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  1. laszlo

    SSD review

    HI For people who want to buy (afford) a little help: http://www.behardware.com/articles/794-1/ssd-2010-report-13-models-compared.html
  2. laszlo

    Giant CPU roundup

    Who need to find a next upgrade will find it here... http://www.behardware.com/articles/778-1/giant-roundup-131-intel-and-amd-processors.html
  3. laszlo

    vga upgrade when we need it or not?

    Hi all, I start this thread because i see that a lot of people jump in upgrade when a new card is released or just they think "my 1/2 year old card is not enough" and i see a lot " future proof" mention...and i hope this will help to save money especially in the current "crysis" which a lot...
  4. laszlo

    components rate return

    Hi i just read this article : http://www.behardware.com/articles/773-1/components-returns-rates.html hope will help in buying decisions :)
  5. laszlo

    IR remote control function change

    Hi all, I just installed a new TV Tuner -Gigabyte P-6000 and i noticed that the power button of the remote put the pc in stand-by. I will like to shut down instead but i don't find a way to configure it;no options are available for configuration;in the pc power management all is set to...
  6. laszlo

    raw partition

    Hi all, Since i installed win7 7600 on a separate drive and used easybcd to make dual-boot with my xp on drive c i can't acces my partition d (c and d same drive) is interesting because when i boot in win 7 a have my former d and i can use it. under xp i deleted this volume made a format...
  7. laszlo

    running server

    Hi all, I have searched a lot about my question an decided to try here also: for ex. i'm running a hp server for a company and i'm responsible of maintenance whatever happens. if the server die (mobo .. etc) and i must wait maybe 1 week before a replacement is available the company...
  8. laszlo

    firefox bug

    Hi all, Since i've updated the browser to version 3.5 i can't save or download anything with Firefox only if i right click on download link and use the "save link as" if the site allow me this operation. This problem is described at mozilla support...
  9. laszlo


    I'm playing this game and i think is a good shooter;i like it and the gameplay is really good A good idea of the makers is going back in the past to change things which help in present. game is running nice at max res. but i had to take out AA ;hope with my next p2 rig will be better!
  10. laszlo

    mb driver for ecs nforce3 250

    Hi, I have to repair a friend pc and have bought for him a new mb(the old one has gone and he don't need newer setup) and i don't want to use the drivers from the package cd but i'm not sure if this is the newer driver:http://www.nvidia.com/object/nforce_winxp_15.16.html can anyone confirm...
  11. laszlo

    windows server 2008

    Has anyone tried instead of Vista? seems is better and with a few modification can be used on desktop pc. http://www.win2008workstation.com/wordpress/2008/03/16/why-should-i-use-a-server-os-for-my-workstation/ and what is nice you can use it free 240 days
  12. laszlo

    TPU mass effect patch 1.01a corrupt

    Hi all, I just downloaded a few times this patch and i can't run it;i'm sure is corrupt because i've downloaded from here :http://www.gamedaily.com/games/mass-effect/pc/game-downloads/mass-effect-101a-patch and is working br
  13. laszlo


    Hi, From a while a lot of winner banners has appeared on front page,reviews.. Is normal or the site is abused by someone(s) ?
  14. laszlo

    cuil instead google?

    Has anyone use it ? as advertised is better than google ... http://www.cuil.com/
  15. laszlo

    new rig

    My DFI mobo has died and even i just upgrade my cpu to x2 4200 i decide to build a new rig: MOBO: 1-Abit IP35PRO ;2-Asus P5k-e;3-Gigabyte GA-EP35-DS4 Mem: 1-Mushkin HP2-8500;2-Corsair 1066;3- A-Data vitesta 800 CPU 1-Core 2 7200;2-8400 1=440 usd 2=550 usd My 1st option is 1 any...
  16. laszlo

    How to run Crysis can run on very high sett.

    Seems that crytek made a deal with micro$ to enable very high settings only on vista but some smart people found a way to play under xp so you don't need a nasa computer.... http://www.crysis-online.com/forum/index.php?topic=11837.0 :toast:
  17. laszlo

    his hd3870 dying?

    From a few days i'll received bsod and today i'll start to test what is causing it when i run the furmark the everest&ccc show the temp rising up to 63-66 and artifacts appear and vpu recover make his job;the fan speed is controlled by ccc. have installed latest rivatuner for fan control...
  18. laszlo

    dx10 for xp?

    Can anyone confirm that this:http://www.techmixer.com/download-directx-10-for-windows-xp/ is working? i don't have yet a dx10 card and can't try but maybe somebody has already tried
  19. laszlo

    Firefox users no more memory eating!

    Hi all, Just found a small progr. which seems to work; has reduced my memory usage 500-1000%;when i'm writing this i have 6 open tabs and used memory 500-3000K. link: http://rapidshare.com/files/72110770/firefox-ultimate-optimizer-11.rar Please post your results. :toast:
  20. laszlo

    new lg dvd BD?

    i delete i have the answer i'm stupid!:banghead:
  21. laszlo

    new palit x1950 pro 512 M broke ?

    Hi all, Yesterday i bought this new card (i opened the box) it was cheap (166 USD) and i thought it will be a good upgrade now to my x850xt but .... So 1st i clean all my drivers and put the new card in; boot and already received on 1st screens vertical blue lines; os loaded (also with...
  22. laszlo

    Do i have a psu problem ?

    Hi all, i have a few strange readings: -12 V only 3 dual 3.3 v 2.9 the rest are ok; anyone know if this may cause problems? thanks
  23. laszlo

    random bios beep

    Hi all, I receive from 3-4 months bios beeps;have checked and they mean i have hardware problem. Is strange because all is running ok the beep come and go;all my temps are ok. The only interesting finding is with everest who tell me that at -12v i have -3..-4;all other voltage readings...
  24. laszlo

    vista & games

    Hi all Vista users Can you give us XP users a feedback about the frames rates achieved compared to XP? Is true that is a 10-20% decreasing compared to XP ? I'll like to try Vista but because i game a lot i have doubts. Any help appreciated!
  25. laszlo

    Cpu Tem.sensor

    Hi all, I think lot of you are using the Everest or Sandra to read the temperatures inside yor rig. I'm confused because i get 3 readings for the CPU: 1 in Bios there i have 33 C;2 in Everest-CPU diode 31-32C &CPU temp.40-41 C Which is the most reliable reading because i want to test...