked up behind my computer, screen and using the NIC interface to prevent any spikes and all that. Thing works fine. Can hold my computer for over 8 minutes or so. However, when it's idle, i noted that the transformer is getting around 60 to 70 degrees mark. The...
  5. J

    Windows 10 is locking up completely

    I dont know what it is exactly, but everytime i try to login to my own (15x) servers, and hit POST on any form of Directadmin, my internet seems to lockup completely. How? Well i have no clue. I initially updated windows pretty recent to 1903 and the 'shit' started to happen since then. I have...
  6. J

    Windows 10 1903 "erased" saved passwords

    I think i'm rightfull to say here that, the update 1903 of W10 X64 basicly wiped all the stored passwords in explorer and in particular, the FTP functionality. Goto my computer, in the adressbar type in the FTP adress, fill in details, user / pass, hit save, done. I've saved over 400 logins...
  7. J

    Hotglue a AIO onto a GPU

    Ok, this sounds relatively stupid, but i'm sure i'll be the first coming up with this idea. I have hacked a AIO 240mm CPU cooler onto my GPU using tiewraps and all that. Over time, the tiewraps tend to get hard, they stretch and slowly lose their mounting pressure. It's proberly due to the heat...
  8. J

    Wizzard is a genius

    Sticking to a stock cooler, what was the best way to improve the heat transfer i was thinking after applying kronaut? Untill i readed the review on the VII. Here Wizzard applied 4 simple washers which would in turn increase the pressure in between the heatsink and GPU. It saved a few degrees off...