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  1. Gjohnst4

    [WTB] Corsair 1gb PC-6400 DDR2-800

    Hey TPU, My secondary rig has been freaking out recently and I finally narrowed it down to one of my RAM modules. Looking to replace a single stick of XMS Performance PC-6400 4-4-4-12, or similar timing Corsair ram. Ebay has a ton of 2 x 1 gb auctions, but they are going for $17+.. If...
  2. Gjohnst4

    Apple Announces 7.9-inch iPad Mini

    Kindle HD 8.9 inch for $299 is starting to look a whole lot better.
  3. Gjohnst4

    [WTB][US] HD4890 Lets make a deal!

    I'll have to measure and look up the length of the 5830 to see if it will fit in the Lexa Type S case I have; but yes that would be a nice upgrade. Guess I should mention that 4890's are going for about 40-50$ on Ebay right now, true auctions. :toast:
  4. Gjohnst4

    [WTB][US] HD4890 Lets make a deal!

    Hey Gang, I have an old secondary gaming rig that is currently using crossfire 3870's. I stay where it is located a few nights a week and only Play Diablo 3 on it (less these days, but that's another matter) I am looking to pick up a cheap 4890 to get the system running a little more...
  5. Gjohnst4

    AMD AppZone Brings Graphics-Accelerated Windows and Android Apps to PCs Worldwide

    Fun! Downloading now, will report impressions later.
  6. Gjohnst4

    Do you use desktop speakers or headset for gaming?

    Well, either my 2.1 speaker....5.1 headset....LCD-2 audiofile headset...or floor standers and sub. Depends on the situation? :toast:
  7. Gjohnst4

    In-Ear Deluxe: The New IE 800 High-End Headphones from Sennheiser

    As we all type on computers costing more than $1,000 :laugh:
  8. Gjohnst4

    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680 Kepler 2 GB

    Haven't bought green team in years. Considering it!
  9. Gjohnst4

    Don't Expect Too Much from Diablo III: Blizzard to Gamers

    Writing this after announcing a game FOUR YEARS before release seems pathetic......like sorry, we couldnt pull it off like we thought.
  10. Gjohnst4

    Most WTF cooler?

    Great stuff!
  11. Gjohnst4

    AMD Radeon HD 7970 Reference Board Design Detailed, Single Slot Capable - Finally!

    Just got a second 5870 for 150$ shipped.....maybe should have waited a few weeks..:banghead:
  12. Gjohnst4

    AMD To Give Up Competing With Intel On x86? CPU Prices Already Shooting Up

    Are they killing off the road map now though? Can I still expect Piledriver with it's 10% gain, or is this what is being scrapped? :wtf:
  13. Gjohnst4

    Seagate Announces Momentus XT Solid-State Hybrid Hard Drive for Notebooks

    That's what i get for reading on my phone; missing the obvious :banghead:
  14. Gjohnst4

    Seagate Announces Momentus XT Solid-State Hybrid Hard Drive for Notebooks

    Is it still just 4gb of flash? I was hoping the second generation would increase the amount. My 500gb does run very well, I was pleased with the performance for $89.99
  15. Gjohnst4

    [WTB] 5870, Skyrim is 2 much!

    I would be surprised if the CPU were the bottleneck..I can overclock to 3.9ish to see.
  16. Gjohnst4

    [WTB] 5870, Skyrim is 2 much!

    1gb. My problem? Probably. And I know crossfire won't take advantage of the second cards memory..so textures are still being limited by ram...but, still gonna try it.
  17. Gjohnst4

    [WTB] 5870, Skyrim is 2 much!

    So I have recently downloaded all the texture mods to make Skyrim mawr pretty and my single 5870 is hurtin. Would like to buy another for around 150$ I have heatware under Gjohnst4 100% ebay feedback under Gjohnst4 Can send Paypal :rockout:
  18. Gjohnst4

    Review Consensus: AMD FX Processor 8150 Underwhelming

    I was so close to buying the 990FX! So, who wants to sell me their PII 1100T? WHAT? NO ONE?!?
  19. Gjohnst4

    Seagate Ships 1 Million Momentus XT Solid State Hybrid Drives

    I was intrigued enough to buy one and have not regretted it. It is comparable to a raptor and superior in some cases.
  20. Gjohnst4

    Good earphone?

    Skullcandy!?? The horror! Search multi iem review on head-fi.org and look for the thread authored by joker. He has over 140 earphones reviewed from 5$ to 1200$. You can find great ones for 30$. Skullcandy is crap.
  21. Gjohnst4

    3870x2's tell what u think

    I hope the numbers surprise us! I still own a three way 3870 rig that is collecting dust, they were great cards!
  22. Gjohnst4

    SteelSeries Announces Family of Exclusive Diablo III Peripherals

    Headset is aggressive looking.