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    AMD FX "Vishera" Processor Pricing Revealed

    fail all over again
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    Buffalo Updates High Performance Wireless Router Lineup

    i dont see any updates for the older routers. going by buffalo forums the brand is best avoided in general.
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    Mach Xtreme Technology ES USB 3.0 SLC Flash Drives Coming September 20

    SLC with only 5 year warranty? must be some cheap crap flash in there. brands such as kingston and sandisk offering 10 year to lifetime with thier MLC sticks.
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    AMD "Vishera" FX-Series CPU Specifications Confirmed

    looks like another fail from amd. 4.2ghz clock speed and will probably be on par with a 3ghz ivybridge using half the number of cores. move along folks nothing to see here.
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    Lenovo Announces New ThinkPad Tablet 2 for Windows 8

    even the single core atom with hyper threadding in the new orange san-diego phone is on par with performance of the galaxy s3's quad core arm a9. thing is intel is having a 30% hit in performance due to binary translation. but the next incarnation of atom is said to have a hardware based...
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    AMD Gaming Exec Departs Chip Maker for Rival NVIDIA

    be lucky none of amd's crappy driver team went over to infect nvidia.
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    Tegra Completes its Long Walk to the PC, Courtesy Kontron

    even nexus 7 has tegra 3 clocked higher than this. for a desktop part i was hoping it would be around 2ghz mark.
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    Intel Plans Price Cuts for Consumer SSDs

    if they are still sticking with sandforce then they better half the price for thise unreliable drives.
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    MSI Entering SSD Business with SandForce-Driven Products

    adds more failure prone ssd's to the mix.
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    Workers Riot at Foxconn Chengdu iPhone/iPad Plant

    waiting for china to undergo civil war. only way to stop the commies.
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    AMD FX 8150 Cracks 8.80 GHz in New OC Feat

    8.8ghz yet its still slower than an i7 running at 4.5ghz. amd really need to work on thier instructions per clock rather than the clock speed. looks like amd stole the design plans for pentium 4 and just modded the netburst architecture a little.
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    Dell Windows 8 Tablet Leaks

    agreed, the screen res should be 1680x1050 minimum. 1920x1080 prefered, makes it much easier to read small text. atom cpu is good enough, its faster than cortex a9 so thats the main thing.
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    Dell Windows 8 Tablet Leaks

    this new Clover Trail atom cpu is what im most interested in. its supposed to a whole new architecture using out of order execution. clock for clock this will stomp all over brazos. also note that current atom cpus already have a lower powerdraw than brazos. atom cpus have MAX TDP of around...
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    MSI Launches its GeForce GT 600 Series Graphics Cards

    4gb gt630, i will take that for my photoshop machine. dont need tons of gpu power but gpu ram is needed as much as i can get.
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    ARM Announces Cortex-A15 Quad-Core Hard Macro

    ahh its 28nm which is why its got much better power consumption than A9 which is 45nm
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    ARM Announces Cortex-A15 Quad-Core Hard Macro

    well thats damn good then. cpu wise it should be better than tegra 3 which uses 2 x A9 to give 4 cores. plus the 5th companion core.
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    ARM Announces Cortex-A15 Quad-Core Hard Macro

    so this is quad core and offers same power consumption as the dual core cortex A9 but performance is similar to the A9? dont see the point of this then.
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    Renice Technology Releases Expanded mSATA SSD, Pushes Capacity to 240 GB

    being based on sandforce controller there is more chance of the drive dying from sandforce issues than being dropped.