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  1. king of swag187

    Undervolting AMD Ryzen 5 3550H

    Better thermals and power consumption?
  2. king of swag187

    Sapphire RX470 flashing to 570 any benefits?

    Faster stock clocks and power limits. etc
  3. king of swag187

    i7-8750H Underperforming and Throttling

    lol you didn't even read the post
  4. king of swag187

    Just bought a Mobo with 2 ethernet Lan ports, have a server/plex streaming question)

    Unless whatever youre streaming from is teamed up or connected at more than 1Gbps, no. Regardless, the ~highest bitrate you'll really ever see with 4K is 100Mbps.
  5. king of swag187

    Apple Silicon Will Support Thunderbolt 4

    Given they codeveloped it lol
  6. king of swag187

    BIOSTAR Announces the new B550MH Motherboard

    Nice A320 board there bud.
  7. king of swag187

    Intel Core i7-1165G7 "Tiger Lake" Mauls Ryzen 7 4700U "Renoir" in Most Geekbench Tests

    Shame given how poor the tweaking and power management is, thats the catch with it, theres always one with AMD.
  8. king of swag187

    AMD "Renoir" Die Annotation Raises Hopes of Desktop Chips Featuring x16 PEG

    The point is, assuming you can sustain the clock speed (which alot of laptops can, when the TDP is unlocked) you can get significantly more performance. As for 20 PCIE lanes, its something for people who are interested in it, more is always better I guess. There really isn't a reason to dunk on...
  9. king of swag187

    alienware 2080 ti problems

    It's a issue with the cooler likely, these cards are known to throttle and even shut down due to not cooling the GDDR6
  10. king of swag187

    Help me build my father a computer

    Ok, but my point was you're overspending where you don't need to, if you're going to spend $4K it better come with a 2080 Ti, if not just chop off the unnecessary stuff. You don't need to waste a quarter of the mans budget on useless audio gear, you didn't even address my other points
  11. king of swag187

    Help me build my father a computer

    >$4K USD and not even a 2080 Ti >$75 on fans >650W PSU with a 10900K and 2080S >$450 for a 1440P 165Hz >$1030 on audio gear >Air cooler for a 10900K
  12. king of swag187

    Apple to Announce its own Mac Processor at WWDC (Late June)

    Ah yes, because you where going to do a BGA CPU upgrade on your MBP anyways.....
  13. king of swag187

    Advice for a entry level gaming laptop

    GF65 with a 2060 for $900 is a steal, don't let anyone tell your otherwise, I'd look at notebookcheck reviews to see how bad the throttling is and if you can stomach thats one of your best options atm
  14. king of swag187

    Good launch weather for Crew Demo 2

    Read this as "The Crew 2" like the game lol
  15. king of swag187


    MSI X570 sucks balls, TUF X570 is the better board, Gaming X X570 and X570-P are also good.
  16. king of swag187

    AMD Re-Releases Radeon Software Adrenalin 20.4.2 as a WHQL-signed Driver

    New drivers reduced my stable OC on my RP 560 lol
  17. king of swag187

    NVMe question

    If it's M.2 SATA, you can just grab a M.2 SATA to 2.5 caddy. If it's M.2 PCIE, you can get a riser card but whether it will be bootable or not will depends on your board. Regardless, it still show up as a storage drive in your OS
  18. king of swag187

    What is the oldest piece of continually running hardware you currently use with your rig?

    Was a OCZ Vertex 4 (MLC 512GB SATA SSD), just sold it to a friend for a good price, so after that, probably my HDD's? If not my GPU, but they're all fairly recent. If we're including monitors and the like, definitely my HP ZR30W, got it for a steal a couple years back and it looks amazing still.
  19. king of swag187

    AMD Ryzen 4000 Series "Vermeer" CPUs to be Compatible with B450 Motherboards

    Worse VRM's, worse I/O, worse expansion, no PCIE 4.0, etc
  20. king of swag187

    Potential Laptop feed back

    Assuming you can configure it, buy it in the lowest end config possible (aside from GPU) and then upgrade it yourself, it'll likely be cheaper
  21. king of swag187

    AMD Ryzen 7 4700G is "Renoir" Desktop AM4 Processor: 8-core/16-thread with "Vega" iGPU

    In high end gaming and consumer laptops? Joking aside, these look like promising chips or HTPC's doing CPU encoding, which I could see MASSIVELY benefitting from this.
  22. king of swag187

    AMD Ryzen 7 4700G is "Renoir" Desktop AM4 Processor: 8-core/16-thread with "Vega" iGPU

    So far from what we've seen in laptops, its faster than the previous gen by a fair bit.
  23. king of swag187

    GALAX Intros GeForce RTX 2070 Super EX Pink Edition

    Gn review when?