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    Intel 9900k.. my findings.. Heat..

    this is only applies to my recently acquired example.. in some ways it seems a good example and maybe in some ways its a bad example... good.. it runs at 4.8 on all cores on what i consider a very low core voltage with minus offset of 0.08 it runs between 1.68 and 1.20.. but even at these low...
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    Dual channel memory

    it seems modern laptops and maybe ready made desktop machines come with a single stick of memory installed.. so if you want 16 gb of ram buy an 8 gb machine and add the second 8 gb stick yourself.. dual channel does improve performance.. its supposed to make a ram upgrade easier and cheaper...
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    boot drive showing 83% WEAR RATE..

    is this bad or nothing to worry about.. ?? i admit to knowing nothing this.. :) trog
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    Just downloading Division 2 ..

    i got it free with a samsung 970 plus nvme drive from ebuyer uk.. 3500 read 3300 write as per crystaldisk.. i am currently playing ghost recon wildlands which is huge but a bit samey.. it will be interesting to see how the new one compares.. i bought the samsung drive because of annoyingly...
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    will it play crysis.. he he

    i just bought a steam bargain for £8 quid.. three crysis games including crysis 2.. "will it play crysis" it seems my 8700K cpu 2080ti machine wont play the original crysis.. at least not without some serious messing about.. it was as laggy as hell basically unplayable.. putting out 140 fps...
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    underclocking for efficienty

    just playing for the sake of playing but.. i have just down clocked my 8700K to 4 gig on all cores.. it was at 4.8.. the max temps have dropped from 85 C to 50 C and the vcore has gone down from 1.26 to 1.088 fully loaded.. i have also set the max power limit on my 2080TI to 80%.. it now...
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    just bought a palit 2080TI..

    it will be here tomorrow.. they are listed at £1299 on scan uk.. i was tempted with a £1150 special offer on ebuyer.. he he i dont need the f-cking thing but the nag to keep up got the better of me.. :) trog
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    Crypto Mining woes..

    nanopool eth wont work any more on two machines.. it keeps saying connection lost.. been this way for nearly two weeks.. ???? nicehash runs on my two card desktop machine but on my eight card mining machine is now giving me out of memory messages.. ???? the returns are so low its probably...
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    MS rip off maybe..

    the machine is linked to my MS account they know its me its just had a cpu and the required mobo upgrade.. its a full retail windows 10 pro bought less than year ago for my last cpu mobo upgrade.. it cost £140 quid.. i was told there would be no problems with a full retail license linked to my...
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    Special thread for crypto naysayers..

    some have real concerns others are just pissed of at the price of graphics cards.. :) trog
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    The State of Cryptocurrency

    everyone talks about bitcoin but look whats happening to the rest of the altcoins.. i am hoping that when BTC hits 8000 it will bottom out.. but that is yet to see.. :) trog
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    Crypto Manipulation.. ??

    is the price of crypto coins being manipulated.. one look at this coinranking chart tell me it is.. the odd coin shows a slight deviation but the rest move up and down in perfect lock step.. the little daily graph on the far right of the image kind of points this out.. sometimes the pattern...
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    a cpu and motherboard upgrade..

    i am toying with the idea of moving from my 7700K kabylake to a six core 8700K which of course will require a new mobo.. whats the best way of avoiding windows thinking its a new machine and trying to skank me for a new copy of windows.. its a retail copy of windows not oem.. trog
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    for those wanting to build a decent mining rig

    all the complicated electronic bits in one kit and price is good.. it needs a frame building.. a psu.. memory and cpu.. the cards could be added with time and as money permits...
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    supply and demand at work.. ledger blue hardware wallet

    pity i never bought a couple of them back in november.. i think i paid about £220 quid for mine :) https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ledger-Blue-Hardware-Wallet-Bitcoin-Ethereum-Ripple-Dash-Litecoin-Stratis-NEO/322939576566?hash=item4b30b2e0f6:g:l00AAOSwuHdaVnJo trog
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    Mining seems to have become profitable again..

    at least compared to the 16 dollars a day i was seeing four months back when i started.. 10 x 1070 cards mining eth on nanopool.. the calculator figure is the weekly figure x 52.. trog
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    bitcoin down to $14000.."healthy correction" ..

    all the other coins are down %20 to %30 overnight but seem to have bottomed out.. :) everything had got a bit silly of late so a pull back is probably no bad thing.. trog
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    Crypto robbery with a difference .. ??

    http://bitcoinist.com/man-robbed-1-8-million-ether-gunpoint/ kind of scary when you think about it.. trog
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    Litecoin seems to be a star performer..

    its now at about $220 per coin.. up from around $50 three or three weeks back.. i bought some rather hoping that bitcoin being so high litecoin might do the same thing.. so far its looking good.. especially today.. you never know i might be lucky.. he he trog
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    nicehash has been down all day..

    its also lacking in any real information as to why.. anybody any ideas.. :) trog
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    bitcoin now over $6100 and looks set to go higher..

    other coins seem to be going lower.. maybe there is a big move to bitcoin.. it seems that way.. trog
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    my new 7700k dosnt run that cool even on a lower vcore

    maybe not a fair comparison but at stock which seems to be 4500 mhz on 8 threads with the vcore showing at 1.184 volts its at 68 C whilst running the cpu burner from furmark.. my old de-lidded 4790K at 4.6 mhz with the vcore at 1.28 volts doing the same thing would be at around 58 C.. this...
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    grrr.. first my pc dies on me and then.. grrr

    £700 quid on a new cpu motherboard and memory and now MS tell me it aint activated.. and the studied xxxx tell me my phone number is invalid.. it does not seem to recognize a UK one.. any clues on how to get round this one.. trog
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    CCleaner and the latest win 10 update..

    the last windows (14/12/2016) update seems to have stopped ccleaner from loading.. it now comes up with a message saying it dosnt work on this version of windows.. the message came up after the first post update boot up.. i used it a while back to get rid of the "windows old" stuff.. its been...
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    Built in batteries.. good or bad..

    they are becoming pretty common but are they a good thing.. :) cons.. the life of the device is governed by the life of the battery.. pros.. a thinner device and cheaper to make.. trog