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  1. Winston_008

    Laptop barrel tip converter help

    Im going to get this dc dc atx psu http://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/Free-Shipping-Z3-ATX-160-160W-high-power-24pin-mini-ITX-DC-ATX-power-supply-with/211500_729581097.html and want to use my existing hp laptop adapter brick with it, the only problem is the connector for this psu is a...
  2. Winston_008

    Scythe kodati

    Does anyone have this cooler yet? I cant seem to find any reviews on it, I'm planning on using it for my mini itx build as I don't need anything real fancy for my 35w i5 4570t and its much cheaper than the noctua nh9i. http://www.scythe-eu.com/en/products/cpu-cooler/kodati.html
  3. Winston_008

    Needing compact keyboard w/low profile keys

    Has anyone got any suggestions on a good compact (no numpad) keyboard, that has low profile keys. I really dont want to have to buy an apple keyboard (gasp) .Im not sure about mechanical or not because i have never used a mechanical keyboard before.
  4. Winston_008

    Sandy Bridge E early availability

    Well if you live in the east that is. They have like 90 left last time i checked. The prices are way inflated but thats what you get for buying before the NDA is even lifted lol. check it out here http://www.hwbot.org/newsflash/1468_sandy_bridge_e_on_sale_3960x_at_usd_1200. Edit: After...
  5. Winston_008

    Windows xp disc

    Take a look at this http://www.trademe.co.nz/computers/software/operating-systems/windows/auction-416667264.htm I dont know all the technicalities of oem software, but is this legal? iimagine its borderline at least. He also has these 'virtual machines' or so he calls for sale which is...
  6. Winston_008

    New midtower for my build

    Can someone suggest, a midtower atx case, that has fairly extreme airflow, for a cool running system? Ive heard the haf series are good.
  7. Winston_008

    Suggestions for a gaming mouse.

    Could anyway suggest a good gaming mouse for me to buy? ,right now i just use a cheap microsoft mouse. Also it might be useful to know i use my fingers to move the mouse round (i think its called claw grip or something) , price is not really a factor in my decision. Oh and also i dont have the...