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  1. Nordiga

    KLEVV Introduces the CRAS C710 M.2 NVMe SSD

    If this is a budget nvme, then speeds are pretty good i must say. Especially the write speed.
  2. Nordiga

    Antec Announces Katana DDR4 Memory

    Anyone knows the chip manufacturer? Timings seem a bit loose but maybe they can be tightened depending on the maker.
  3. Nordiga

    Computer Upgrade King Stratos Mini ITX

    With frequent upgrades on my PC and peripherals, you may say i am a CUK as well.
  4. Nordiga

    AOC Unveils AGON AG273QZ, a 240Hz 27-incher with DisplayHDR 400 and FreeSync Pro

    TN is the best for fast-paced gaming and its the most logical option to go for 240hz. Its the least blurry technology atm.
  5. Nordiga

    MetallicGear Announces NEO Qube Dual-chamber Chassis

    Personally i dont care much if they copied the 011.. As long as they did a better job at the details and material wise, why ppl make a fuss about it? The lian li model has some problems with the glass on the side jumping off the panel in some cases, many complain about that. They must have used...
  6. Nordiga

    TechPowerUp Wishes You a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

    Merry Cristmas and happy holidays everyone! Wish you all the best.
  7. Nordiga

    TechPowerUp Full System Giveaway: TUF Gaming Alliance

    poor europe :((
  8. Nordiga

    Team Group Cardea II 1 TB NVMe SSD

    I like the name used here, "Cardea". Its Ancient Greek for the word "Heart".
  9. Nordiga

    Four Premium MSI X570 Motherboards Pictured Up Close

    Seriously, if that little fan fails then what? I think they will not outlast the mobo...
  10. Nordiga

    HyperX Ships 5 Million Gaming Headsets

    Of course they will, they have the best value for money and quality gaming headphones. Happy to see them reach such a milestone, they deserve it.
  11. Nordiga

    ASUS Announces TUF Gaming FX504 Gaming Laptop

    now thats one ugly laptop
  12. Nordiga

    Giveaway any game up to 50$(from gog.com)

    I log in so rarely, as i dont comment much but as i saw this post i just had to. Thats very generous of you mate and i hope the new year brings the best for you and for everyone. I also wont participate as i will be happier if someone else wins xD Last time i was happy was few moments ago as i...
  13. Nordiga

    EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti FTW3 with iCX Cooling Solution Pictured

    Best looking 1080ti easily.
  14. Nordiga

    ZOTAC GeForce GTX 1080 Ti PGF Edition Graphics Card Pictured

    Now thats a psychedelic/hippy/techno/gypsy card!
  15. Nordiga

    GIGABYTE Intros the Xtreme Gaming XK700 Mechanical Keyboard

    Stop this Xtreme Gaming label nonsense please. Flashy gaming for kiddos. At least launch a sleek and professional lineup for the grown-ups.
  16. Nordiga

    GIGABYTE Announces the GeForce GTX 1070 WindForce 2X

    Gigabyte went from awesome looking to shitty looking in one gen. GJ.
  17. Nordiga

    Logitech Announces New G502 Proteus Spectrum Gaming Mouse

    Another cry from chaitanya the butthurt.
  18. Nordiga

    Logitech G Introduces New Gaming Headphones

    Dont you think you cried long enough about your bad experience with Logitech over there in India? And for how many years to come are you gonna complain in every single Logitech post over the internet? Ridiculous.
  19. Nordiga

    Meet the New Logitech

    I see you for months now, replying to every Logitech post, talking negatively about their products because of your bad experience with the Logitech support back in India... and you haunt the forums ever since. Seriously? Chill dude, get over with it and go on living your life you know...