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  1. revin

    R.I.P Katherine Johnson: An American Hero NASA

    It's sad to hear that Katherine Johnson age 101 passed away. She was so vital to the math to get us to leave orbit And return. The movie Hidden Figures highlights her as well as many others in the fast pace for mankind to achieve the biggest event in spaceflight. God Speed Katherine Johnson, as...
  2. revin

    Sennheiser HD 598 Cs Closed Back $99.95

    Back on sale at Amazon Low Impedance 23 Ohm and 2 detachable cables a 1.2m cable with 1-button remote / 3.5mm straight plug and for the full size a 3m cable / 6.3mm straight plug. These sound fantastic and are great for portable devices with low output and PC's as They have a 115 dB SPL (1kHz /...
  3. revin

    NRAM is on the way

    Nano this light speed that, and toss in picoseconds, the future is blooming and fast. I seen this little quip and started to follow and was thrilled as to what has been working up the last decade. Memory is changing so fast it seemed crazy to think it could get better so quick. Look out now, how...
  4. revin

    Intel i7 7700K stagnate, but getting 5Ghz............

    So is this really it? ARS has a pretty wild comment about: The Intel Core i7-7700K is what happens when a chip company stops trying. Supposedly Kaby Lake desktop is effectively Sandy Bridge polished to within an inch of its life, a once-groundbreaking CPU architecture hacked, and tweaked, and...
  5. revin

    Intel Core i7-6700K 6.53 GHz (2.023V) and 5.2 GHz (1.35V) Validations & Benckmark's

    Is it Overclocking Dream or Nightmare ? Really 2 volts o_O Link to Source The Core i7-6700K vs Core i7-4790K Benchmarks In Gaming, we get to see a performance increase of up to 10-15% while CPU performance benchmarks show similar gains with up to 30% performance increase in scenarios that are...
  6. revin

    HDD Format Gurus:: Made 3Tb WITH MBR and 4 Partitions, Plz Help another

    Back in early 2013 I tried to do @FordGT90Concept EFI install, didn't work out. Some how I did however make the 3 Tb Toshibia into 4 Partitions and it IS an MBR Disc !!??!!! And it even self allined {to 1MiB? 2048} I remember during setup I made aprox 504Gb to get started, then I believe...
  7. revin

    W7, Winload.exe Can't verify digital Signature ...edit fixed

    EDIT: Issue is "Windows Can't verify digital Signature Winload.exe " So I've spent day's trying to get that copy of windows to work again, but alas the 0xc0000428 error of not verifying the digital sig. I"m going NUTS !!!!!! I had the BCD get messed up when moving HDD,thus the Boot order in...
  8. revin

    Saturn: Cassini's Fly by

    Came across this couple days go, so got me to looking some more. I got to see Saturn few years ago thru a neighbor's telescope, amazing, but nothing like these. Enjoy:toast: Created from over 30,000 real photographs taken by the Cassini spacecraft. Master is 5.6k resolution (5600 x 4200...
  9. revin

    GPT install "Shuts sys Down"

    Ford, you have some great tut's here!!!! Ok for a week I've been trying to get my 3Tb on GPT I've tried all the GPART stuff, and was able to make GPT partition[s] but now I was able to use Rufus to make USB GPT bootable with my copy of 7x64 It all works great[ boots with UEFI USB LEXAR...
  10. revin

    Missing Emails: ATT 2nd time

    WTF:mad::mad: Why are my ATT emails dissppering? This is the 2nd time this has happend in the last 6mo. We ONLY use web acsess thru IE, Just spent over 2 hrs with 2nd tier support, they did a remote, bla bla, cant find any problem. Dont see any hacking activity, forwarding ect..... So...
  11. revin

    Asus K50 Hdd fail, go SSD?

    Ok fellow TPUer's I'm in the mercy of helping "WIFE":respect: My wife's Asus K501J drive died SATA Seagate Momentus 5400.6 350Gb Date 09485 I seen this last week a couple times the 0xc00000e9 error, but as a :nutkick:dumbass i didnt back up:shadedshu I'd think an SSD would be best choice...
  12. revin

    Upgrade XFX5870XXX to 78xx Sideways move ?

    By using the very nicly redone;) GPU database it still appears to me I would have to skip the 7800 set of cards if I want to stay with single GPU setup? 5870 Render Config Shading Units: 1600 TMUs: 80 ROPs: 32 Pixel Rate: 27.2 GPixel/s Texture Rate: 68.0 GTexel/s vs 7870...
  13. revin

    SeaSonic X750 Low 5v, 12v Drops Gaming

    I thought my FSP FX700GLN was nearing EOL so I got the Seasonic X750 to start fresh, but I'm very disapontied that the 5v rail is never at 5v, it stays at 4.9530-4.9915. Now the 12v drops to 11.9540 when gaming. I really thought it was going to have "better" output than this, ie atleast the...
  14. revin

    Cant get 2133 Ram to go there?

    Mushkin 997015 2133 1.5v 2x4Mb Intel DZ68DC I can NOT get this ram to boot at 2133 XMP or manual settings. Supposed to be 1.5v chips but even trying 1.65 they refuse to go I can run 186x stble but it's a big waste if they wont run at spec and I dont know any more tricks! tried looser...
  15. revin

    Low Voltage [1.35] vs Std 1.5 1600 Ram w/S.B.

    Lets narrow this down between 4x4Gb "Lower" Voltage ram vs more Std 1.5 ram :) PLEASE don't just go on about overclocking only The Intel Extreme DZ68BC board & 2600K probably wont set any records for O/C any way :D I'm mainly looking for a Stable Platform to last for the next decade [if I...
  16. revin

    Intel DZ68BC Extreme Which Ram

    I'm finally moving into the last phase of computer equipment for my life and got the Intel DX68BC Extreme, i7 2600K, and gonna keep the 5870XXX and mod the Ninja Plus Rev B Thing I'm tossing around is .....Ram....... seems it's got like there all pretty much close in performance for S/B. If I...
  17. revin

    XFX 5870 XXX Amp draw

    Am I just wierd :toast: or what but, is this normal to draw so much ampreage? I just never realized that these were sooo high draw till now:confused: TBH I dont understand what all the "VDDx" is but I think one is mem and GPU, and mabey the "4 Phase" is the voltage regulator teps?
  18. revin

    How to EDIT Disk Clusters for size

    After some format snafu, my 400gb will only now read 115GB Before all this it did read correctly in BIOS as a 400GB drive. I have tried a zillion ways to format/partation and change, but it seems the drive has been told it's only a 115GB size[even after wiping to all zeros, and tried 1kb...
  19. revin

    Revin's UD3R O/C Adventure

    Wanted to call it the "cowtit" [uder], but anyway want to see how much I can Milk from her:D Big thanks to theonedub for hooking me up with this new age tech! As soon as I can get the graphic side hooked up, then I will be able to easily surpass my AGP setup! Only thing is It will not O/C...
  20. revin

    Troubleshoot the 285GTX

    Driver's used 191.07, then win7x64. Now using 181.71 [the before black screen gtx285 issue driver] Stock clock's 648/1476/1000 Think I got a lemon, it's hard crashing in a 3D app, except BMW3 Demo, it was playing for couple mints, then I quit. I tried to down clock to 600/1366/900 but no luck...
  21. revin

    New Toy

    Cant believe how nice this big puppy is!! Hope it's as Good as my Bliss was[is,still got her!];) Gotta get this baby in ASAP:toast:
  22. revin

    New Jamo[klipsch] 300 sub $150 free ship

    I couldn't pass on this deal:) Thought I'd share, maybe some1 will have a use also;) 10" w/hybrid B.A.S.H. amp[class A+D] 28-150 Could make a great addition to a computer satellite setup.[thus having the 150 upper xover range] AND has line level inputs:D Even tho I have 4 16" 4ft 4way tweeked...
  23. revin

    OMG 4870x2,285GTXOC,5870 What to do?

    A w/c 4870x2 and then a BFG285GTXOC either for about $200 Lots of Performance and saving $150 or more from a 5870 I'm pulling my hair out!!!!! :banghead::banghead:
  24. revin

    Cooler and Ram suggestions for the UD3R

    Well now that the board choice is done, would ask what some DDR2 choices are from experience's with the G/B UD3R. CPU cooler's used would be nice to look over. Also really really want to use my Ninja RevB also ;) Don't really need a bench king, just some solid performance. Would...
  25. revin

    Need Single GPU Skt775, Mobo, Abit IP35ProXE

    Need Single GPU Skt775, Mobo, Done Got the UD3R! Any one have experience with the IP35ProXE board.? Looking at new retail for $112 I only use a single graphics card, and want to still use my Q6700G0. I dont feel comfortable going i5/i7 yet All I know is I have had great luck for over a...