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    Like said 650W PSU is plenty for those parts. Max power draw in gaming would be roughly around 300W. And you sure you want only 6 core/thread CPU on in practise dead end platform without any real upgrade path? I mean next-gen consoles will bring clock speed capped (for energy efficiency)...
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    Power Failure on PC

    You sure cable is correct for the PSU? That sounds like there's possibly something shorted and protections prevent PSU from starting. And wrong cable and shorted card are pretty much the only things capable to causing that.
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    SilentiumPC Announces the Corona HP Evo ARGB

    You forgot face mask. Maybe they could bundle one with the fan...
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    problems with health when running a pc might be a psu

    That doesn't have anything to do with any electricity, but only with bad ergonomics/too much repetitive stress of hand in that bad position. (or some other hiding medical condition)
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    Sabrent Rocket Q 1 TB M.2 NVMe SSD

    At least in Europe WD Blue SN550 seems to be at least as well priced. And that's TLC drive. That Adata and HP use same SM2262EN controller and Micron NAND and differences are in firmware.
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    fried cpu or mobo?

    Hope PSUs are better than that marketing scam board. Already stock 2700X doing X264 encoding can overheat its CPU VRM. Even 2600X with PBO enabled would be too much for it. Here's The Stilt ripping both Asus and Gigabyte with similar VRMs apart...
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    Good time to buy new GPU ?

    And certainly AMD's coming GPU architecture developed also for next-gen consoles should be lot better in raytracing than RTX cards... Or those consoles wouldn't run at any of advertised higher resolutions when using raytracing.
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    WD Gold Internal HDD - 'LOCKED'

    Not even BIOS recognizing drive is bad sign and likely hints to failing drive. Which is really the only goal of all storage devices. Some drives just arrive there faster than others. I assume you checked if Windows's Disk Management or command line diskpart recognize it?
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    650VA UPS runs hot

    "Automatic Voltage Regulator" function is typically done using specific design multi tap transformer. Normally mains current to load just "goes through" its high/mains voltage side, while low voltage side provides power for keeping battery charged etc. If mains voltage drops significant amount...
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    Advice on how to clean the insulating foam inside a PC case after a fire

    Ozone treatment would be best hope for "non-destructive" way. https://www.washingtonpost.com/lifestyle/home/its-tough-to-get-rid-of-cigarette-smells-but-an-ozone-treatment-can-do-it/2018/11/11/e0d64dfa-dedc-11e8-85df-7a6b4d25cfbb_story.html Though because of being obviously rather strong...
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    650VA UPS runs hot

    It's not 650VA UPS, but 390W UPS... Assuming honest specs. Volt-amperes matter only with non-PFC load/in AC circuitry they don't measure actual real power, which is measured in watts. Hence with modern PCs that VA number is completely meaningless and if UPS can provide enough watts, it can...
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    Advice on how to clean the insulating foam inside a PC case after a fire

    Stuff used by Fractal Design in side panels isn't some "bubly" foam, but dense solid stuff. Unlike mass damping, foams like Akasa Paxmate, Silverstone SST-SF01 etc present in some cases are totally useless in thin layers. Such foams need thickness enough to fill like half the case to work well.
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    Advice on how to clean the insulating foam inside a PC case after a fire

    You can replace it with bitumen etc acoustic mass sheets. Those should be cheaply available for car acoustics. And they're not foams. Those cosmetic scams used by some cases lack mass to damp vibrations of case panels/block airborne sound. Doubt it even corrodes concrete and machinery unlike...
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    You're gonna need a bigger storage drive!

    Lots of market PCs come with tiny quarter TB NVMe overhype drive instead of decent size SSD.
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    Editorial Windows 10 1903 Has a Nasty Audio Stutter Bug Microsoft Hasn't Managed to Fix

    Your argument has planet sized hole in it: If DirectSound was so bad, how there weren't audio problems popping up constantly with lot bigger selection of different sound cards than in today in use at the time? (and some even braving the often EMI magnet first gen integrated ones) I've followed...
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    Windows broke my printing.....

    And to think that I used to curse Gates... Since Gates stepped away from the helm first Ballmer and now Nadella have only turned direction worse. I wonder how long it takes until Microsoft gets hit by class action suit. Because only way to get that Wintoys10 ship sailing straight would be...
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    Windows broke my printing.....

    Think positively, update could have broken lot more serious things than just printing. I mean neighbour has had Wintoys 10 updates twice breaking network (at least internet connection) in two entirely different laptops. As in Wintoys claiming everything is OK with TCP/IP settings gotten...
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    Download Windows 10 ESD

    What can you expect when Microsoft now pushes new buggy code out of door at lot more frequenctly and with less testing than before Win10. https://www.theregister.co.uk/2018/10/23/microsoft_windows_10_crisis/...
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    Is there any reason for matte finishes besides glare? This coating they put on it ruins the immersion to me...

    While on the opposite end you refuse to acknowledge that only minority of glossy screens avoid being serious mirrors and that not all matte monitors look like obscure glass. Glossy screens sure look beautiful in dark or dimly illuminated room, but run very easily into problems when ambient...
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    Alleged Leaked Details on Intel Comet Lake-S Platform Require... You Guessed It... A New Platform

    Only after hacking and modding BIOS to circumvent Intel's artificial limitations devised for making more money from selling new chipsets for rebranded CPUs. Not much of people runnning "9th" gens on "6th" gen mobos...
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    Is there any reason for matte finishes besides glare? This coating they put on it ruins the immersion to me...

    You forgot the part about needing to darken face with soot. Or you'll be able to check from mirror like reflection how long beard you have. Also better to paint room dark coloured, or walls get reflected.
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    NASA has Figured Out How to Extend the Lives of the Voyagers Even Longer

    Actually modern integrated circuits with their tiny transistors and such would require lot more hardening to withstand various forms of radiation space probes are exposed to. (similar to how modern electronics is lot more sensitive to EMP than some old tubes)
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    I7-4770k overheating? Idle temperature

    Intel's stock fans are pretty much crap sized for Notepad use. So with stock HSF there are no ways to improve situation that much. Unless it's Intel's bubblegum/toothpaste going bad under the heatspreader. Wouldn't be the first Intel CPU to do that.
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    Samsung Galaxy S8 or Samsung Galaxy A7 (2018)?

    Being slippery applies to every phone which is fashionable and has glass also in rear. And wireless charging is lot nicer than battery quick frying. High temperatures are bad for endurance of batteries and there isn't a single phone with too good battery life to start with.
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    CM Hyper 212 Evo in TT Versa H17

    I'm sure it will fit if you just use enough force to close the side panel...:p Except for that option it doesn't look good with tiny 80mm rear fan as size scale. https://www.rosewill.com/product/fbm-06-black-steel-plastic-micro-atx-mini-tower-computer-case/ Because of fancy looking marketing BS...