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  1. J

    Rumor: AMD Ryzen Threadripper PRO Lineup Leaked

    You pay for "Amperage" consumption in a rack. So lets say i can hire 1U space and my limitation is 1A for my server. It would mean that my server cannot use more then 1A on 220V or so. A CPU that has a fairly high amount of cores with a reasonable TDP gets me work done in less, sort of say.
  2. J

    Rumor: AMD Ryzen Threadripper PRO Lineup Leaked

    Eh? I guess you never seen a server from inside did you? They are not supposed to be cooled passively. Yes they might appear with a heatsink and no fan on top of it. But servers in general have a bunch of high-performance fans that push air through the chassis. All those rooms are kept on...
  3. J

    Ryzen 7 2700x wont boot when setting core ratio manually

    Dude stop. You cant just throw 1.4V 24/7 into that CPU. The max safe 24/7 voltage is 1.34V. Go beyond and degradation will occur in weeks!
  4. J

    GIGABYTE AMD Motherboard Adopt the Latest AGESA Microcode

    I am more of a Asus user, but Gigabyte is for the price i paid for the board (219 euro) not that well. Yes there's some options but really it's limited to a X470-F from asus. VRM switching frequency? XMP not properly working, alot of other extra options missing really, and the CPU boosting...
  5. J

    GIGABYTE AMD Motherboard Adopt the Latest AGESA Microcode

    The only good thing about the X570 Auros elite is that it has a seperate clockgen for increasing the bus speed, without harming the boost functionality. Just played with F20B, the max single core boost of my 2700x is now 4.5GHz rather then 4.35Ghz. Stock settings and with override of PPT and all...
  6. J

    Antec Announces Earthwatts Gold PRO White 750W Model

    Yep. They are robust and the quality of hardware is pretty much A grade.
  7. J

    Antec Announces Earthwatts Gold PRO White 750W Model

    Dont matter. The quality of Antec is just 10/10. In my PC there's still a 750W Truepower model running that is at least 7 years old. And it has taken a beating with a OC'ed 8320 + 6x HDD's and even 3x 270's in Crossfire / 2x 580's.
  8. J

    AMD Ryzen 9 3900XT

    And you proberly have your LLC on ultra on some stuff that shoots 1.45V ~ 1.5V into your CPU. Good job. This is a refined silicon that offers a few percentage more performance. This could lead to lower power consumption if same clocks or more performance since you can raise the clocks while...
  9. J

    AMD Ryzen 9 3900XT

    When this drops around 380 euro, im picking one up.
  10. J

    Eurocom launches MXM3 to PCIe Adapter for GPU Developers

    Would be cool for a OC contest.
  11. J

    Wi-Fi Questions

    What does 2.4Ghz or 5Ghz do for you? You need to go in depth; and figure out which channel is LESS crowded.
  12. J

    Chinese Manufacturer ProArtist Solves AM4 CPU Mounting Problem with New IFE2 Bracket

    I am with AMD since the Socket 7 era. That is the first K6 untill now the Ryzen 2700x. I mean if you want to remove any cooler, simply uncork the thing that holds the cooler into place, now easy twist left, right, left, right, till it comes off on it's own. You dont have to pull as you might...
  13. J

    Why do midrange/premium boards dont have a decent amplifier

    I had the choice in between this one and the more expensive, 320 euro Wireless board. I hate wireless because of the random disconnects and primarly added latency and speed caps. Mind you my internet here is 1000MBit glasfibre so my wireless would be topping out at exactly 200mbit. When i...
  14. J

    Why do midrange/premium boards dont have a decent amplifier

    Dont get me wrong; i'd like sound with a punch. Does'nt have to be screaming loud; but as long as your hearing it. Ive tried a bunch of headphones over time by now, Well here's the thing i doubt a bit, the link of @biffzinker shows a card with a generic OP-amp, that could be found for less...
  15. J

    Why do midrange/premium boards dont have a decent amplifier

    It's just that, the maximum volume is just basic. Even my iphone 7 plus plays louder then this stuff. And i have stuff turned on to the max etc. It's so weird. So many (seperate) chips for a audio devision on the motherboard, none (premium) that could actually play loud as it would be intended...
  16. J

    Why do midrange/premium boards dont have a decent amplifier

    As title states, I have to use tools like DFX audio enhancer to sqeeze more volume / bass out of my headphones, and ive used quite a few ones. My hearing is perfectly well but every motherboard i owned so far (Crosshair Z, X470-F and now a X570 Elite) lack serious volume. They all come with big...
  17. J

    AMD B550 Motherboard Shown Running Zen+ "Pinnacle Ridge" and "Picasso" CPUs

    It suprised me that a 470 chipset is related to featureset just better then a 200 ~ 250 euro board with 570 chipset. I mean my Asus X470-F died, needed a new board, to figure out the X570 Gigabyte Auros Elite is just worse compared to the X470-F of Asus.
  18. J

    Matrox Shipping QuadHead2Go Q155 Card to Accelerate Artistic and Large-Scale Video Wall Development

    They have no budget for a real R&D with engineers and all that. They are just using other party's tech like AMD or Nvidia's.
  19. J

    Sony Launches Playstation Bug Bounty Program

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2011_PlayStation_Network_outage Better safe then sorry.
  20. J

    TechPowerUp ThrottleStop 9 Released - Override OEM Power Throttling

    And you cant find this with a bios, registry hack, or another app that puts the card into a 3d state at all? Sounds very strange. Drivers or settings within a driver are no more then a registry tweak.
  21. J

    Alphacool Unveils Five New NexXxoS Series Large-format Copper Radiators

    You cant compare a truck radiator to what's going into a PC.
  22. J

    Microsoft Fall 2020 Windows 10 Update will Make the New Edge Browser the Default Option

    The thing was; it did'nt offer room for any other browser except for IE, which was garbage back in the days. Slow, had it's own standard, you had to hack your way into getting websites "good" for IE etc. But still; the base of this browser is https://www.chromium.org/
  23. J

    ASUS ROG STRIX B550-F Gaming (WiFi)

    Well here you see, asus proved that you dont need a 8 / 12 / 16 phase VRM in order to overclock or run a system in the first place. It shows that even a 4 + 2 phase VRM is perfectly capable of running your CPU stock and in overclocked condition. The Ryzens woud'nt consume over 500A at all even...
  24. J

    AMD Offers Enthusiasts More Choice Than Ever Before with New Ryzen 3000XT Processors

    The majority of people that complain seek CPU's of HEDT class performance for just 50$. Really dont listen to them. I like the "XT" brand. I think this will replace my 2700x to be honest.
  25. J

    AMD Ryzen 7 3800XT and Ryzen 9 3900XT to Lack In-box Coolers

    And you wont be having lots of OC headroom at all, if it's up to AMD. The XFR/PBO is such a great tech that it pretty much maxes out the silicon. Forget about old days OC'ing, or all core overclocks. PBO just deliveres it straight out of the box within safe parameters, exactly doing as it was...