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    Buying a laptop, need some opinions

    Hi guys :) I want to buy a mid-range laptop so I can game on it with my gf (mostly LOL). I'm on a quite strict budget and wanted to ask your guys' opinion on what you think would be a better/more reasonable choice in this case. The budget I have is around 300-400 EUR for a laptop, preferably...
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    [help needed] Win7 BSOD into a "reboot and select proper device"

    Hi all! Happy New Years first of all! :) We have a laptop with Win7 on it, it was playing a music CD when suddenly we got a BSOD and I told my gf to go reboot it so I didn't think I'd need to see the BSOD error message. But yes, after the reboot it started prompting me to select the correct...
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    WD My NET router FastTrack

    Hello everyone :) I want to buy a WD My NET router (probably 600) for home use since we're doing lots of p2p and gaming in the house besides just people hogging bandwidth for other reasons and I was thinking of getting one of WD's latest routers. I've read all the official info and saw quite...
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    Any small apps to check connection ping and packet loss?

    Hello. I'm looking if you guys can suggest any small applications out there that can test your ping (something like Pingtest.net but shouldn't be in a browser) and packet loss too. I used to use something a while back but I forgot the name :banghead:
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    What's the easiest way turn turn keyboard keys into "turbo" mode?

    Hello! :) I'm in need to make certain keyboard keys "turbo" mode, meaning you would spam a key while holding down the button. Just like text like editors spam a key if you hold it but not all applications perceive holding a key as "turbo". Hopefully windows can do it without any additional...
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    QoS - does it really help you improve your ping during gaming?

    Hi guys! I'm in a pickle - I'm trying to run uTorrent and play TERA (MMORPG) at the same time but I get lots of delay if my download bandwidth go up over 35% of my total connection speed or if my upload goes over 40%. Is this normal? It's strange that even if you leave, for example, 20% of...
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    Double GPU on a laptop?

    Hi guys! So today I got my moms new value browsing laptop delivered (Intel Pentium P6200, 4GB RAM, 500GB HDD, 1,3mgpix webcam yada yada..). I don't know why, but I was told not to get one with an Intel GPU, so this laptop had GeForce 610M (with 1GB VRAM) listed as the video card. Long...
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    Slooow LAN speeds through wireless

    I'm beat to death... For the life of me, I can't understand why I have such terrible speeds on my local wireless LAN, I used to have much higher speeds before. Here's my simple setup. 2 PCs on LAN, both connected to my router, router connected to cable modem - simple. (my PC is connected...
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    Need ASRock motherboard BIOS settings explained

    Hello everyone! :) If any of you have lots of free time on your hands AND could explain to me these BIOS settings it would be greatly appreciated :toast: My motherboard is an ASRock Z68 Pro3 Gen3 (a value model but with everything I need) and assume most of the BIOS on this manufacturer's...
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    Is Intel SpeedStep ok to use when OCing?

    Hello everyone, since there's no "quick questions" thread I had to post a new thread ;) If I oc 2500K to the usual ~4.4Ghz, let's say up to 1,35v, is it safe to use Intel SpeedStep? Does it affect stability? Lower electricity bills are always a plus ;)
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    Confused with too many motherboard drivers/software

    Hello everyone! :) I'd like some short quick info on the drivers/software I found for my new motherboard. I'm a minimalist so if my system can do without the software or there is no benefit in speed/stability then I'd rather not install it. It's Z68 motherboard for my 2500K. Obviously most of...
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    How to determine the side a cooler will face on the mobo?

    Hello everyone! I will be upgrading to a 2500K and an ASRock Pro3 Gen3 but still not sure on the cooler. Funny to me that I never thought about it, but I have no idea how or what determines which way the heatsink's fan will be facing (facing RAM and pulling the air to rear of the case OR...
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    1155 adapter dilemma

    Hello everyone! :) Quick question: I have bought my Titan Fenrir (NK85TZ) cooler almost 2 years ago for my X3 720 but I'm upgrading to 2500K soon. Back then there was no 1155 sockets and I need an adapter for my cooler so I can set it up on a 1155 socket. Question is where do I get/find the...
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    Yellowish colors towards the top of the LCD

    Hello everyone! I've just bought an Asus VS248H today and it's a fine monitor, but I have a problem that the colors. It seems like the bottom half side is ok, white is white, but towards the top of the screen the white becomes yellowish-white. Now I remember I seen this before somewhere...
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    2 issues I have with my new GTX 560

    Hello everyone! :) I used to have a Radeon 4870 before upgrading to a Gigabyte 560 OC and I didn't have these issues so I believe it's the drivers' fault most likely(?). 1) My monitor is an old Asus PG191 (19", 2ms, 1280x1024) and it supports 75Hz refresh rate at it's recommended...
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    Question on playing games in lower res than is LCD recommended

    Hello everyone! I wanted to ask you if there's any drawbacks when playing games in lower res than the standard recommended of a 23-24" monitor (1920x1080?)? Switching resolutions when playing games is annoying but what can you do, I don't really need to play in 1080p or even in 1680x1050 (AA...
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    Asus monitor series naming scheme

    Hi guys! I'm looking to a buy a new 23-25" Asus widescreen to replace my old 19" LCD from 4 years ago. Long story short their monitor naming scheme is sooo confusing... VH..VS series etc. anybody care to explain it? :(
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    Sluggish laptop

    Hello everyone ! :) I have a little problem with my old laptop which my mom is using for word/other stuff (no internet there btw). Here are the specs: Mobile Athlon XP 2400+ (1,8Ghz) 256MB RAM (32MB shared for video) ATI IGP 320M 40GB HDD Windows XP I don't remember exactly when...
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    My WD Raptor has bad sectors, how do I react?

    Hello everyone! So I thought I would do a disk check.. Ok, I reboot and let it do all the work. First it fixed a couple of indexes and then started scanning the disk (the "4 out of 5" section). This first scan it fixed/replaced data in some dll file and once all the scans were done...
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    SSD usage questions

    Hello everyone! So I'm going to migrate to my 1st SSD (C300 128GB) in a couple of days now (from WD Raptor) and I have no idea how to use/install the drive. I remember someone mentioning you need to use AHCI mode with SSDs? Mobo is Sata2. I'll be doing a fresh install of Win7 64-bit on the...
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    Upgrading soon, need advice

    Hello! I need to hear what you guys think I should be upgrading (current specs are on the left). I mainly only game and do random video converting. I have around 500$ to spend on my upgrade and I'm thinking of upgrading the video card (to 560 or 560 Ti) and the main OS HDD (to 128GB...
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    SSD questions

    C300 vs M4 (I've re-written this thread) So what is the difference between C300 and M4 drives? Some review said the drives are almost identical with "reallocated speed priorities". Which drive is better in what area? I feel like I want the one with faster read speed (C300) but reviews are so...
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    What bottlenecks WinRAR extraction speed?

    Hello! Quick question --> what does bottleneck WinRAR extraction speed? I've noticed my CPU usage is around 5-10% during extraction. Is it the slow mechanical hard-drives?
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    VFW codecs question

    Hello everyone! Since many years ago I have been using CCCP and Win7DSFilterTweaker(since I'm using Win7 64bit) for all my video playback needs. Right now I have a need to edit video files (Xvid/h264 mainly) in VirtualDub. I've downloaded the latest 64bit version of VD and obviously it...
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    USB2 and 3 speeds for external HDDs

    Hello everyone! I'm currently thinking of buying a 1-2TB external HDD for backups. I'm almost decided - it's either a WD My Book Essential or WD Elements (basically either USB2 or 3). I'm going to connect the HDD via USB 2-3 times a month to make manual backups (just copy files to HDD...