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    AMD HD 5800 Series Leak Collection

    I'm sorry, but I did not find this "leak collection" article match of the professionalism and quality I have adhered to TPU so far. The NDA ends Sept. 23, and Wizz has a card. So, why trying to gather some quick traffic by collecting low quality shots and second-hand info in an article? Just...
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    Antec 300

    It offers great value... I'm an user and I recommend it. There are of course better cases, but for overall value, Three Hundred is a winner.
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    What do you think of my Antec 300's cable management?

    Quite good, considering Antec 300 is not the largest of the cases. On the other hand, the cable mess at the backside is not enjoyable. You'll be sweating when it comes to replace any part of that setup. If I were you, I'd accept a little bit more visible cable clutter in exchange of a more tidy...
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    4870x2 + crossfire + different brands = ?

    I can not guarantee, but from my experience, it should work... I used one MSI and one PowerColor 4890 boards in Crossfire configuration without problem. Keep in mind that your peak power consumption will probably reach and exceed 600 Watts. Also, you'll have to deal with a serious amount of...
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    Capacitor Whine

    You may try to put one or two drop of silicon glue (the type applied by the melting gun) over the coils.
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    getting random FM Radio Signals with my 2.1 Sound System

    Very probably your speaker cables are acting like antennas, picking the signal over air. I had the same problem before, with my old Creative 4.1 speaker set. With the computer powered off but the speakers still turned on, I could clearly hear the nearby FM station from the satellite speakers...
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    MAINGEAR Unveils Small, Green Pulse PC Based on NVIDIA ION

    Calling this a gaming PC is a scam, in my opinion. This is a gaming PC only if you consider casual games.
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    Looky Looky Whats Coming Tomorrow! :D

    Kyle, I have a question: Are the top USB ports angled upwards? Because the way they look in the pictures, they seem to be obstructed by the angled bottom of the connectors bay. I hope I managed to express what I mean. :) Best wishes, Levent
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    AMD Radeon RV840 Graphics Card Caught on Camera

    What were you expecting? It is probably a quick spy shot, possibly with the camera (or cell phone) concealed.
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    TPU Disaster Planning & Recovery

    Wizzard, As far as I see, all your scenarios are based on hacker attack (deletion) and hardware failure. Please also consider the possibility of a hacker attack without deletion, but password theft. - Hacker attack, admin and other high-level user passwords stolen - Hacker attack, user...
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    Gigabyte GA-MA790GP-DS4H BIOS versions

    Yes, the same here... Mouse often works, but keyboard does not work in first 3-4 reboots. When it begins working, it works until I turn off the system. Definetely a BIOS issue, as there was no such problem with F3h and F3o BIOSes. Waiting for a better BIOS from Gigabyte. :pimp:
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    Gigabyte GA-MA790GP-DS4H BIOS versions

    I found F3 BIOS fine and well, but since I flashed F3, the system have trouble with using USB keyboard and mouse at the first few boots. After 2-3 resets, it works normal. I wonder if anybody else has the same problem?
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    Silicon Power Introduces 64 GB eSATA/USB Pocket Solid-State Drive

    Looks like that is the same product with OCZ's Throttle.
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    Black spots in SOF3

    The spots you mention look like a Z-Buffer issue.
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    No Mention Of Buffer Size On HDD

    The value Everest showing is coming from its internal database. It is not an actual value detected from the drive. If you scroll up at the same screen, you may see Everest is not able to detect the buffer size. On the other hand, I learned that ATA protocol limits the query of buffer sizes of...
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    Fear 2 Demo Out

    I'm not downloading if there is no built-in benchmark tool. :(
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    No Mention Of Buffer Size On HDD

    It is a firmware issue... There is quite a drama going on related to Seagate / Maxtor firmware issues at the moment. When the dust settles, you can try updating your disk with the latest firmware. I think that will solve your issue. I have a 500GB Seagate with the similar issue, and I'm also...
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    Sony Uncovers the World's Lightest 8-inch VAIO P Netbook

    Spinnine has a point.. The second and third pictures are not the new VAIO P series.
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    Antec 300, bargain price... should I get it?

    Antec Three Hundred is quite nice... The only possible problem is the number of 5.25" bays... It has only 3, so if you have two optical drives, you'll be left with only one bay to use for any HDD silencer or fan controller or anything similar.
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    X38 vs X48

    Domy, if you'll use it at stock speeds, do not expect any noticeable performance difference between X38 and X48... X48 is basically a speed binned and re-badged X38.
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    Seagate Debuts the Fall 2008 Line-up of the Company's FreeAgent External Hard Drives

    Hmmm... That should be 3Gb, not 3GB... You can not transfer 3 gigabytes per second over eSATA. :cool:
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    Tegra SoC Designs based on GeForce 6 series

    Is it Terga or Tegra? The news story alternates between these two... :wtf:
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    Beat that mouse lag! coz windows wont-USB polling rate

    Mandelore, those values are not MHz, they are Hz (Hertz)...
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    Anyone know much about SMC?

    As far as I know, they are quite a big manufacturer of networking equipment. I can guess the documentation and packaging will not be on par with Linksys, US Robotics etc. but the hardware is possibly solid.