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  1. [XC] Oj101

    Calling 3Dfx Gurus

    Hey guys, I need some info. I have a few questions that have conflicting reports and need someone who has the cards, had the cards, or has intimate knowledge with the cards to assist. My questions are as follows: - Voodoo 4 4200 - was this VSA-100 (Napalm) or VSA-101 (Daytona/Napalm2)? -...
  2. [XC] Oj101

    The issue with being an Infallible GURU

    Good people. I come to you with a great concern. One that speaks directly to what I believe and will show below to have been plaguing the tech review industry for years. Like all ills, this speaks to a minority of websites, as the vast majority at least in the capacity of content creators, are...
  3. [XC] Oj101

    Xeon X5690 safe voltage for 24/7 load?

    I recently upgraded from two Xeon E5645s which were running at 180x18, the maximum BCLK this board plays nicely with for 24/7 use. I have benched up to 199x18, but the sound starts slowing down and getting choppy while the CPUs are under load - a problem that starts from around 184 MHz and gets...
  4. [XC] Oj101

    Which upgrade path to take?

    Hey guys, just a quick question, I'm looking at replacing my PC for Photoshop, Lightroom, 3ds Max, Premier and After Effects. Which would be the better route? Dual 8 core Xeon with a GTX 780 Ti (which I already have), single 8 core Xeon plus midrange Quadro, or faster (clockspeed) single 6 core...
  5. [XC] Oj101

    Andre Sets New World Records For Spi32M (4m 48.718s) and AM3 (536,638 points)

    Source There's also a tweaking guide in there written by Peter "Shamino" Tan. Maximus V Formula for me please! :D
  6. [XC] Oj101

    Doing something wrong or worst 2600K EVER?!

    Hey guys, I initially posted this elsewhere yesterday morning. Setup: Core i7-2600K Asus P8P67, BIOS 2103 (I may have jumbled the numbers around - the latest BIOS) 2x4GB Patriot G2 Series DDR3-1600 Inno3D GeForce GTX 480 Antec 850w PSU Intel 320 Series 120GB SSD Windows 7 Ultimate...
  7. [XC] Oj101

    Nvidia Kepler GK110 Die-Shot, Full Kepler Lineup Revealed

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  8. [XC] Oj101

    Radeon HD 7950 benchmarked, pitted against several other cards

    Sauce I haven't seen it posted here before, if it's a duplicate please delete.