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    MSI President and CEO Sheng-Chang Chiang Has Died

    Rest in Peace Sir. Msi is my favorite brand for gpu since 980 Ti. May his successor brings improvement to the company, or at least as good as him.
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    Installing new ADATA SX8200 PRO makes strange behaviour in my system

    Thanks for the input! Too bad I already rma it, and it will takes roughly 1 week to get it back here. I'll consider your advice once I get it back.
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    Installing new ADATA SX8200 PRO makes strange behaviour in my system

    I'm afraid so, well I guess it's time to rma this literally bad boy, lol.
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    Installing new ADATA SX8200 PRO makes strange behaviour in my system

    Well, I guess i called it beginner bad luck lol. It's on a deal though, 970 evo plus in my country is 100 usd more expensive than this. I thought about that too, but I'm not sure why defective product can deliver advertised speed. Well, I'm very very aware that this board have shared...
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    Installing new ADATA SX8200 PRO makes strange behaviour in my system

    Spec is: 8700k Gigabyte Z370 Aorus Gaming 7 (support 3 nvme drive by disabling some sata port) 970 EVO PLUS 500GB (top m.2 slot, and also is my bootdrive) Patriot VPN100 m.2 nvme 2TB (bottom m.2 slot) 850 evo 500gb (mid m.2 slot) got replaced by this ADATA SX8200 PRO corsair hx850i psu Windows...
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    AMD Ryzen 9 3900XT Geekbenched, Roughly 5% Faster than 3900X

    I'm just wondering, do people really going to buy this? I mean, the timing of this xt is pretty tight with zen 3 release date.
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    NZXT N7 Z490 Motherboard Renders Revealed

    Whoa whoa, I'm sorry then, I thought we were talking about vrm temp not the processor's, since processor temp has very little context here. I agree, but if they're going to decide to put high end 70A power stages at least 10 phase of them below what that they called "heatsink", they probably...
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    NZXT N7 Z490 Motherboard Renders Revealed

    Your vrm is at 28°C? Are you talking about idle temp or load temp? No vrm can achieved that temp underload, since oc'ed 8700k easily feeds 100A-120A under load, it'll be 60-70°C in best scenario. Beside, we are talking about z490 here, which can easily reach 180A-200A underload if it paired with...
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    NVIDIA Outs GeForce Hotfix 445.78 Drivers to Fix Image Sharpening Bug

    Some developer decided to add post processing anti-aliasing built in game you can’t turn it off by yourself, this causes some blurring on the object, hence you need image sharpening if you can’t stand the blurriness.
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    PlayStation Exclusive Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition Hitting PC in Summer 2020

    Ah sh1t, here we go again. RIght now I'm in new game plus, that's mean I'll buy it again to experience >100fps.
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    MSI GeForce GTX 1660 Super Gaming X

    Just one month ago i built my friend pc with 1660 non TI, and he asked if either upcoming 1660 Super was going to worth the wait or not, and I said "No, gddr 6 isn't going to give you significant performance boost". He will be furious with me, lol.
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    Colorful Launches the iGame GeForce RTX 2060 Super Neptune Lite OC

    i got your point, except what you called turbine that capable dissipates 250 watt of heat didn’t do shit about cooling their gpu core. Yeah you are right about the shroud. Now, how about r9 fury x and its little 120mm radiator? That little beast is as power hungry as 980 ti and the aio was doing...
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    Colorful Launches the iGame GeForce RTX 2060 Super Neptune Lite OC

    I think the otherwise instead. You do know, evga and msi were putting an 120mm aio to their 1080 ti (Hybrid and Sea Hawk X) and it has 250 power draw stock and 280-300 watt with overclock, and they are doing absolutely well. Putting an AIO to cool RTX2060 Super is complete waste of money and no...
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    NVIDIA Releases GeForce 436.48 Game Ready Drivers

    Still no performance optimization when using freestyle sharpen? What a shame, great feature, but I won’t trade any sharpening with 5-10 fps loss.
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    MSI Radeon RX 5700 XT Gaming X

    Just one question, why they even bother made evoke in the first place? Knowing 5700 xt buyer is absolutely not a budget gamer (if evoke is budget model at all).
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    Sapphire Radeon RX 5700 XT Pulse

    Woah, it's very unlikely that asus strix can be beaten even with other 3 fans cooler let alone 2 fans card in term of thermal performance in rtx series. Pulse is really nailed it.
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    MSI Radeon RX 5700 XT EVOKE Graphics Card Teased

    It’s exactly my thought, lol.
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    Sony PlayStation 5 Promises 4K 120Hz Gaming

    Of course they’ll use upscaling technique. And they managed to get “4k” 30fps with their punny jaguar apu. From my perspective, it still can’t deliver 120 fps on triple A title with that upcoming specs, but I’m 100% sure they’ll bring “4k” 60 fps to the mainstream, and it’s a good thing to...
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    NVIDIA Releases GeForce 417.71 WHQL Drivers with FreeSync Support

    2080 Ti with LG27UD68W, it seems working fine but after a couple of hour if my FPS below 60, my monitor was like having parkinson lol. The solution is restarting the system