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  1. toilet pepper

    Logitech Growth Accelerates, Q1 Revenue Up 23%

    I bought a c922 the weekend before the country went into lockdown and I consider myself lucky. You cant get that webcam anymore.
  2. toilet pepper

    Ryzen Owners Zen Garden

    I guess my 3600 needs lapping as well. I tried several coolers and pastes and it sill runs around 70ish when gaming. Around 27c ambient here.
  3. toilet pepper

    Has anyone a rift s newbie ass question?

    You open the oculus app in your desktop and you should see it under library. Tip: You can buy games off of your phone using the oculus app and instruct it to download and install it to your pc. Tip 2: unless it is an oculus ecclusive. Buy games off of steam. Tip 3: buy the amvr facial...
  4. toilet pepper

    Ryzen Owners Zen Garden

    I got the same board and a 3600. Nothing changed much. PBO is still broken and negative voltage offset still doesnt work. They added a few more memory profiles for memtry it. And you can select higher memory frequencies now. I was able to run my 32gig ram to 3800mhz cl 16 1:1 at 1.38V and it...
  5. toilet pepper

    [Official] Half-Life: Alyx! Discussion thread.

    You can play it. AFAIK it has dynamic framerates where it lowers visual clarity depending upon your PC's capabilities. Linus did a video about it.
  6. toilet pepper

    Microsoft Gives Windows 10 Start Menu an Overhaul

    And when you type it int the search bar it wont come out.
  7. toilet pepper

    Death Stranding with DLSS 2.0 Enables 4K-60 FPS on Any RTX 20-series GPU: Report

    Good thing I havent played on a true 4k60 panel. My 2070s barely runs Ultrawide 1440p. And yes, I played Control with DLSS 2 and all the RTX and it looks a little better than native res.
  8. toilet pepper

    lest expensive gpu to run links quest and best value gpu plz

    I'm not exactly sure if the usb c part of the quest link needs to be connected to the GPU. You can try reading in to virtual desktop instead of using the quest link. You can play pc games wirelessly using the QUEST. The actual name is RX580.
  9. toilet pepper

    Oculus Discontinues the Content Consumption Focused Oculus Go headset

    I have the rift s and i'm awaiting facebook axing it soon. The focus seems to be the Quest now.
  10. toilet pepper

    NVIDIA Launches GeForce Game Ready 446.14 WHQL Driver

    I wonder why there's no VRSS for Alyx yet.
  11. toilet pepper

    Cooler Master Intros MasterFan MF120 Halo in White

    I have 2 of these non-halo CM fans that came with the aio and they are damn loud.
  12. toilet pepper

    Gigbayte RTX 2060OC Issues, Help Please

    Yeah. I know what WD40 is and read the history as well. What I'm saying is it is good until it isn't. It will soften the oils in the fan and it is also prone to drying up fast. Hence, you have to keep applying it if you want to use it as a lubricant. It also doesnt play well with some plastics.
  13. toilet pepper

    Gigbayte RTX 2060OC Issues, Help Please

    WD40 is a degreaser. Will work in the short while but you have to keep adding wd40 to it just to keep it lubricated.
  14. toilet pepper

    Samsung 860 EVO wear level question.

    It is a far fetch but is it running hot or is it not ventilated? I'm thinking some of the cells might have died causing it to display that.
  15. toilet pepper

    NVIDIA RTX Voice: Real-World Testing & Performance

    I tried it in my rig and it surprisingly works. However, the moment you run it the card's core clock and mem ramps up to its game clock.
  16. toilet pepper

    NVIDIA RTX Voice: Real-World Testing & Performance

    Can someone try turning this on while streaming an RTX game like Control and see how much of a performance hit there is?
  17. toilet pepper

    HELP GTX 1080 Ti Aorus Xtreme 11G

    Looks like one of the sensors went bad. Are the fans spining? Just curious, can you physically check if the heatpipes got busted or if the heatsink is hot to the touch when you run a game?
  18. toilet pepper

    MSI Announces new GeForce RTX 2080 Ti GAMING Z TRIO Featuring Mighty Fast Memory

    I had a 1070 Gamerock with 2 fans and still have the Aorus 1070 with 3 fans. The Aorus had a weirder design where the third fan sits below the 2 fans. Funny to say it runs hotter than the Gamerock. I have a 2070s trio and it is so cool that the fans doesnt even spin when doing light gaming. It...
  19. toilet pepper

    CORSAIR Announces RGB Lighting Control for ASUS Aura Sync RGB Motherboards in iCUE Software

    I'm not sure if this is supposed to be new. My MSI b450 gaming pro carbon had a corsair connector to it where you can connect a node to the board directly and control it from there. Cooler master's janky software also allows you to let the motherboard take care of all the effects for anything...
  20. toilet pepper

    Kaspersky Labs Warns Against Cryptocurrency Social Engineering Schemes

    I remember a Nigerian prince requesting that you send him money via western union or moneygram.
  21. toilet pepper

    ASUS Announces the AMD-Exclusive 'AREZ' Brand for Radeon Graphics Cards

    Every computer store I've been to there's always this aged clueless person who wants to buy a ROG for his clueless grand/child. Nvidia strongarming companies to use a brand they have worked hard for over the years is a no-no move. Would you see Asus market AREZ the same way as ROG? I dont think...
  22. toilet pepper

    Entertainment Software Association Puts Its Hat in Court Against Net Neutrality Repeal

    All is fair and dandy until nobody wants to buy your 155Gb game because it will exceed the alloted limit of your plan. How about this 20Gb DLC update that you didnt buy but need to install just to play?
  23. toilet pepper

    Coinbase Commerce is a New Cryptocurrency Payment Program for Vendors

    I ain't bashing coinbase and as far as my 5 min google-fu can tell, the problem is not entirely coinbase's fault. It has something to do with the payment system they use to transact with banks. I guess they should use blockchain tech.
  24. toilet pepper

    Coinbase Commerce is a New Cryptocurrency Payment Program for Vendors

    Coinbase has a hug in their system right now. It charges multiple transactions to your bank account.