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    Security - IP Camera setup - webcam over yard

    Colleague has suffered thefts from his yard. He'd like to set up a simple IP camera surveillance system, 2 cameras, good in low light, perhaps even in dark. Stream to webserver (can be 1-5 second stills) but record live on motion detection. Yard is 100 meters from his house. Direct line of...
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    winpatrol plus 50% off today

    I've been using winpatrol (free) for the last couple of years. BitsDuJour is running a promo today... you can buy winpatrol plus at half price. Just go to the regular winpatrol website, buy, e.g. family unlimited PCs, and enter the coupon "bits" to get 50% off. So today I just upgraded from...
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    Hi res monitors

    I've been planning on upgrading my TFT to a U2711 (2560x1440) or similar. The U2711 is getting a bit long in the tooth... so I was expecting a new model already in 2012, and prices of the U2711 to drop well below €500. (They were €520 back in Jan/February). But now I see prices climbing and...
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    [TIP] Google Opt-Out app for Chrome

    We like simplicity. Simplifying terms and conditions and security policies is a good thing. But we don't like when Google tries to sneak in an all-in-one cross feature private data snoop, analyse, crosslink, correlate and "sell". We need to opt out of this invasion of privacy. Here you...
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    TPU Capture Feedback

    (W1z, could you please create a forum area within "our software" for either "TPU Capture" or "Other software") As you know, I'm very fond of TPU Capture. Great utility. Although a bit hard to find on TPU ;) Suggestion for improvement. Log feature To capture and record both filename (if saved...
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    FREE today - Netbalancer Pro

    Free for today only, on Giveawayoftheday - http://www.giveawayoftheday.com/netbalancer-508/
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    "Theft" of YOUR personal address book by facebook and twitter (and others)

    Just read these articles: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-17051910 http://venturebeat.com/2012/02/14/iphone-address-book/ Summary: iPhone and smartphone apps are copying your personal address book info with all your contacts, names, emails, phone numbers, and sending that data to 3rd party...
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    Project Pentium4Northwood

    This thread is just for the record. Info on my Pentium 4 Northwood that I am currently in the process of retiring. Not much to see here. Mainboard: Intel 865 Processors: Pentium 4 Northwood 3.0Ghz
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    Google Chrome Offline Installer

    OK, so I've just wasted a lot of time trying to download the offline installer for Chrome that also gives me all users installed into \programs\ and not into single user installed under user\documents.... I also want it in English. If you aren't careful the chrome page tries to FORCE a local...
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    Project AtomN280

    This thread is just for the record. Info on my SONY Atom netbook. Not much to see here. Mainboard: Intel 945 / VPCW11 Processors: Atom N280
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    Project Xeon5420

    This thread is just for the record. Info on my Xeon 5420 workstation. Not much to see here. Mainboard: ASUS DSEB/DG Processors: Xeon E5420 + L5420
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    [TOOL TIP] Tracking changes to web sites

    I've been looking for a tool that will monitor a website and let me know if there have been changes. Why is this useful? Let's say you want to track a firmware download site for changes. Or a webforum or news site without having to register and use the internal "subscriber" tools. I am...
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    Standard Build - which browser

    What browser should we use in the office for our standard build? Please note, ONE browser only, keep it simple to support. IE gets updated via Windows Update. Other browsers... well, we would block installation and therefore updates through security policies, so once installed, the...
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    WINVER - How to hack Windows into reporting a different version number?

    I've giving up trying to ORCA an .msi installer to allow software to install on W2K3 (v5.2). It take so much time and effort. What about a simpler way? Just hack or replace a dll so that winver reports XP SP3 rather than W2K3 SP2. Then all XP software will load on my workstation. Including...
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    Unformatted SD card - camera saved photos - can preview on camera - but how to...?

    I forgot to "format" an SD card before sticking it in to my Nikon D90. I've taken quite a few photos. I can scan and preview them no problem on the Nikon. I don't have my USB-Nikon cable here with me... in fact... I've never used it. I always take the SD card out of the Nikon and stick it in...
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    Edit / Quick edit

    Request that TPU installs a vB plug-in to give "edit" the rudimentary format buttons like: bold, italic, underline, insert picture, insert file
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    Click the frog

    Fun for testing your reaction times and mouse clicking speeds http://www.flashgames247.com/play/14128.html
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    Server A --- to --- Server B / Replication

    Situation I've got a very simple network, providing data in a SOHO environment to just 3 users. SERVER A (W2K3) + 3 users SERVER A has recently been upgraded to RAID 1, with scheduled Cobian backups. All good so far. Now, for the next 6 months, we've got a project in a far-far...
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    Remote access to my (local) server's folders

    I am running a simple local fileserver. Windows based. I would like to access (load, save, modify) what's on this server when I am away on business trips. Laptop -- internet -- router - server What is the best way to do this? Setup WebDAV or ftp-server or something else? I would prefer...
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    Speeding up HDDs - Speeding up gameplay

    I'm testing this piece of software I found recently. It is a DISKCACHE. All HDDs have a hardware cache, typically 8MB-32MB. Windows also has a diskcache. This is a software solution to give you a bigger cache and to cache things that windows doesnt. How can it help? Increasing cache size...
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    Setting up a fileserver - help and backup method/recommendations

    I'm setting up a basic Windows fileserver to replace a Linkstation NAS. It is a relatively low use/demand, with not more than 50 new or editted files per day, not more than 50MB of changed, and 5MB of new material per day, on average. The main HDD (640GB) is as follows: C:\ system partition...
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    Brand switching from Intel to AMD, ATI to nVidia and vice versa

    How often do you switch brands? If you switch CPU brand you will need a new mainboard, the cost of switching is therefore quite expensive; and the time to rebuild is needed. If you switch GPU, it is a bit easier; just swapping the GPU card and drivers. This poll is about brand switching, it...
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    Lucky dip Bingo! Intel AMD nVidia ATI

    This poll is a sister poll to http://forums.techpowerup.com/showthread.php?t=129865 It just asks the questions in a very different way. Imagine you could play lucky dip bingo, where there are 5 possible bins marked Intel, nVidia, ATI, AMD, and MAD. In each of the bins would be a random...
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    When did the forum go "all American date" format??

    When did this switch happen? Horrid. Can we turn it back. Or maybe this is entirely my fault! LOL
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    Attachments manager at TPU

    I do like the simplicity of the file uploads manager and paperclip here at TPU. Is that standard VB 3.x or is it a special add-on?