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  1. Chitz

    Samsung Introduces Industry's First 128-Gigabyte UFS for Smartphones

    good for you but there are other billions of people around the world some of them might just have a different opinion
  2. Chitz

    Possible NVIDIA GM200 Specs Surface

    Holy Cupcakes just comparing my 680's specs to this puts my entire rig to shame
  3. Chitz

    Samsung 840 EVO 500Gb Good choice Now ?

    Thanks admin your reviews helped me a lot in past Thanks mate i really appreciate that but i am from India and here newegg just started last week , and their prices here are higher due to shipping , although i appreciate that ^^ Okay o_0...
  4. Chitz

    Samsung 840 EVO 500Gb Good choice Now ?

    Thanks for your posts guys . much Appreciated This one http://www.techpowerup.com/forums/threads/is-my-vertex-4-ssd-dead.204133/ For me it has more to do with availability then anything , i would go for 840 pro if it was available but its not plus couple of extra milliseconds dont bother me :D
  5. Chitz

    Samsung 840 EVO 500Gb Good choice Now ?

    So after Failure of my last SSD i decided to choose 840 EVO 500GB , Any Recommendations or thoughts about its current state :)
  6. Chitz

    Higher high speed internet overrated/unnecessary?

    currently i am using fastest modem available here with most expensive plan there is , my speeds are around 200KB/sec 300ping and 20gb data limit , simply not enough for my work , doing that 20gb plan again and again it all comes down to 180$ month i would legitimately pay even more if there was...
  7. Chitz

    Is my Vertex 4 SSD Dead ?

    so i opened up my SSD and checked for any damages due to high temps on controller , i did a 3 hour search on entire ssd with a magnifying glass , and i could not find anything at all , and when i connected my ssd to pc while open it showed a green LED turning on , now i have a feeling that there...
  8. Chitz

    Motherboard & SSD Advice , Need help !!

    just check this mobo's specs and holy moly , this is almost too good to be true now my only concern is if it fits my case witch it should
  9. Chitz

    Is my Vertex 4 SSD Dead ?

    well you are right there is no point in being sad for something like this ssd served me well but unfortunately its the data that i care about right now since its worth about ~500$ , if i was sure my ssd is dead i would buy another one and start the work all over again without wasting my time but...
  10. Chitz

    Is my Vertex 4 SSD Dead ?

    I tried running it just now its not detecting the drive
  11. Chitz

    Is my Vertex 4 SSD Dead ?

    So recently i woke up and checked my pc if the renders and updates were finished , they were but about 2-3 mins later i had a black screen that i had no clue about and then my pc hanged for the first time in months and it started giving a intel boot loader error of some sort it said something...
  12. Chitz

    Motherboard & SSD Advice , Need help !!

    hey guys thanks for all your support thanks man am gonna go for evo 500gb since its only one available here :[ , and also does anyone have a good suggestion for a p67 that fills the requirements and is possibly not asus :) thanks mate but i think z77 is a bit too much for me as of now :)
  13. Chitz

    Motherboard & SSD Advice , Need help !!

    yeh dude am not one of those people who will go for a more expencive stuff to get like 1% of performance , my only concern here is sata ports and most importantly that 2tb drive :( anyways thanks for your suggestion sir thanks man i will make sure i do :)
  14. Chitz

    Motherboard & SSD Advice , Need help !!

    because i am getting frustrated that i cant use my 2tb drive to anyof my work storage since my board only has 4 ports and 680 covers 2 of them i literally have to shave plastic off my sata connector to get it to work and even then my board wont support 2tb drives so its useless in anyway
  15. Chitz

    Motherboard & SSD Advice , Need help !!

    first of all if i am sorry if i did any mistakes regarding this thread . i am a newbie :D So today my SSD died and i realized how incredibly unbalanced my pc is for the first time here is my current config i7 2600 on k intel DH61WW7 2x 4gb ram gtx 680 ref VERTEX 4 128GB (seems dead) 2x 1tb...
  16. Chitz

    ADATA's Flagship M.2 SSD Pictured

    Gone are the days of evo 1tb ^^ , hopefully in the near future we will see these drives with 4tb capacity , so these will hopefully drop in price/gb , and i will get a better gear to store all my games and home videos :P
  17. Chitz

    Next gen processors

    so i am not the smartest kid on the block so i am asking you guys about this , so later on i've head that next gen core i7 extreme processors will allow to have a extra full pci slot ( unlike the ones in between ) so basically allowing a 4 way sli with a pci ssd or some other card or some dual...
  18. Chitz

    GeForce GTX TITAN-Z Market Availability Delayed?

    Well not that i can afford the card anyway xD
  19. Chitz

    Take Unreal Engine 4 Elemental Tech Demo for a Spin

    I really really wish if there will be a Samaritan Demo available soon ^^
  20. Chitz

    ASUS Announces the Essence STX II and Essence STX II 7.1 Sound Cards

    i think pci extender may help
  21. Chitz

    Do 10-bit monitors require a Quadro/Firepro card?

    this reminds me of those 60hz vs 120hz discussions on youtube , :) good old days
  22. Chitz

    My Wearied Rig Needs Upgrade

    Thanks guys i Appreciate all your replies i dont think my Current board have one and if so then a new pci-e board will not address all the problems and on the top of it my local suppliers are idiots and the fact that they send me 2600 instead of 2600k and 2x 1 tb drives instead of 2tb drive ...
  23. Chitz

    My Wearied Rig Needs Upgrade

    i did put the link in the reply and it seems that it needs moderation .. but list is basically all the available mobos on flipkart (google it) yes my gfx does cover sata ports completely , and ports on mobo are vertical ( 90*) if they were horizontal then the problem would have never occurred
  24. Chitz

    My Wearied Rig Needs Upgrade

    oh and the mobo list http://www.flipkart.com/computers/computer-components/motherboards/pr?sid=6bo%2Cg0i%2Cy7i