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    Stop locking threads

    More people have left. Moderation sensation as well. Something has happened to TPU and I wonder if anyone can turn it around?
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    Stop locking threads

    Erocker is done... gone... I don't blame him. I went from posting 20+ a day to almost 1 a week or less. This place is nothing like it once was and maybe its just me falling away but yea not fun to be here anymore. I will continue to crunch for TPU but will probably be distant.
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    Stop locking threads

    @TheMailMan78 Get in discord so we can talk about this gay shit
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    Escape From Tarkov: need cover while i get started...

    We play this game most of the week. I am a level 31 and have plenty of resources. We have a discord where me and my buddies play
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    [FS] Closed

    Yea I have been eyeing this mouse for a while. Are you interested in trades? if so, PM me some things you are looking for
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    TPU Capture

    It would be a hassle but if thats what I have to do
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    TPU Capture

    Ok @W1zzard I have an odd issue with TPU capture. I just changed monitors from a ultrawide to a 1080p and when I try to use TPU capture, it works but its missing the dialog box to save or copy it to clipboard. I have to use task manager to kill the process to get my monitor back. It allows me to...
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    intel p55 & xeon overclocking

    Oh man that was a long time ago.... Took some fiddling but got it stable at that clock. Took more voltage than I wanted but with lowered mem multiplier and some bus speed bumps I got it a little over 4Ghz. Ran this as a cruncher for a while at those clocks then sold the combo off. The board I...
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    I have not watched a DVD in probably 8 years
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    So how long did you get from your last mouse?

    Yep, still have a fully working MX518 that I have had for years. I owned two and the first one died to rage but I loved it so much I ordered another one. I ended up upgrading over the past year or so but the mx518 still works
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    Sony PS2 Controller PC Games

    I liked the one i have cause it has a N64 connector. I use mugen64+ and the deadzone with a real controller is so good.
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    Sony PS2 Controller PC Games

    360ce is what I used for a long time to play rocket league. I have this adapter
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    OFFICIAL Battlefield 1 (Discussion)

    if you want to kill people just go LMGs. assault and medics weapons are garbage. Snipers round velocity is quite low compared to BF3/4 so sniping is almost pure luck if you shoot at someone and they dont duck or move at distance.
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    OFFICIAL Battlefield 1 (Discussion)

    I was so hyped for this game but it makes me want another battlefield BC or 3/4. I hope they announce what they are making soon.
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    W10 Home > Pro

    You are welcome Thats what I used it for. I found a thread on it a while back that mentioned using keys from the MS website to upgrade from home to pro then use your Corp key. This was very useful for us at work since our keys come from the volume licensing server and will NOT upgrade the OS...
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    W10 Home > Pro

    Just for reference, here is the upgrade key from MS website. This is a generic upgrade key and will not activate but will allow you to upgrade to windows 10 pro VK7JG-NPHTM-C97JM-9MPGT-3V66T
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    W10 Home > Pro

    You can just change the key in settings to move it to pro. Our MSI laptops came with home so I used a generic pro key (not pirated but a default MS key from their site) to upgrade to pro. Once it was on pro, we changed the key to our corp pro key to activate.
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    Guys, I'm in need of your wisdom.. 2600k and Z77 OCF board overclocking...

    My 2600K ran at 4.5Ghz 1.275v for years until the motherboard started to flake. All I did was set multiplier and offset voltage, I left everything else on auto. Never had stability issues that is until like I had mentioned, the motherboard started doing weird things.
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    I got banned for like a week for jump crouch bind. I logged into steam to see I had been un banned but it scared me for a couple of days.
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    Major Intel CPU Hardware Vulnerability Found

    This effects a range of platforms, not just intel. This is a major issue that even the Gov sent our work security emails today warning us. Our personal security company also called to have a meeting about this issue. Here is a gov article explaining in more detail...
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    Escape From Tarkov

    Just picked up the game yesterday. Some co workers have been playing it and it looked good. The game is still pretty rough and it need a ton of work. It really sux that there is no 21:9 aspect ratio. 2650x1080 works but its in 16:9 so the models are short an fat which looks nasty. Loot farming...
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    Help me choose an NAS.

    I do not think 200$ would even come close to building a decent NAS. The HDDs alone would be over 200$. You need atleast two for a raid 1 mirror and then you need an enclosure with raid and network functions. You could go some cheaper if you had an old intel or AMD dual core machine laying around...
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    Any one know how to permanently dissable auto update in windows 10?

    Right click the start/windows button on the bottom left of your desktop and click computer management. go to services and disable the one highlighted in red