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  1. mad1394

    Gray Market RX 580

    That is how you know it isn't an american hardware channel...I swear EVGA owns 90% of all american hardware reviewing youtubers.
  2. mad1394

    Ditching iOS for Android (LG V40 or Galaxy S9?)

    Welcome to the dark side! We have cookies! I can confirm after buying a note 8 that samsung still has not changed its bloatware ways. Was also really temped by LG but in the end I chose Samsung so there you go....guess you know my vote.
  3. mad1394

    MSI Issues Clarification on Next-Gen AMD CPU Support on 300-series Motherboards

    Glad to see MSI clarified the issue somewhat. On a side note : I find great value in TPU gpu reviews / gpu database and I enjoy reading the forum. The news section has been on the decline for a while now.
  4. mad1394

    MSI Betrays AMD's Socket AM4 Longevity Promise: No Zen2 for 300-series?

    If anyone is looking for me, I am out back sharpening my pitchfork. #outrage
  5. mad1394

    Laptop sometimes turns off soon after windows loads

    This will be a discussion more than anything else because truth be told I don't have the time to look into it + I rarely shutdown/restart the laptop, but I am just curious if anyone else has experienced something similar with their hardware. Story time: It has been happening for about 2 months...
  6. mad1394

    What's the most interesting mid-range card for you?

    RX 590 is still attractive due to the game bundles it comes with for the price....gave it some serious thought earlier this month but I ended up scoring a cheap gtx 780 so I stopped looking at new cards for now.
  7. mad1394

    "NVIDIA Driver not compatible with your current version of Windows" error

    Is it 32bit or 64bit windows?
  8. mad1394

    Microsoft Brings DirectX 12 to Windows 7

    Can't say I understand the windows 7 love....but by all means : Enjoy!
  9. mad1394

    Apple MacBook Pro 2018 Appears to Have a Serious Design Flaw

    I am guessing this tech journalist is not subscribed to Louis Rossmann on youtube. Ps:My friend bought a car last month...old audi a4 for 3800 euros :)
  10. mad1394

    Radeon VII Priced 739€ in the EU, France and Spain Only Have Dozens of Cards

    At this point they should number them...like on limited edition cars.
  11. mad1394


    Some people here are being overly harsh. Lesson surely learned. Move on. I remember buying really cheap power supplies. The fan would start to rattle and then it would fail sometime later. I just bought a new one when it failed as I knew just enough about pcs to be scared to run the power supply...
  12. mad1394

    CS:GO RIP 2012-2018

    So you tried it for 2 hours back in 2012 then you gave up on the game? CS GO is far from dead and this move to go free to play will not kill it. Actually it is going to help the game draw in new players. PS: Not sure what online games you play without cheaters....let me know when this unicorn...
  13. mad1394

    Terrible experience with XFX RX 580

    Your talking about the final 500 ram on the card being slower ? Or something else ? PS: google it is a shit answer.
  14. mad1394

    Terrible experience with XFX RX 580

    Wait..what? Please elaborate.
  15. mad1394

    GTX 460 good for modern gaming?

    Would that be a non TI 1gb model of gtx 560?
  16. mad1394

    GTX 460 good for modern gaming?

    You are of course aware both games have gone through a number of graphical upgrades since release...I don't believe those system requirements have been updated, and yes I do agree that I do not enjoy playing 10 year old games on very low settings...do you think he does? Would very low graphical...
  17. mad1394

    GTX 460 good for modern gaming?

    Tried gaming on my old gtx 460 recently. Couldn't even run dota 2 or cs go with acceptable fps. Nowadays for gaming I would not buy anything weaker than a 670 or 680. Of course you can go lower and of course titles from around 2000s will work but that would be more like retro gaming :)
  18. mad1394

    Would we be getting a PC version of RDR2 anytime soon?

    All you need is a playstation now subscription. No console involved. All games are streamed. The future is MEOW.
  19. mad1394

    Would we be getting a PC version of RDR2 anytime soon?

    Never is quite a long time. RDR1 is streamable on pc. It is on playstation now.
  20. mad1394

    The actual part of SC I’ve been waiting for. Squadron 42 trailer.

    200 million dollars and all they have so far is a trailer. Woohooo...so hyped....
  21. mad1394

    i need help with my Headset pleaseeee :D

    From the specs page of the arctis 5 : Balance Game and Chat Audio with the USB ChatMix dial Am I the only weirdo who researches the products he buys AND reads the manual?
  22. mad1394

    Palit GTX 1070 ti Dual Bios request

    Dew it anakin! Then the healing process may start!
  23. mad1394

    When can we expect a review of Turing

    It looks like they are keeping performance under embargo until september 20 (date of availability). Very dissapointed in this myself.
  24. mad1394

    NVIDIA GeForce RTX Series Prices Up To 71% Higher Than Previous Gen

    Time to buy those radeon vega gpus boys. At least Vega pricing is close to MSRP nowadays :P