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  1. kn00tcn

    if you havent signed on in a while, you will see a number on the alerts button, but none will appear

    i think i've seen a couple other forums do this, what are we supposed to do? now i have to guess who quoted me by manually opening the previous comments i've done
  2. kn00tcn

    should an HDMI (or other electrical/signal) cable be kept away from mechanical (magnetic) drives?

    could the constant stream of data or current affect a drive or magnetic tape to the point of flipping bits?
  3. kn00tcn

    looking for powered dongle that has sata on one end & esata/usb3 on other

    i want to connect regular desktop hard drives to some kind of dongle/adapter/PCB that then connects to a computer over esata (i guess usb3 is also fine) basically, it's an external enclosure without the enclosure, should i just take one apart? does this sound crazy? yes, but i have hard drives...
  4. kn00tcn

    ST1000DM003 (7200rpm desktop) head parks after some seconds, are they serious!?

    anyone else use this seagate? i only tested it in a 'dumb' enclosure over esata so far, the same enclosure that normally has a ST2000DL003 (green) that doesnt seem to park, or if it does, it takes minutes for it to happen i've used an WD40EZRX (green) with its head parking, & i successfully...
  5. kn00tcn

    thinking of 2x4TB backup+archive system, what are my options? nas/das/raid/manual?

    i am wondering what possibilities exist for family photos, camcorder footage, OS backups, etc 4TB is probably the size i'll go for, of course such a large size should be mirrored for safety, so let's say at least 2 drives but i do not want some $600 x86 24/7 server, not yet at least, so what...
  6. kn00tcn

    kaveri 7850k temperature seems to show 0 when it should be 40

    latest gpuz, it shows 0 degrees when hwmonitor shows 40, 10 degrees when hwmonitor shows 50, etc how many total sensors should i be seeing anyway? i remember the 4870x2 had vrm temp/amp/volt, mem temp, etc going to have to compare to aida, not positive that all the cpu+gpu temps are accurate
  7. kn00tcn

    either my msi a88xm-e45 or amd 7850k apu is damaged, what are my options?

    i posted this on hardwarecanucks due to having a newegg.CA question, but i'll post here as well the mobo is from newegg on july30, i picked it up from mississauga (what a waste of time & gas money crossing the GTA) the apu is from ncix on july22, i already used the thief code -what is the...
  8. kn00tcn

    stuck on FM2+ kaveri 7850k supported motherboard & cooling decision

    unusual for me to ask for help, but after hours of reading.... i'm still struggling to choose a mobo :banghead: i'm looking at an A88X based chipset, mATX most likely (ATX is 'fine' but i wont be using all those slots & the cost goes up? miniITX is a little cramped, do the screw holes fit in...
  9. kn00tcn

    4870x2 fan ramp not following orders

    i've flashed several times, & here i disabled the dynamic stuff, assuming it will follow the ramp, but it's as if the fan has a mind of its own! it should be at 82% at 90 degrees right? yet it just sits at 59% while gpu0 keeps rising... as if it's looking at gpu1's temp, but even then it's...