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  1. drade

    Searching for a new monitor, recommendations?

    Hello TPU, I have not been active in the tech sector for quite some time. I am upgrading my screen but am lost due to the variety out there; it’s overwhelming compared to four years ago. My budget is 400$, any help would be greatly appreciated. Primary uses include gaming and MS products. My...
  2. drade

    Finished basement, wireless not reaching several areas

    Hi all. Long time member here. Just recently finished our basement. We have a router supplied by Spectrum (yuck) on the first floor. The signal barely reaches devices in the basement. I had the electrician install a cable jack and phone jack downstairs. Would it make sense for me to buy a new...
  3. drade

    Is the GTX 1080 still relevant?

    Hello TPU. I just received my 8700K. I am now shopping for a graphics card! I have always utilized AMD graphics cards in the past. I am not liking the VEGA line up; the performance is just not there sadly. I am interested in a NVIDIA graphics card, particularly the GTX 1080. I game on a 27 inch...
  4. drade

    Anyone have experience with Asrock Professional Gaming Series?

    Looking for a z370 Motherboard. Genuinely interested in the Asrock Professional Gaming series. I've never owned an Asrock mobo before and the variations are quite confusing. Any insight is appreciated, thank you.
  5. drade

    [US] LIAN LI PC-O11WX 35% off newegg

    https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16811112556&nm_mc=AFC-C8Junction&cm_mmc=AFC-C8Junction-VigLink-_-na-_-na-_-na&cm_sp=&AID=10446076&PID=6146846&SID=j7ozpcvojb000kb500053 Amazing deal in my opinion. 132$ for an awesome all around case. Enjoy!
  6. drade

    Thoughts on purchasing ASUS ROG CROSSHAIR VI EXTREME AM4 AMD X370

    Hello all. My new caselabs case will be arriving next week! I have decided to purchase the 1700x. I am thinking of purchasing the ROG CROSSHAIR VI EXTREME based on the rumors of AM4 support for future generations of Zen processors. I know it's a pricey board at 350$ but I do enjoy the board...
  7. drade

    [FS] Intel I5 4670k Haswell, 16gb DDR3 Gigabyte ram, MSI z87i Mini ITX motherboard, many other items

    Hello Techpowerup. Ram and cooler still available. 16gb Corsair Vengence series DDR3 2400mhz. I bought the ram in February and never tinkered with settings. Asking. 80$ shipped. Noctua Slim CPU cooler L9x45. I bought this cooler in February. An amazing cooler from a well trusted brand. Works...
  8. drade

    [FS] Caselabs Mercury S3 - White

    Hello. I am selling my caselabs mercury s3 Mini ITX case. This case has been discontinued. Last batch of this model was sold a few months ago for a limited production run starting at 250$ without case accessories and caselabs did not offer the case to be painted white. I currently have my home...
  9. drade

    LIAN LI PC-O12WX, anyone have any insight/ tangible knowledge about this case?

    Hey all. So I have been interested in the LIAN LI PC-O12WX for quite some time. I have not seen one review for this case, nor have I seen an actual build. I like the case aesthetics (I know its not for everyone), and the fact that the GPU's are separated. I see the case is on sale, any thoughts...
  10. drade

    [FS] ASUS R9 290X

    Hey all. Selling my ASUS R9 290x. Never overclocked. I replaced both fans about four months ago and have a spare fan if need be (brand new). Applied new thermal paste when fans were replaced. Not a refurbished product. Comes with all original packaging. Used the card for streaming and gaming...
  11. drade

    Wanting to upgrade.. Really confused about the tech market ATM

    Hey all. I want to completely upgrade my mini ITX system. Just got all my EKWB parts in and am ready for a new build! Transitioning back to liquid cooling for various reasons! Per my system specs I am on the Haswell platform running DDR3 and an R9 290X which is about to be sold. So I am torn...
  12. drade

    Mini ITX Liquid Cooling Dual DDC Pump/Res combo worth it?

    Hello all! Upgrading my mini itx cooling method to liquid cooling. Been looking at this product, pricey, but perfect for my setup. Thoughts??? https://www.ekwb.com/shop/ek-sbay-dual-ddc-3-2-pwm-serial-incl-2x-pump
  13. drade

    mITX build cooling method change (air to liquid)

    Hey all. So I am finally upgrading my computer at the end of the year. I have a good base and understanding of how to build computers. I built one custom loop five years ago. I recently transitioned to air cooling due to severe algae and corrosive issues (loop ran for five years). I did use...
  14. drade

    Hesitant to flash BIOS on new Ryzen build

    Hi all. I have the MSI B350 PC Mate motherboard. Had a few headaches with the build (bad mobo). Build runs great and performs well beyond my expectations. This is a build for a family member. Specs: AMD R5 1500X G. Skill 3000 mhz ram GTX 1070 This system is running on the launch bios which...
  15. drade

    New Ryzen build no video output

    Hello TPU. Thank you for reading this post. This is a complex scenario and I will try my best to simplify what is going on. I built a new R5 Ryzen PC three days ago. Specs include a 1500x, GTX 1070, DDR4 G-skill ram with a gold rated EVGA PSU. I would like to add that the CPU was packaged...
  16. drade

    Crucial vs. Samsung SSD

    Hello all. I am building a computer for my brother. I personally have the Samsung EVO and Samsung PRO SSD with a 2TB Western Digital Black HDD. My brother knows nothing about computers. I am building him one specifically for gaming, mid range system. I am thinking of purcharsing the Crucial...
  17. drade

    Replacing MacBook laptop with another laptop

    Hi All. Bought a MacBook Air that I just sold due to two reasons. The resolution and no HDMI ports / no windows support. I'm looking for another laptop which I will spend up to 1000$. I kind of like Eurocom business approach and innovation. Laptop needs to have 1080x1920 HDMI port Prefer...
  18. drade

    Asus R9 290X Issues

    Hello everyone. I have had my R9 290x for almost two years without any issues (minus a bad fan which i recently replaced). Today I was playing overwatch, and for the first time ever, my screen went black stating "no display port." Rebooted without any image issues. Launched game again same...
  19. drade

    Can't decide on a gaming mouse..

    Fairly large hands. Would like a wireless option on the mouse. Looked into the g900 but feel as though it may be too narrow for my hand. Thoughts on the G403 prodigy ? Any other recommendations ?
  20. drade

    [FS] Early 2015 Macbook Air 13"

  21. drade

    Asus R9 290x Fans making noises, going bad ?

    Hello all. My r9 290x stock reference cooler is on its way out I think. I would like a similar cooler that takes the heat of the card and pushes it back through the rear of the case. What is the closest cooler to meet those wants? Price is not an issue, card still performs very well.
  22. drade

    Section to discuss stocks?

    Hello TPU. I am finally entering the stock market this year and am quite surprised at the lack of discussion surrounding stocks like Intel, AMD, Qualcomm, Time Warner, etc. Where would be an appropriate place to discuss such topics? I am torn between investing in AMD vs. Intel. I am aware of...