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  1. potato580+

    Old motherboards + new GPUs

    it can run just fine rx 4/5, im using am2+ socket for a test, problems it will start bottleneck while using higher than 1070/vega56 :D
  2. potato580+

    yeston 5700 xt

    the cute pet i cant get one with decent price yet, it still overpriced here, preasume its an preorder, not avaiable at local store, i will pay it for $200 only:p and yes regardless temp issue it sure unique, thats the point of product:D
  3. potato580+

    yeston 5700 xt

    so i see the best rx is still red devil, hmm now ive a doubt of it sadly, on otherside still wanted this card, will think abt it thx:D anyway i dont know that taichi would be so bad, luckly i dont pay for used one yesterday:p
  4. potato580+

    yeston 5700 xt

    sample snap yes but i just want to know, i wont end up pay for something like asus tuf:D or a cutdown card that reduce the performance overall:p
  5. potato580+

    yeston 5700 xt

    hey guys i saw this yeston xt waifu on pawnshop, my friend offering it for cheap price, so cheap, yes i meant it around $330 :p , but apprently it is not a retailed, no local warranty, he does stock quite few of em so i feel like to get one, quick questin is theres a cons of this card?! i never...
  6. potato580+

    The show off your tech related purchase thread

    after a week my pc finaly can be display again, i bought this vega 56, nice temp, fans also barely make a sound, a bit large card tho, need to install the holder for safetly used i guess hehe:)
  7. potato580+

    Need review on this psu

    honestly i wont touch that brand, it also avaiable at here too, mostly bundling a pc case, but if you were running lowprofile setup its alr good enough to handle your pc:)
  8. potato580+

    What's on your hardware wish list ?

    curently aim for asus 980ti cerberus/anniversary 1070ti duke 1080ti duke 1650 super itx asus vega 56 nitro 5700xt taichi imma get one of em soon:)
  9. potato580+

    its 1650 super worth a cash still?

    actually i prefer looking for cheaper one hehe, but i might consider pay extra for super yes, it think aero itx would be great, question is do it affect performance? i meant what about the other model that have 6 pin power vs a non power thx
  10. potato580+

    New Phone for my dad

    maybe becouse of spec differnce, i pay for a 6gb ram 64gb storage model, cpuld be cheaper or not depend on it yes
  11. potato580+

    New Phone for my dad

    its a bit rxpensive for variant 5, since its a new model, i would better go for variant 2/3 hehe
  12. potato580+

    its 1650 super worth a cash still?

    yes i figure it, but sadly the price of our country kinda mess, market over quality, so you need to pay extra $50 for the super which i think isnt worth abuck anymore:D
  13. potato580+

    its 1650 super worth a cash still?

    might sounds weird but i dont have any cards anymore, recently sold all rest of my collection to my cousin and my 2200g alr gone too, pretty much my pc is a junk now, becouse dont have a display:p, so i need a temporary gpu and i looking for a cheap worthy card for long term use, probably get a...
  14. potato580+

    New Phone for my dad

    i recetly buy phone, dispute cheaper pricetag $130 its a good phone, decent battery, nice both front&back cam sample :toast:
  15. potato580+

    Sapphire Pulse rx580 power consumption 30w at idle?

    maybe the temperature abit hot, thats why it need extra power to spin the fans, mostly a normal 580 would run 20-30w in idle, depend whigc model have fan stop/non/a custom setup:)
  16. potato580+

    Used Sapphire RX 470 Nitro+ 8gb help

    a snapshot of sku sticker or gpuz info might help, this guy can fixed many bios troubleshot @eidairaman1 :) anyway i didnt even know that theres 2 model of nitro/nitro+++, they looks same for me ussually, except a limited or special edition, 590 got 3 model of nitro so far, noticed by colour...
  17. potato580+

    Keyboard stopped working on boot

    window 10? i encounter such slimiliar issue like yours back inday, this is also a reason i stick with 1803 rev, but i did acidently update to 1903 last month and it work just fine anyway, not sure which rev tho:)
  18. potato580+

    pc keeps "crashing"/black screen

    your psu seems need an retired ticket, chance to get new one maybe? or you can borrow it from friends and try to sort the issue:)
  19. potato580+

    Motherboard for Ryzen 5 2600?

    im running 2600 on b350, altho a320 can run it fine too but i did recomended 350 board becouse 320 pretty much limited feature:)
  20. potato580+

    AMD FX 8350 Upgrade Options in current build

    i think 9400f/ryzen 2600 alr enough for your system, i pick a ryzen anyway since is cheapway to upgrade, a/b350+ram with 3ghz speed cl16 is good, in my country it would cost below $250 to get em items, so you can safe your cash for another use, a new card maybe:p
  21. potato580+

    3600MHz G.Skill Trident Z Neo showing as 2133MHz In BIOS?

    i run mine at 3333mhz xmp prof 2 on 1.34v, altho im failed to get max speed 3.6ghz becouse of motherboard limited, just use xmp or memory try it, both worked well:)
  22. potato580+

    All games crash after 10 minutes of play

    maybe becouse of cpu clock, did you using booster or somekind of thing, my friend got same problem using 2600x(stock cooler), it fixed by turning off gaming booster program, and run on 4ghz only:)
  23. potato580+

    The show off your tech related purchase thread

    a new handphone after many years:D i also bought scondhand ab350m asrock, didnt realize it doesnt suport pineacle to begin with, cant tested since im alr drop my 2200g, wonder if i can run it with some mod perharps :wtf:
  24. potato580+

    New Build -- Sort Of

    2070s looks pretty well serve your rig wish, another option is just to buy used 1080ti, if you dont mind using old stuff:)
  25. potato580+

    AMD Ryzen 5 1600 as New CPU (16GB DDR4+any Board) as Companion to my RX590 replace i5 3570k

    actually an 4core ryzen still can handle rx590, but 1600 is ineed a good choice since you can get it for cheap price:) so i would say ryzen 1600 b350 2x8gb dual channel with 3ghz speed atleash ready to kill "almost" games in 60-75hz indeed :toast: