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    Creative Sound Blaster X3

    Pity the front headphone output isn't jack 6,3mm.
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    Lian Li Lancool II Mesh Performance

    I don't know... For me, Lian-Li were always those cool, classic-look, full-alloy high quality cases. The whole PC-V1000 series was the epitome of that. But, since they called this one Lancool (which was their separate brand back in the day), then i guess it's fine. The case looks just fine, I'd...
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    Chinese Manufacturer ProArtist Solves AM4 CPU Mounting Problem with New IFE2 Bracket

    And coupled with Titan's shitty thermal paste, that could short circuit some bridges if not applied with care... But yeah, those clips for mounting Socket A coolers were a menace. That's why I quickly switched to Thermalright - screws FTW. :D
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    Chinese Manufacturer ProArtist Solves AM4 CPU Mounting Problem with New IFE2 Bracket

    If You think this was a nightmare, then go back to S462 era, where You could rip off the core from the PCB. That was fun - to see Your perfect, selected Athlon XP (manufactured before 39 week of 2003 with unlocked multiplier) completely ruined. :P
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    CORSAIR Launches iCUE LT100 Smart Lighting Towers

    So, wait. Those do nothing else but light up in RGB?!! And I thought gaming chairs with RGB were crossing the line. At least the chair had a function - You sit Your a** on it.
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    Shuttle Announces Fanless All-in-One PCs with Intel Core i3 processor

    Yeah, the early 2000s called and wanted their design back...
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    AOC Announces China Exclusive U28P2U Monitor: 28", 4K, IPS

    Cause office/basic graphic work needs that 75+ Hz... Besides, finding 4K display with wide gamut, 8bit+ colour depth, high refresh rate at a decent price (since it's for office) is not that easy. Minimum peak brightness (required for HDR 400-1400) is not the same, as typical brightness.
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    AOC Announces China Exclusive U28P2U Monitor: 28", 4K, IPS

    I guess NEC PA and EIZO CS/CG are utter garbage then...
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    XPG Prime ARGB Extension Cables 24-pin & 8-pin

    2GB 8" floppy? Wow, that's, like, 2000 more than the ones I had in my hands. :P
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    Alphacool Announces a Trio of New Products

    You mean "modded DDC and D5". :P The originals had a lot to be improved - mediocre performance, overheating... After modded tops came out, it was all solved. And yes, being an owner of DDC with EK top for 10 years, I can say that there's no better pump on the market. :)
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    COLORFUL Launches Intel B460 Series Mid-Tier Motherboards

    If there is anything 'micro' about those MBs, it would be their photos. :p
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    ZADAK Unveils SPARK M.2 RGB SSD with Stunning Aluminum Heatsink

    Where's the "Billy Mays approved" sticker? Oh, there, I got it: BTW - anyone see that "stunning" heatsink? All I could find is a huge, solid chunk of alloy.
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    EK Releases Limited Edition Memorial Day Star-Spangled Velocity Water Block

    Somebody better at Photoshop than me - please make that block with whatever dead animal, that sits on top of Trump's head, as a decor. Pretty please. :) You can't get more 'Murica' than that... :p EDIT: Apparently, my post was offensive/politically incorrect. I just wanted to lighten the...
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    BIOSTAR Launches its B550 Series Motherboards

    How is it good in terms of specs? No USB C front header, no wifi, only half of VRM is cooled... And that DVI in the back - waste of space...
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    NVIDIA Discontinues the Tesla Brand to Avoid Confusion with Tesla Car Maker

    Well, I guess it was Elon Musk that created alternating current technology... So we can't say Nikola's T. name anymore, otherwise we could confuse it with a car brand.
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    Windows 10 2004 May Update Brings Back Bluetooth Speaker Streaming

    And yet we still can't control the volume of BT speakers through the system mixer...
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    GIGABYTE B550 AORUS Master Waltzes Around Chipset Limitations to Provide Three Gen 4 M.2 Slots

    Is there no USB C front header, or am I just blind?
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    AMD Ryzen 3 3100

    Next week new Intels coming out, but then, after few months we get Zen 3 - I think it's gonna go back to the times of AXP and A64 - AMD has better products, but Intel better lobbysts. As for those R3 - great CPUs for a small budget.
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    AMD B550 Chipset Motherboards Priced Roughly on-par with B450 Based Ones

    I'm waiting for gigabyte B550 mATX mobos - hope the VRM cooling is the same as in X570 and Z490 - gotta love those fins.
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    Bitspower Intros Lotan VGA Water Block for ASUS Turbo GeForce RTX 2070 SUPER EVO

    Most of the blocks, that have to avoid tall VRM elements have such bridges, just look at this EK for Asus 2080ti Strix: Under that metal plate are elevated canals. However, I don't like that new BP block, cause it's just plain ugly - all those canals and orings create a pure mess.
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    ASUS Announces ProArt Display PA32UCX-P and PA27UCX

    It's not about the colours, but view angles - with a TN panel, just move Your head slighly and everything goes just wrong. Especially on big panels (27" and more) - looking at it from shorter distance can actually show different colours on the sides.
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    EVGA Rolls Out GeForce RTX 2080 Ti XC Hydro Copper Gaming Graphics Card

    I don't think it's EK - the overall design (either outside looks, or block base) doesn't match them at all. Besides - EK usually leaves their brand somewhere, like they did when making Seahawk cards for MSI.
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    MSI Z490 Motherboard Lineup Leaked

    Oh WOW! There's already an mATX board with all the goodies. Completely different from all those X570 boards for AMD, even though the chipset is way more advanced... F*ck You MB manufacturers for this bullsh*t...
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    GIGABTYE AORUS Gaming and AERO Creator Notebooks Sweep Red Dot Design Awards 2020

    See that little blue "Press release" sign? Every company will call themselves leaders in their market...
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    Zalman Releases CNPS20X Twin Tower Cooler - 300 W TDP

    When I see Zalman, I think of CNPS7000 and ZM80C: Those were the days, where Zalman could compete against Thermalright SLK-947 (but then SP94/SP97 came and wrecked them all) and had the best GPU cooler on the market, which could handle Radeon 9700 Pro passively.