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  1. GJSNeptune

    Crysis and my new 9800GTX

    I came from a Sapphire Radeon x1950 Pro 256MB PCI-E. Crysis auto-detected my performance and set everything to medium. I fire up my new PALiT 9800GTX, auto-detect, and it kept everything at medium. I don't have FRAPS to verify, but when I turned everything to High, gameplay got really jerky at...
  2. GJSNeptune

    Will a new router and/or modem help?

    I'm on Roadrunner, and I've been using a 4-port Netgear router from around 2003. The modem (Motorola, I think) is probably from 2002. I forget the model numbers. They've been in use nonstop since. Would a newer router and/or modem help with speed and such at all? I'm thinking about getting a...
  3. GJSNeptune

    Crysis DX9 vs. DX10 @ [H]

  4. GJSNeptune

    My Tuniq Tower doesn't fit my motherboard!

    I feel stupid. I got a Gigabyte GA-MA770-DS3 AM2/AM2+ motherboard with a Tuniq Tower. I replaced the fan with a Scythe SFF21E and get ready to mount it. I remove the board's stock mounting system. The Tuniq's "H" bracket doesn't fit! It's too short, and it calls for a single mount on either...
  5. GJSNeptune

    [FT][US] Best Buy gift cards for Newegg gift certificate

    I'm trying to put together an AM2 rig for myself. I have some Best Buy gift cards, but Best Buy doesn't really have much to choose from. I don't really need any peripherals right now either. I'd like to see if anyone is willing to buy my gift cards in return for a Newegg gift certificate. I have...
  6. GJSNeptune

    Help me choose an mATX AM2 board

    Having some trouble here for an Athlon 64 X2 rig. My parents want me to build them a new computer (and they really need it). They have a gigantic computer desk and a tower rack that hangs from beneath part of it, and only an mATX tower fits. They don't need anything fancy. Onboard video should...
  7. GJSNeptune

    Going to pre-order Crysis?

    I did. I'm about as far away from being able to play Crysis as one can get. I never pre-order games. :( http://www.ea.com/crysis/
  8. GJSNeptune

    Rule The Seas

    Just got into this FREE game here at work (thankfully it's not blocked). It's like that web-browser-based game Utopia, only it's about pirates! It's a good time killer at work (<shifty eyes>) or just during boredom. From the website: Some tips: "Lucky Dip" every day for big money or an...
  9. GJSNeptune

    Digital output is killing me

    This whole time I thought it was hardware or software interfering with something that was causing gameplay to appear jerky, even though in the past games have run smoothly with the right (low) settings. Turns out the strain stems from running my monitor via the digital port. It wasn't even...
  10. GJSNeptune

    Pain in my ASRock (4CoreDual)

    Just got this board, as well as a Pentium D 820. I swap out my old motherboard and install my new goodies. Of course, trouble ensues. I turn it on and enter BIOS to fix the time and set boot devices. I first try to boot from my existing Windows installation, which is on my WD 160GB SATA...
  11. GJSNeptune

    Small upgrade

    Been thinking about a cheap ($100 or less) CPU/mobo upgrade that can use my existing hardware and not bottleneck my x800 GTO (AGP). Since I need an AGP board, I likely have to look in the FS/FT forum, but I figured I'd make sure it's practical and a good idea. I won't have the money to build a...
  12. GJSNeptune

    Post counter broken?

    Or is it just me? I swear my post count doesn't go up when I make one, or it takes a long time. I've seen posts by people who still show 0 posts. Something going on?
  13. GJSNeptune

    Athlon 64 3000+ 100% OC

    As seen at the [H]. http://www.madshrimps.be/?action=getarticle&articID=566
  14. GJSNeptune

    ATI Silencer 4 + X800 GTO

    I've had some problems with my X800 GTO (256MB). I've unlocked it to 16 pipelines, and with a 430:520 OC (just to be safe) I got a 3DMark03 score of 9800 and change. However, I was told I should get around 10,000 with stock speeds, which only scored me about 8664. The problem is that games...
  15. GJSNeptune

    Sapphire X800 GTO (AGP R430) utility?

    I've been searching all day (at work and now at home) for a utility to unlock my X800's remaining four pipelines. Why does it say 'unknown' for my Catalyst version? I've installed the latest Catalyst display drivers and Control Center. As far as I can tell, it's moddable. I'm just having...