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  1. imitation

    Intel SSD 335 Series Expanded with New 180 GB Model

    Why would you need more endurance? The Sandforce chip is bound to fail earlier than the flash anyways...
  2. imitation

    Is your system overclocked?

    I'm running a way-overkill water loop on a non-oc i3 2120, which is fine for pretty much everything at stock clocks. OC would only increase power consumption, increase fan noise and contribute to global warming :laugh: The HD5870, though, is overclocked, since it is just about fast enough for...
  3. imitation

    Super Talent's RC8 Controller is certified for Windows To Go

    I did. Have you ever tried installing Linux on a USB drive and then moving it to a different computer? X probably wouldn't even start up. The big accomplishment here is not to use a USB drive for booting, but making Windows portable from one computer to another while keeping as many of your...
  4. imitation

    Samsung 830 Series SSD 512 GB

    Samsung has a really good reputation for reliability. I've used the 128GB and 64GB models of the 830 with no issues at all. That said, while none of the OCZ Vertex 3's i've installed gave me any trouble, a Synapse Cache has let me down pretty badly. I'd rather spend 10% more on a component...
  5. imitation

    OCZ Technology's New State-of-the-Art Manufacturing Facility Achieves ISO 9001: 2008

    The fact that they just got it means... They didn't have a 9001 certificate before. That might explain a couple things. :shadedshu :cough: Vertex2/3 :cough: OCZ has been dead to me ever since the software for the Synapse Cache wiped my hard drive's partition table. Nope. I doubt that they'll...
  6. imitation

    What monitor connection do you use?

    My setup is like this: <pre> PC---(DVI)---> LG 22" 1680*1050 TFT | L---(HDMI, TOS)---\ Yamaha Amp ---(HDMI)---> Benq 120Hz 720p Projector Xbox---(HDMI)---/ </pre>:D For whatever reason, my HD5870 won't output audio over HDMI, so i had to use an extra TOSlink...
  7. imitation

    European Commission Goes After 13 Optical Drive Makers for Price-Fixing

    Did y'all know that, at least in Germany, 10.68€ of those 20€ are fees that the "VG Bild" gets? So after taxes and reseller profits, the actual (import) price of the drive is more like 5€ - i don't think that that even qualifies for price fixing accusations.
  8. imitation

    Mushkin Announces the Catalyst Cache SSD The Best of Both Worlds - Speed and Capacity

    Depends on the specific one; Intel has some that are super-reliable and some that have some problems. OCZ has had horrible quality issues with their Sandforce-based SSDs; Crucial makes decent SSDs but had to fix a couple bugs with firmware updates. Samsung is known for making some of the most...
  9. imitation

    Mushkin Announces the Catalyst Cache SSD The Best of Both Worlds - Speed and Capacity

    I've used OCZ's Synapse Cache, which is basically the same thing (SF2 + Dataplex). Dataplex is one of the worst pieces of software that i ever had to use. On a bluescreen/unintended reboot, their bootloader kicks in before the Windows one and takes ~15 minutes to re-sync SSD and HDD, in the end...
  10. imitation

    OCZ Vertex 4 256 GB

    W1zz, could you check if the drive's performance degrades (like the 128GB version) when the drive is more than half-full?
  11. imitation

    LEPA Introduces 5 New Fan Series

    100000h MTBF basically means that after 11.5 years of non-stop-operation you'll have a 50% chance that your fan has failed at some point. I might be getting this all wrong, it could be that these fan are just supposed to last longer than 60°C-types; just like 105°C caps are frequently used...
  12. imitation

    LEPA Introduces 5 New Fan Series

    I didn't think that much about this when i first read it, but is 70°C really a point of anything? When you're blowing air that's already 70°C hot into a cooler, you have a mighty fine problem right there. I know for sure that my Phenom II 955 was playing up when the die was over 55°C. Most chips...
  13. imitation

    LEPA Introduces 5 New Fan Series

    They f*ing sparkle, who cares about RPM, airflow, noise, power consumption or all those other boring values? :laugh: :laugh:
  14. imitation

    Team Announces the C125 Stylish and Compact USB Flash Drive

    Damn, that design is so close to a bottle opener :toast: Too bad they didn't put that extra notch on there to make it usable as one.
  15. imitation

    New OCZ Vertex 4 Firmware Update 1.5 Beta Enhances Performance

    This is very specific to the Vertex's 1.4 firmware and does not affect any other SSDs using Marvel's controllers. Tom's did a nice re-review on this: OCZ Vertex 4 128 GB: Testing Write Performance With Firmware 1.4 That depends. Most updates will try to preserve your data, but it is always a...
  16. imitation

    New OCZ Vertex 4 Firmware Update 1.5 Beta Enhances Performance

    This is specifically related to the Vertex 4's 1.4 firmware and therefore is not an issue on earlier drives. While the VTX4 was performing at 170MB/s over the whole drive before (f/w <1.4), it now reaches much higher numbers, but only when less than half-full. I tried to find reviews testing...
  17. imitation

    New OCZ Vertex 4 Firmware Update 1.5 Beta Enhances Performance

    Have they fixed the 'feature' where write performance drops below 80MB/s when more than 50% of the SSD's space is used?
  18. imitation

    Microsoft Announces Surface: New Family of PCs for Windows

    Does anyone else have the feeling that these (esp. the RT variant) will be locked down enough to be totally unuseable? "Secure" Boot, Microsoft-Appstore-only, etc... ?
  19. imitation

    Cooler Master Intros Hyper 412 Slim CPU Cooler and Three New Thermal Compounds

    I've got Coollaboratory's Liquid Metal on my CPU and GPU. Nasty stuff; even though it's supposed to be safe for copper, it bonds the heatspreader to the coolers's surface (in my case, a waterblock), making both very hard to reuse if ever separated. But every Kelvin counts.
  20. imitation

    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 690 4 GB

    Dynamic O/C pushes the 690 to clocks similar to two 680s (page 32).
  21. imitation

    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 690 4 GB

    Wow, that is one great card! They managed to put two 680s on one board without sacrificing performance, but still reduced power consumption over two individual cards. It will be interesting what AMD comes up with to compete with this beast. I seriously doubt a 7990 will beat this. Thanks for...
  22. imitation

    Lian Li Introduces PC-Q09FN Upgraded Mini-ITX HTPC Case

    Do want. Especially with that PSU included, as (for me) finding a decent one that fits the specific case usually is the largest hurdle for building a compact PC. Also, +1 for installing a fusion board in there, that would make for a quite powerful PC for that form factor! Is it just me or did...
  23. imitation

    AMD Trinity and Brazos 2.0 Start Shipping to ODMs

    Assuming these boxes are 1000x600x400mm each. Since they go to ASUS, the're most likely FS1r2 laptop cpus. I'm also assuming the packing size of each CPU is 10x50x50mm. That makes 9.600 CPUs, probably a little less since the package will have some padding on the inside. So in the end, it's...