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  1. mad1394

    Laptop sometimes turns off soon after windows loads

    This will be a discussion more than anything else because truth be told I don't have the time to look into it + I rarely shutdown/restart the laptop, but I am just curious if anyone else has experienced something similar with their hardware. Story time: It has been happening for about 2 months...
  2. mad1394

    Hyperthreading for gaming

    Does hyperthreading improve performance in games? Can anyone provide any benchmarks comparing HT on and off ? And if there is a difference is it worth the price delta between i5 and i7 ? Been reading some contradicting opinions on this lately, so I thought it might be a fun topic to discuss.
  3. mad1394


    I have decided to overclock my i5 2500k in order to try and get better framerates in games. Followed a few guides from the good old trusty internet which were specifically tailored for my motherboard (MSI P67 GD65). CPU-Z and afterburner show cpu speed as 3.3 (default) but the integrated...
  4. mad1394

    Ryzen laptops in stock

    https://www.overclockers.co.uk/laptops-and-tablets/gaming-laptops/amd-radeon Finally some competition from AMD on the high end/gaming laptop front? Can't wait for the reviews.
  5. mad1394

    Middle-earth: Shadow of War microtransactions

    We recently learned Middle-earth: Shadow of War will feature microtransactions....some form of lootboxes which will be available to buy with real money. Developers describe it as a shortcut /way to get things faster in game. How does that make you feel? I was really anticipating this title. Now...
  6. mad1394

    Mining driving up video card prices

    Was thinking about getting a gtx 1060 to breathe some life into my old desktop but apparently those plans will have to be put on hold considering the prices have increased between 100-130 euros for all graphic cards in my country. Really resenting mining right now. How are the prices fairing in...
  7. mad1394

    SSD upgrade for laptop

    Looking to take out the spinning rust from my laptop and put in a 2tb ssd. Found this on the crucial website : http://uk.crucial.com/gbr/en/gt72s-dominator-pro-g-219/CT8726337#productDetails Anyone know what the 9.5mm adapter is for ? Do I need it for the install? If not I am just going to order...
  8. mad1394

    Compatibility question (crucial mx300 vs laptop)

    I have done some research into this myself but I would appreciate some reassurance before I order. Would a crucial mx300 m.2 ssd be compatible with my msi gt72s 6qe laptop? I am thinking of ordering the 1tb model.
  9. mad1394

    Small video cards <3

    Anyone else have a problem with how huge video cards from this new generation are? Ever since I saw the R9 nano I am basically spoiled. I can't wait for HBM2 + pci express 4. Small video cards + no power connectors sounds really cool. That's gonna be my next major purchase....either a small...
  10. mad1394

    PC turns on when IT wants to

    Hey guys Since around 2 months I have been having this weird issue. The pc will turn on ONLY when it wants to. Once it powers on NO PROBLEM, gaming for hours is ok, no blue screens, no nothing. Normal pc is normal. I have so far fought the problem my simply not turning it off but on a few...
  11. mad1394

    Edifier vs Corsair ; Analog vs digital

    Which configuration would you pick : Edifier S730D + mainboard optical/coaxial or Corsair sp2500 + sound card (Asus xonar dx/creative titanium hd) They both cost around the same amount of money from a buget perspective. Which option do you think is better and why. :confused...
  12. mad1394

    Random artifacts? :(

    For the last few days I have been getting "blue dots" over the textures in skyrim. Just now it also happend in mw3 :shadedshu So I went ahead and tested 3dmark11 and heaven benchmarks and I can't see any corruption whatsoever. No overclock and I tried the last stable and beta drivers. Both get...
  13. mad1394

    Fully modular psu

    Do you guys know of any FULL modular "inexpensive" power supplies? I'm thinking along the lines of the ZT series from OCZ : bronze + full modular.:toast:
  14. mad1394

    120hz monitor question

    Which 120hz monitor would you recommend ? :confused:
  15. mad1394

    Graphite vs HAF

    Should I stretch my budget and buy the Corsair graphite 600T or go cheapo and get the Cooler Master HAF 912 plus ?
  16. mad1394

    Ivy or Sandy

    Since Intel keeps talking about how soon ivy bridge is going to be out and we've all seen the rumors of the 20-30% better performance it might bring, should I jump on the sandy bridge train or wait? :confused:
  17. mad1394

    RIP gigabyte gtx 460

    It lasted about 4 months. Huge graphic corruption every time I open a 3D application, also flash videos in fullscreen make it crash. It sometimes recovers...other times its a full freeze. :laugh: So yea, give advice or feel free to send me to the red side :toast: PS: I am using latest...
  18. mad1394

    Pci express x16 compatibility

    Have you ever had problems installing a new video card in an older pci express x16 1.0 slot ? I have an older motherboard (msi p965 neo) and I'm thinking of buying an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 next month.