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  1. niko084

    Decided to take a hammer to a 4770k

    Today my co-worker set out to DeLid his 4770k. We took the tops off a few old 775 and AM2 chips for practice, using a razor it went pretty good! However the 4770k the IHS didn't have much of a gap to get the blade in so he decided to pound it off. Gave some practice on an old Celeron...
  2. niko084

    Dual E5-2687W Workstation Build / CPU Benchmarks

    So after a little debate this system has been built! I'll be posting some pictures, information and benchmark results. 2x Corsair H90 (push/pull configuration) 2x Intel E5-2687W 3.1ghz / 8 core Xeon Asus Z9PE-D8 WS 32GB DDR3 2TB WD Black 64GB Sandisk SSD (SSD Cache) Windows 7 x64...
  3. niko084

    Dual E5-2687W clocking with turbo modes?

    I'm looking at building a system with 2 of these chips (E5-2687W), and I would really love it if someone could verify if it's possible to lock them all cores active at their max turbo value being 8 cores active locked at 3.8ghz without messing with bclk. This system is being built for doing...
  4. niko084

    HD7850 major FPS drops/locks in Diablo 3

    Update: Re-installed, actually may have fixed the issue, I've been playing my CM Wiz for a few hours and no problems. Humph, go figure, finally put my 40Mb connection to use. ********************************************************* So my system in specs... Plays the game perfectly and then a...
  5. niko084

    Server build, cpu advice needed

    I'm going to be building a server to screw around with at home, I've quoted and built quite a few servers for others but my own I'm not certain and don't want to under buy. What I'm looking to do is build a system to more or less play with Server 2008 and 2012, exchange, wds, d.c., maybe some...
  6. niko084

    Hyper-X 3k 240GB SSD, anyone have one?

    Saw the deal today and highly considering it, I have been waiting for a nice price on 200+GB SSD. Checked out a few reviews, looks pretty good but just wanted to see if anyone had one that had anything to say about it personally :toast: ______________ Ordered it, we will see, figured I have...
  7. niko084

    What's your Diablo 3 fps?

    Curious what type of performance everyone is getting? Given a short brief on system details. :toast:
  8. niko084

    Bad Company 2, no servers? all down or gone?

    I've been searching for a few hours trying to find some answer and can't come up with anything. Some are saying EA took their severs down, others are saying they killed it all together, some are saying they are still playing it. For the last few weeks I can't find one server available...
  9. niko084

    Custom audio tracks in games? As a general option?

    Just kinda hit me... I'm not one that generally listens to too much music when I'm seriously gaming. However there are a lot that do. Would you like it or take advantage of it if games had simple options of customizing sound effects, much more like customizing your windows sounds where...
  10. niko084

    5830 or 6870? I know the 6870 is faster...

    There is a little more than a $50 price difference. That being said what's the performance like on the 5830 with matured drivers? I know at release they were just a touch faster than a 5770. I'll be replacing my 5770 as I sold it today. **************** ORDERED A 6870.
  11. niko084

    Unreal any of them pretty active?

    Looking to possibly buy another Unreal game... But curious, current players? Online servers pretty active? What version?
  12. niko084

    Xbox 360 hddhackr problem? maybe help?

    My 120gb drive in my xbox died.. So I bought a nice little 250gb wd black and used hddhackr to flash it... It says it worked, I put it in my xbox, the xbox see's it, then I try to format it and it wont format, doesn't give an error either, just doesn't format it and kicks me back out to the...
  13. niko084

    Great SQ, lots of SPL, computer sound inside

    Just picked up some new toys... Going to have to build a new desk and some new stands but that will come. For those interested in great sound quality, ultra low noise and great frequency response look no further. Focusrite Saffire PRO 14 (Firewire audio interface) Great DAC, excellent...
  14. niko084

    Whats an XPS M1530 worth?

    I'm dumping one of my laptops it's an XPS M1530 2.4 core2 4GB 8600GT 500GB HD DVD/RW 1440x900 no bad pixels Battery is good as new, laptop is nearly mint, still even under warranty a few weeks. What do you think it's worth? I'm having a hard time pricing this one.
  15. niko084

    Micro LGA1156 recommendations

    I've been using the ASUS P7H55-M/CSM, and it's a decent board but I seem to run out of overclocking room very quickly... So I'm looking for another micro to use with onboard video to clock i3's on mainly. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated, I'm open to about anything just as...
  16. niko084

    Is it time to go over 4gb?

    I'm noticing that if I drop the overclock on my chip and ram I get stuttering issues in a few games... I think this is pretty silly, not like it's a slouch of a chip. So, re-setting my overclock and just got to thinking.... Have we finally come to a point where making the jump from 4gb to 8gb...
  17. niko084

    Best water block for 1366?

    Got an i7 980x up to 4.5 on air and it's pushing it, trying to get it bumped up a bit more yet so it's time to make the move to water. Currently it's has a Megahalem with 2 fans on it and it tends to do about 90c under heavy load. I want to get that down. Price is not really a problem...
  18. niko084

    Asus laptop to feature mainboard mounted RAM, NOT ram slots.

    Ordered 5 new Asus laptops, got them in today got the first one setup, went to pull the hard drive to make the image for the other 4 and bang 1 ram slot, remove that stick because I saw what appeared to be ram chips mounted directly to the mainboard, sure enough that's exactly what they are...
  19. niko084

    Xigmatek Balder modification idea, opinions?

    As we know the direct heatpipe is a good idea, problem being the cracks between the pipes and the plate, sure you can fill these in with some thermal paste but it doesn't really do the job as well as it could be done... So upon learning that my cooler just wont keep my chip cold enough for my...
  20. niko084

    H50 or ECO-R120 keep under an i7 860 @4ghz+ under 80c?

    Just as the title says, just upgraded my gamin rig here a bit and have been trying my Xig Balder on this i7 but it wont keep it in the temp range I want to see at 4ghz+. So what I'm looking to do is just get it to 4ghz, not even that big of a deal I'm running at 3.8... But it's that magic 4...
  21. niko084

    Water cooling for Dual x5680s OC'd 5ghz goal

    http://www.frozencpu.com/products/10234/ex-blc-712/Heatkiller_Rev_30_1366_CPU_Liquid_Cooling_Block_-_14015.html http://www.frozencpu.com/products/6190/ex-pmp-54/Swiftech_MCP655_12v_Water_Pump_w_Speed_Control_and_38_Conversion_Kit_317_GPH.html...
  22. niko084

    Xigmatek availability anyone know whats up?

    Nearly everything they make seems to be out of stock everywhere and has been for months... :banghead: Anyone know any news about why this is?
  23. niko084

    People asked for pics of the WCG FTW system, Dual i7 2.4s :)

    Here ya go. I call it the WCG FTW build... Even though it will only be running a few more days. All I know is she scores some serious points, heat isn't too bad either not in the Silvertstone Rv01, which BTW either Intel or Silverstone don't know how to follow the SSI EEB standard...
  24. niko084

    Server 2008 R2 / Intel Intel S5500HCVR Keeps locking on install

    I can install Windows XP, no problem. I tried to disable onboard nics, serial ports and video and installed a 8400gs, the system always locks up at the "Setup is preparing your system for first use" I let it sit here overnight praying. Dual e5620, tested the ram, all sticks test good...
  25. niko084

    MSI P6N-SLI Nvidia onboard Nic, issues on windows 7 only!

    Ok, we have gone through clean installs, using the microsoft driver and about 3 different versions of the driver from nvidia. Only under windows 7 does the issue occur, pings are very sporadic, jumping from 30-over 1000, drops connections. Under windows xp, the problem is non existent...