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  1. potato580+

    yeston 5700 xt

    hey guys i saw this yeston xt waifu on pawnshop, my friend offering it for cheap price, so cheap, yes i meant it around $330 :p , but apprently it is not a retailed, no local warranty, he does stock quite few of em so i feel like to get one, quick questin is theres a cons of this card?! i never...
  2. potato580+

    its 1650 super worth a cash still?

    might sounds weird but i dont have any cards anymore, recently sold all rest of my collection to my cousin and my 2200g alr gone too, pretty much my pc is a junk now, becouse dont have a display:p, so i need a temporary gpu and i looking for a cheap worthy card for long term use, probably get a...
  3. potato580+

    1080ti kudan clearance price & asus 980ti anversary edition

    i visit retail shop yesterday, the owner offering me a kudan for $830, intrigued pricetag, damn what should i do, what do you think guys? isnt hot price?:shadedshu: anyway i might bought a used asus 980ti soon, just alit bit closer to get a deal for $200:) so pretty card:D
  4. potato580+

    1080ti vs 2070 super worth upgrade? or a downgrade is better option?

    theres used zotac extreme 2070s with decent price $440, i know ive wasting too much for a card but couldnt be helped, my finger feel ichi to click order again, quick question it is worth a bucks? or should i safe for other pc peripheral, i condiser swap board to taichi aswell, or maybe a new...
  5. potato580+

    weird sound vega gigabyte 64

    hey guys quick question my card sounded like electriciy shock when full loaded, it is normal? also the temp is 84c and sometimes after switch to oc mode"right switch bios" it will get 1long 2 short bep error with vga led motherboard warning, and i need to reset cmos many times to get booting...
  6. potato580+

    ryzen 2600 is good, got to loved it:)

    after an year struggling in yakuza 2 this problem alr solved by ryzen 2600, after upgrade iam pretty much satisfied, now i can enjoy playing yakuza in fullhd 75hz stable, even under full of crowding stage, its still 75fps l,well sometimes it drop but never lower than 70 tho hehe, dispute my...
  7. potato580+

    i5 9600kf or stick with ryzen

    hey guys i saw big promotion again, an i5 9600kf same price as ryzen 2600, it have 6c / 6ct, while 2600 6c/12ct, what do you think guys? i can pay for new m/b h310 bios star is cheap or should i stick with amd and get the ryzen 2600, which one is worth a upgrade for my system & cash, thx:)
  8. potato580+

    pulse 56 weird random blackscreen after 5-10minute

    hello guys i pay for another 56 pulse ex miner, this card is weird while ingaming it can sudently random blackscreen or lose signal, so i tried to flash verfied stock bios, and now it barely enter the post, sometimes it can enter window but not for long, maybe around 5 minute, i have a backup of...
  9. potato580+

    wanted to buy few ex miner psu

    hey guys i plan to upgrade my psu, even tough my current 500w psu still can handle but i need a spare of powerfull psu for tester or backup, i will pay these tommorow, let me have a quick decision thx:) thermaltake xt 80+ bronze 850w thermaltake 1000w (nonrate) sample data thermaltake smart...
  10. potato580+

    xt or 2070 advance

    hey guys theres promotional for xmas starting tommorw till 25, i aiming for an red devil/tuf or 2070 rog advance, redevil came with polo shirt bundling while tuf got a mouse+pad, both cost $500, 2070 rog dont have any bundling but a discount for about %10 so say around $600, which one is better...
  11. potato580+

    raven ridge error

    the heck is this :laugh: , i think i should reset bios to factory again :laugh:
  12. potato580+

    gigabyte vega 56 oc, fan manual trouble

    hey guys i recently test to setup the fans, it seems msiafterburn not work, while wattman does work, altho i prefer using msiafterburn since its user friendly, any idea why it doesnt work? i never have trouble like this before using different cards, and one thing is about the temperature, based...
  13. potato580+

    fury r9 4gb, strange performance question

    hey guys someone offering me used nitro r9 fury, i make a quick check i found that this card actually having good potential, say in some games it does perform well similiar vega56/1070, quick question it is true that this model of card perform above 1060/580, and could trade blow woth gtx1070 in...
  14. potato580+

    can i have 70c on 480 red devil

    i know this card is hotplate, just wonder if i can get better temp on it, i alr sweep the dust, now is run better but still on 85c, any idea to cooling this abit, if not i wont keep it becouse it seems pretty dangerous heh this the best so far, before cleanup it even hit 90c+ oh yea i wonder if...
  15. potato580+

    gigabyte without backplate

    i found good priced 1080ti, but have no backplate, ive used similiar old card like this before, just doubt it is worth to buy hungry monster with no backplate, what doyou think guys?, anyway it cost $300+, local warrant expire on 2020 month 5
  16. potato580+

    [WTB] [ina]vega 64

    location: indonesia, jakarta looking for vega 64, is quite hard to found used one here so lemme know guys thx, i pay for the shipment:toast:
  17. potato580+

    miner bios, need stock one, ice queen X2 oc 580

    hello guys, i just purchase another 580, it was ex miner, i think the quite bios got modified, sadly my ice collection is hynix one, i got samsung, so cant flash based on hybix, what do you think guys, obviously modded right? it run on 1150/2100? or it is normal to run on 2100mhz memory on...
  18. potato580+

    my potatoes benchmark, yours?

    hey guys i dont seen much bench for low to old bench shared, lemme know if you still have old/low system and have a time to share one pls do so, i will post some soon, i usually used uniegnie superposition(fhd extreme), or sometimes use cinebench(i think we alr have plenty thread abt this here...
  19. potato580+


    quick question which is better? i plan to get one of em, need sugestion performance per cost, if you guys have to chose i want to hear your opinion, so what would you rather? thx adv:)
  20. potato580+

    how to check this card

    i know i got scamed again, i pay for ex 580 redevil without box, so i can only bet on it, the seller claim to be golden one, the perfomrnace is same as my previos one with samsung, so im sure it was scam -_-, but how to tell or check if its golden or regular one? i only know we can detect it by...
  21. potato580+

    [WTB] [ina]yeston custom case pet

    as the title described, im looking for custom yetson pc case , prefer ecommerce deal, something like amazo/ebay will do, also if it possible a fullpackage within the gpu 580, new/used conditional doesnt matter, call the price, postage payment include, chat me thx:) edited: just incase no body...
  22. potato580+

    radeon vii, what for?

    just curious what this model used for, it seems this one is overpriced new retail, but i found cheapest one (fullpackage, saphhire 3 fans+long warranty applied still), almost same price as 5700/2060s, quick question, whats this card made for? it seems isnt popular for gaming purphose i guess...
  23. potato580+

    i found strix 780 with 6gb vram?, it is worth?

    i see this through one of online shop, this is the 1st time ive seen such strange one for a gtx 780, it came with 6gb, the price aint cheap tho, around $250, but it seems in good condition, someone must be treasure it carefully, i thinks the seller itself, becouse i found it the only one whom...
  24. potato580+

    1080 & ti, it is still worth today?

    friend wanted to sell this 1080 vulcan triple for a $280(warant expired, fullpackage, used since 2016), also 1080ti gigbyte founder edition for $400(warranty half a year left, 2018) but no box, price is not intact, since i never own any 1080 i dont know what value for this card, also the current...
  25. potato580+

    whats the best setup for vega 56

    i want to try push this card a bit, never have experience ocing this card model, i can get bunch copy of custom setup around internet tho(infact i never do ocing gpu:D), but i want to do it myself with wattman, any advise? want to know you guys sweet spot for this card model, thx adv:)