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    Partition problem after Operation Failed

    I had a problem on a disk following a partitioning operation done with kde partition manager. It is a 256GB SSD that already contains some partitions including, the main one, from about 165 GB on which a Windows 10 is installed with some software and data, but most of it empty. The operation had...
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    Overclock Intel I7 6700K

    I'm trying to overclock this Intel I7 6700K CPU on an MSI Z170A Krait Gaming X3 motherboard, with 16 GB DDR4, proceeding in this way. I am increasing the cpu ratio and the vcore, leaving the RAM below the original frequency to exclude them from the test result (after I do a final test by...
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    Intel I5 4690K Temperature

    I mounted a 4690K with its stock heatsink on a Z87, bios settings by default. The case is open being a test. MX-5 thermal paste well applied and heat sink mounted correctly. T-amb 20 °. The temperatures in IDLE are between 34-40 °. In FULL (with prime95, IBT, Linx) they rise to 100 °. Do you...
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    PC Wifi Adapter

    Can you tell me which of these wifi adapters is best to connect the PC to the router? Sitecom WLA-7100 FRITZ!WLAN Stick AC 430 Ubit WiFi 6 2974Mbp/s Wireless Adapter PCI Express AX200 Bluetooth 5.0 | MU-Mimo | OFDMA | Low Latency
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    CPU e MB (Gaming)

    In the choice of the processor and the motherboard, for a PC to be used for Gaming together with a GTX 1080 1440p resolution, budget 200 euros, it is worth at this price to buy a used 6700K and a Z170 in used, (it would be overclocked being is there a liquid cooling system)? Also, would there be...
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    Advice on buying the Monitor

    I need advice on buying the monitor. I ask you which possible models I can look for, both 27 "and 32" with the following characteristics: the cheapest there is, 1440p resolution, Freesync (Gsync compatible), IPS or VA panel Thanks
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    Doubts and advice on buying a gaming monitor

    I have a doubt about the characteristics of the monitor to buy and use for gaming. I currently have a 24" 1080p TN. My need is to upgrade the monitor, with the aim of: a) switch to a 27-28 " b) increase the resolution to 2k or 4k c) improve the stuttering that can occurs even in conditions of...
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    Question about disk cloning

    One thing is not clear to me: if the disk to be cloned is 500GB, the space occupied is 150GB, can a 250GB target disk be used? Will the result be a 250GB final drive with 150 occupied and 100GB free usable?
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    CPU upgrade on ASUS P5GC-MX / 1333

    The motherboard in question mounts an Intel Pentium Dual Core E2180 and 3GB of DDR2. Turning to Windows 10, the performance has slightly decreased (the CPU is always busy between 50 and 70% while the ram is busy between 60-80%). Being the 32bit operating system I don't think there are options...
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    GTX1080 Problem

    A GTX 1080 is creating this problem for me, which occurred by trying various recent versions of the nvidia drivers on the site. The card works perfectly, and holds 1 hour of Unigine Heaven, 30 minutes of GPU-Z integrated video stress test, some banchmarks integrated in the games, but after...
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    Intel I7 4770K Overclock Limit

    I'm trying to overclock an I7 4770K mounted on an MSI Z87-G41 motherboard with 2X4GB DDR3 1886. (Latest Bios, Water Cooling) To find the maximum CPU frequency I set the RAM to 1600 with 1.5v, and I set the ring ratio to 30 (3.000 Mhz) with VCCIN 1.9v, I also disabled LLC EIST and C-state. By...
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    Matching the Player to the Amplifier

    To listen to high quality digital music what I need to use as player, in combination with a decent Amp entry level (Band 500 euro, with analog inputs only)? It is sufficient to connect a notebook/tablet or devices of this type and use it as a player or I should use a mediaplayer or something else?
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    Liquid cooling-VGA (WB only on GPU)

    If it cools down to the liquid on the video card using only the wb on the GPU (so it's not a full cover) there is a risk to the ram of deterioration or premature failure (or in general, a shorter average service life) compared to the state of normal receiving by the sink factory?
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    Problem Wake the PC after Sleep - Nvidia GTX and Windows 10

    Do you know of any problems with the GTX 980 and the awakening of the PC after sleep in Windows 10 x64? In practice, most of a time it happened that just re-enable the pc after a few seconds, it becomes a black screen, even if the pc continues regularly at work. GTX 980 Zotac AMP - Drivers 417.71
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    Edit Bios AMD R9 290X

    I have to modify the Bios of a Powercolor R9 290X, in particular by reducing the frequency of the memories. I have some questions: 1) Is it possible to download from the web the bios of this card (same brand and model precisely) and modify it or do I need to download the bios present on my VGA...
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    Unlock voltage GTX680

    I have backup my Bios (ZOtac gtx 680 2GB) and i want to unlock max voltage to 1.25v with KeplerBiosTweaker-v1.27:b wath I have to nodify in this utility?
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    Problem evaluation: semi-failure PC, recovery-migration system

    An older PC start the break but it still works. It has a hard drive with Windows XP installed . There is also installed a software (older) that is still used for work, for which the license does not allow more installations. The manufacturer of this software says that additional licenses can not...
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    How to eliminate Windows from disk

    I installed windows on a hard disk on which were present stored data, without formatting the disk and then leaving the data there. I would now like to uninstall / remove windows and installed folders, without formatting the disk as they are always present stored data.
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    Raid 0 Issue

    I have two Seagate Barracuda in Raid 0 for quite some time, which was installed Windows 8.1 64bit, and recently some BSOD, raid on startup error, missing operating system and therefore not accessible, units appear to be live linux only once with not accessible folder, and then dead, now it is no...
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    AMD Drivers Installation Issue

    For an HD6970 I had installed crimson 16.2.1 drivers on a PC with W8.1 x64. Want to upgrade, I uninstalled them with DDU, and after that I was not able to install any drivers version, official and beta, and also earlier. http://s12.postimg.org/qkjg7o35p/Immagine.jpg The installation never is...
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    He's recently happening this BSOD (KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED): did you know how to spot the problem and how to solve? Microsoft (R) Windows Debugger Version 10.0.10586.567 AMD64 Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. Loading Dump File [C:\Windows\MEMORY.DMP] Kernel...
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    Flash Bios on N. 2

    HD 7970 with dual-bios: Did you know if there is a way to flash a bios on position 2 of the VGA (switch bios n. 2) ?
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    X-FI Platinum - No Audio issue

    I have a problem with an X-Fi Platinum. The card worked perfectly until the problem arose that does not work the audio from the rear outputs (the classic which you connect the speakers via 3.5 jack). Apparently in windows everything works perfectly, regularly recognized, proper settings, the...
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    Intel Xeon on P55 Motherboard (no server), Bios setting at default, and with ram tested ok with memtest. Random freezes in idle, after 1 minute from the boot, in windows and in the recovery section of the dvd windows, without HD, so I think is not a software problem). So I disable all cpu...
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    Powercolor 7970 pcs+ - stock voltage

    Did You know what is the stock voltage of the Powercolor 7970 pcs+ Vortex II (1100 mhz) ?