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    New build, where to buy?

    nothing will be overcloked...i knoe, what a waist but because of the technical know how of the end user, no overclocking. in terms of psu's, the only 1500watt is thermaltake....there is a silverstone but im iffy on its quality. i shy away from thermaltake by nature but if thats a psu that u...
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    New build, where to buy?

    gtx 480 is 275 watts x3 = 825watt 980i x2- 270watt 300watts for rest of components puts me at 1395watts....an Antec 1200watt psu should hold that down
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    New build, where to buy?

    ok, i have the final specs for my next system---im not blowing smoke, im serious. Component list Motherboard ---EVGA Classified SR-2 Quant 1 Video---MSI GeForce 480GTX Quant 3 Processor---Intel Core I7 Extreme Edition 980X Quant 2 Memory--- CMD24GX3M6A1333C9 - DOMINATOR, 24GB* Quant 2...
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    AMD Radeon HD 5970 Specs Surface

    i want one soo bad, going to wait till tax return time before i drop 600 on a vid card
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    PS3 Red Alert 3 Might Be Worth The Wait

    support as in an option, why shaft those that want it just because a pc has kb and mouse. If this game is going to push graphics on the ps3 to the limit; might as well push controls too:rockout:
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    PS3 Red Alert 3 Might Be Worth The Wait

    source; http://www.1up.com/do/newsStory?cId=3173105 Yeah it will have better graphics but....what about key-board and mouse support? i dont understand why not. RedAlert3 is made for kb and mouse, why shaft it with a controller i dont know; the least EA could do is patch the game later to...
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    GT300 A Leap Forward for NVIDIA GPU Architecture

    isnt that like ati's arch? one SPE can do up to 5 instructions per clock
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    Ati Hd 3200 Graphics Card

    Do this: go here and get the right driver for your OS http://ati.amd.com/support/driver.html Then go here and do as told: http://www.driverheaven.net/modtool.php P.S. one thing people do is install the modded driver ontop of what they had before, this is WRONG! you uninstall your present...
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    PS3 overclocking

    what u want to look at is RPM and cache. the HD i got is 7200RPM vs the 5400 of the stock one and a cache of 16mb instead of 8mb. the add-on you linked is sketchy. there is no information on HD specs and is also an external unit for storage=no performance increases. in your present...
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    PS3 overclocking

    i got those jumps too in GTAIV and in Assassins Creed. i had decided to upgrade my HD just for more space; but it also helped in performance. GTA and Creed don't lag anymore. heres the HD i got from NCIX...and i'm not the only one the has seen improvement...
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    ATI Catalyst 8.12 Released

    use driver cleaner and ccleaner together; both free and make life alot easier. drive cleaner found here; http://downloads.guru3d.com/download.php?det=745
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    Would a water cooling loop fit in an Antec 300

    check this out dude! http://www.frozencpu.com/products/6875/ex-wat-125/Swiftech_H20-220_Compact_CPU_Liquid_Cooling_Kit_.html?tl=g30c321s818 check out the reviews; its pretty bomb system, no modding to you case, everything you need and its SWIFTECH EDIT: +1 to what Binge just posted, that's a...
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    toshiba satellite p200d tweaking advice

    do as shown here: http://www.driverheaven.net/modtool.php
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    Fallout 3: Better graphics with ini Tuning

    " Fallout 3: Better graphics with ini Tuning - The FALLOUT.ini You can find the configuration file in the following folders: • Windows Vista: C:\Users\Username\Documents\My Games\Fallout3 • Windows XP: C:\Documents and Settings\Username\My Documents\My Games\Fallout3 Open the FALLOUT.ini...
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    Games you wish they continued.

    cant wait till this is done, http://www.mechlivinglegends.net/ i wish Redneck Rampage was still going, very funny game
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    Intel Mobile Processor and Chipset Roadmap for 2008-09 Revealed

    seriously eh? thats going to suck getting the same processor for the next FULL YEAR! i really hope VIA drops NANO soon so we can get some competition.
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    AMD 790GX / 4850 upgrade?

    when u start talking about WARZ its time to start asking the right people lol, and over PM's only;) ONTOPIC- more ram is what i would get. EDIT: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16819103244 for 119.99 (can overclock to 2.8 with your chipset)...
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    4850 overclocking problems

    i followed the instructions to the word. i think i must have put too much graphite and that caused it it fry. i didnt smell anything, prolly a short. i'm going to start saving now so i can buy the fastest card i can so i wont have to do this again. 5870x2? aww man, i'm going to eat some...
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    4850 overclocking problems

    ok,so I removed the graphite with an eraser the cleaned it up with rubing alchohol. No luck. I put in my old card in and everything is fine. The card is fryed :(
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    4850 overclocking problems

    hey, soo i coloured in the transistors with a mechanical pencil, .5mm. once i was done i blew off any dust that was on the back of the card. i pop the card into the comp and turn on it on....no video. the red leds on the back of the card flash once. the rest of the comp starts up normally, just...
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    4850 overclocking problems

    i found the pencil mods, they are done by Wizz (http://www.techpowerup.com/articles/overclocking/voltmods/151/2) they look easy and i don't think anything can go wrong. is there a special type of pencil i have to use? how do i keep what i pencil in from blowing away by my fans?
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    4850 overclocking problems

    oh snap, is there a way do increase voltage without bios flashing? i'm a little worried about flashing and something goes wrong. what do you guys thing would be a good clock?
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    4850 overclocking problems

    i have been trying to get some nice clocks for my 4850. i have swapped out the stock cooler for a thermaltake dual orb. lately i have been using Rivatuner to get my clocks of 721CORE and 1130MEM on stock voltages. i test my stability with COD4, i get no artifacts but when the battle heats up i...
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    Core i7 965 XE Races Through to 4.20 GHz

    1.72v's include the CPU and MEM controller. ALSO the max recommended by intel is ~1.6, and we all know whatever is recommended isn't the max.
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    Catalyst 8.10 RC2

    LOL, i posted that last month!! i'll wait for the finals.